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Atlantic Grand Prix of Trois-Rivieres
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Michael Valiante #19 Lynx Racing Swift 014.a
"I had a pretty good race at Trois-Rivieres last year, finishing fourth, and I'm looking forward to going back there with more experience under my belt and a car that I've helped develop. It's a tight, technical track -- just the sort of place where we've done well at in the past, so we're going there with the expectation of running at the front and contending for the win. The points battle got really tight after Cleveland, and we need to bring the maximum level of effort and intensity to every race from here on out to stand a chance of winning the championship."

Grant Ryley #23 Lynx Racing/Northwest Speedwerx Cupertino Electric Swift 014.a
"I had one of those races at Trois Rivieres last year. I started 13th, moved up to sixth and ran out of gas on the last lap. Even so, it's a track I really like and it's so difficult and different from any other track we run that I think the guys with experience will have a big advantage over those running there for the first time. The road is so heavily crowned that you can really slingshot into a turn, but you have to tiptoe out because if you go too far over the crown, it'll suck you into the wall. And there's lots of heavy braking, so your car has to be very controllable on entry, and we spent a lot of time working on that at the last test. There are only four races left, so I'm definitely feeling some pressure to perform and score a race win or two before the season is over."

Marc DeVellis #67 Sierra Sierra Enterprises/Pro Works Swift 014.a
"I am honored to be going into my debut Atlantic race with a first class team embodied by first class personnel. Our Pro Works/Sierra Sierra Enterprises race team is less than one year old, but we have clear visions driven by raw passion. What enabled this team to get up to speed quickly has been everyone's determination and will to succeed. I am proud of the guys and all of their hard work, and come race day, it is Showtime."

Kyle Krisiloff #13 21st Century Technology/U.S. Grand Prix/Patrick Racing Swift 014.a
"The U. S. Grand Prix Formula One/Patrick Racing Team had very solid races in our first two CART Toyota Atlantic events. As a driver you always hope that you can finish better, unless you win, but overall we showed progress and learned a lot about the car, the competition and the series. That is all you can ask for at this stage. This will the first time I have raced at Trois-Rivieres and I am looking forward to the challenge. After testing the #13 U. S. Grand Prix Formula One/Patrick Racing Toyota Swift this week we feel we know that much more about the car and I am really looking forward to my third CART Toyota Atlantic's race. The goals for this race remain the same as the first two races. I just want finish the race, learn as much as I can and everything else with take car of itself."

Alex Gurney #34 Dorricott Racing/Behr/Castrol Swift 014.a
"I'm very much looking forward to Trois-Rivieres. I've had success there in the past and I hope I can break in to the win column this weekend. We had a rough race in Cleveland and we didn't convert on our front row in Toronto so I'm looking for a bit of luck this time around. The championship battle is still wide open."

Roger Yasukawa #9 Hylton Motorsports/Autobacs U.S. Print Swift 014.a
"Trois-Rivieres is a very special race, not only for the series but because of it's rich history, it has always been a goal of mine to race there. I have never been to a race where we are the main event, so that should be very memorable. Obviously, as a rookie in this series, I have never raced at this circuit, however I have spent a lot of time studying the maps and the data from last year. Traditionally my team has had a very good car here so I am sure we will start with a very good baseline. We have a test day on Thursday, which will be a benefit for Ryan (Hunter-Reay, teammate) and I, it will give us the opportunity to really learn the track and get a feel for the car, so we can get right down to business on Friday. I am optimistic about the weekend, we have had some bad luck at the last two races, so I plan to get the monkey off my back in Trois-Rivieres."

Ryan Hunter-Reay #1 Hylton Motorsports/Medlock Ames Winery/U.S Print Swift 014.a
"Banking another pole and another win at the last race in Cleveland earned us second place in the Championship chase and demonstrates the teams momentum and our determination to win the Championship despite not recording a single race point in the first three races of the season. Overall, I am really quite happy with what we have been able to achieve so far this season as we lead virtually every performance statistic kept by the series, other than the most important one of points, which we intend to take over by continuing to qualify at the front, lead races, record wins and hope luck stays home. The Atlantics are the feature event at Trios-Rivieres and the fans have a long history of supporting the CART Atlantic Series so it would be particularly gratifying to win there, and I and the team will be doing everything we can to make that a reality."

Rocky Moran Jr. #4 Sigma Autosport/Viewsonic Swift 014.a
"We seem to be really picking up on the performance of our car. We definitely have a capable car to do well here. We have a great street/road coarse car set-up, so we are going to work on improving it for this weekend. We have been at a slight disadvantage compared to the other teams this season due to not having the opportunity to test as much as some of them have. However, I think we are catching up to the rest of the teams and finally closing the gap between them and us, because we all seem to be at the same level. This should be another great race for us with great results and another chance to bring home some more points for the championship."

David Wieringa #3 Sigma Autosport Swift 014.a
"I am really looking forward to this race. I always enjoy racing in Canada because the fans really know their racing and truly support us. The most exciting thing about Trois-Rivieres is that the Toyota Atlantics are the main event. Racing here is real fun. Mostly, I am looking forward to get back in the car and get racing again. We have been having good momentum the past couple of racing and I am counting on having another good race to bring home some more points for Sigma Autosport."

Joey Hand #27 DSTP Motorsports/BG Products Swift 014.a
"It feels so good to be getting back behind the wheel. We just tested at Blackhawk and everything went better than we expected. I felt great and there was no pain at all. The car felt very similar to before, but it took a little bit to get used to a different seat. We also made a lot of progress on tuning the car and were able to make some pretty big gains. I'm real happy to be making my return at Trois-Rivieres. It's one of my favorite races and the course suits my style. It's very bumpy and you have to hustle the car quite a bit. We just missed there last year, but we'll be in much better shape this weekend. I hope to like Trois-Rivieres even more after our race, and a solid result would be good for me and the team. I really have to thank everyone at DSTP and, especially, Dede for sticking by me during these past ten weeks."

Michael Shank Owner, Michael Shank Racing
"We're definitely looking forward to getting back to where our strength is at this season, which has been the street courses. With just four races to go, our main goal is to finish the season strong and get all three of our guys on the podium, which we're certainly capable of doing. Since getting his hands on one of the new cars after Long Beach, Sepp Koster has shown the kind of speed that can win races, but he's had some of the worst racing luck I've ever seen. To try and change that, we're doing absolutely everything we can --- even going so far as to change his car number --- in order to try and turn things around and get him in on some post-race victory celebrations. We're also looking for Rodolfo Lavin to do well this weekend and build some momentum for the balance of the season. He ran extremely well at Trois-Rivieres last year, moving up seven spots during the race, so he should be in the hunt on race day. As for Ryan Dalziel, this will be his first time to Trois-Riveres, but he's shown several times this year that he's a quick study who doesn't take long to learn a new track, and we think he'll be very competitive when the green flag falls. He's really due to break out and run up front again, just like he did at Mexico earlier in the year."


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