Vancouver Firday driver quotes

Post-practice driver quotes for Atlantic drivers at Vancouver ...

Post-practice driver quotes for Atlantic drivers at Vancouver

#78 DAVID RUTLEDGE (B.D.J.S.-Fleming Financial Corp./Keg Caesar’s) "We lost some oil out on the track coming out of the chicane. All I could see was this smoke coming out behind me. It’s not a major problem. We’re checking things out on the data and looking at the engine. We’re hoping to be out this afternoon and have a good qualifying. We’re pretty happy with this morning’s times, and I’ve got a good idea of what the track looks like, so I’ll go back to the paddock and go over it. (regarding the car) The car looks like it’s going to be all right. It was just a seal that might have let go and leaked some oil out on the track."

* * *

#4 ANTHONY LAZZARO (Phillips Motorsports-Platinum Sound/BG Products/Budget) "Since we were the first ones out on track, we got a very dirty track. And unfortunately, the car was riding very harshly over the bumps, so we had to keep coming in to make some adjustments to raise the rod height. I don’t think we’re on the right setup right now. The car is a real handful. Then we ran into the oil on track and that postponed everything, but it allowed us to make some more adjustments. It was a little better at the end, but I think we’re going to change everything for this afternoon qualifying."

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#3 MICHAEL DAVID (PDR Enterprises-Water Joe/David Engineering & Mfg.) "The track was greasy and dirty, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting from previous years here. We were going around warming up the tires, and just when we started getting some temp into the tires, we lost second gear, and that finished our session for us unfortunately. We’ll be ready to have the Water Joe car back on track this afternoon for qualifying."

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#85 STEVE KNAPP (P1 Racing-NTN Bearings/Miller Milling) "The P-1 team has done their usual great job. With my cousin Tom Knapp helping us out on the engineering side the last couple races, and again this weekend, the car way really good right out of the box. I brushed the wall in the second half of the hairpin midway through this session. So this morning's time isn't representative of how good the car really is." (Sabina Clemens)

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#35 DAVID POOK (B.D.J.S.-HYPE Energy Drink/Budweiser) "I am pretty happy with the car. We ran third quickest for much of the first part of the practice session. Later on, when there was oil on the track, I didn't want to risk the car and we just focused on learning a few things on handling, and spent time getting comfortable. This is a great place to race at and I am excited about qualifying. I had to deal with a little bit of traffic, but again, with the oil on the track and this being practice, it wasn't the time to press the issue."

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