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RACE REPORT - - Road America - - Round 10 (17 laps/68.816 miles over the 4.048-mile, 14-turn road circuit) 11:46 a.m. - - 32 car field pulls away for one "reconnaissance" lap - steady rain is hitting all areas of the track - ...

RACE REPORT - - Road America - - Round 10

(17 laps/68.816 miles over the 4.048-mile, 14-turn road circuit)

11:46 a.m. - - 32 car field pulls away for one "reconnaissance" lap - steady rain is hitting all areas of the track - #95 SMITH spins and continues in turn 12 - #12 BROOKS returns to pit lane for mechanical repairs.

11:51 a.m. - - #14 WEST stalls on the race start - #32 BARRON passes #14 WEST (driver’s right) for the lead - #14 WEST drops to 13th - #7 BINDER runs off course through turn one and returns to course.

11:56 Lap 2 #85 KNAPP passes #4 LAZZARO for third place - #33 GODIN passes #19 GIDLEY for fourth place - #4 LAZZARO drops to sixth place - #26 CUTLER spins off course and stops in turn 12 - #97 TICHENOR spins off course in turn 13 - driver out and okay but retires from the session.

11:58 Lap 3 #96 SCHROEDER passes #35 POOK for eighth place . . . FULL COURSE CAUTION to assist #26 CUTLER in turn 12.

11:59 Lap 4 #15 LANG runs off course between turns nine and 10 and stops in the gravel run-off - car resumes after receiving assistance from course workers, returns to pit lane for brief repairs, and then returns to the race.

12:07 Lap 5 The top five are #32 BARRON, #43 BARBOSA, #85 KNAPP, #33 GODIN, and #19 GIDLEY. Lap 6 Jet blower is brought on track to clear "gravel" which has accumulated on track in turn 10.

12:17 Lap 8 GREEN FLAG - #32 BARRON gets a good start and holds a three car length lead entering turn one -

12:20 #14 WEST slides off course between turns 12 and 13 and makes heavy right front contact with the wall - driver out and okay but retires from the race - brings out a FULL COURSE CAUTION -

12:21 #95 SMITH slides off course in turn three and stops in the gravel run off - driver okay -

12:23 #4 LAZZARO loses control in turn three and slides off course (driver’s right).

12:31 Lap 11 CHECKERED FLAG (under caution) and due to time limit restrictions.

#32 ALEX BARRON, of Vista, Calif., wins his FOURTH CAREER ATLANTIC race in only his 10th career Atlantic race start in the Lynx Racing-Victory Circle Racing/Red Line Oil Ralt RT-41. #43 JOAO BARBOSA, of Valongo, Portugal, scores his second career Atlantic podium appearance with a second place finish in the RDS Motorsport-Toyota of Portugal/Sega/Caetano Buses Ralt RT-41. Barbosa also finished second place at Trois-Rivieres. #85 STEVE KNAPP, of Salem, Wis., earns his a career best Atlantic finish of third in the P-1 Racing-Manheim Auctions/ICG/Miller Milling Co. Ralt RT-41. His previous season best finish was fourth place at Nazareth in April. MARGIN OF VICTORY: 0.78499-seconds WINNER’S AVERAGE SPEED: 65.838 mph TIME OF RACE: 40 minutes, 34.741 seconds LAP LEADERS: 1-11, Alex Barron CAUTION FLAGS: eight laps (3-7, 9-11) FASTEST RACE LAP: Alex Barron at 2:38.072 - 92.190 mph.

* * *

By virtue of running the fastest race lap, BARRON wins the "MCI Fast Pace Award" and a $1,000 bonus. BARRON wins an additional $1,000 bonus award for being the "KOOL Rookie Challenge" winner - a bonus presented to the highest finishing Atlantic rookie driver. By virtue of today’s victory, BARRON collects a total winner’s purse of $20,000 from the posted purse of $85,000. BERTRAND GODIN collects $2,000 in bonus awards including $1,000 for being named the "KOOL Move of the Race" award winner for craftily moving from his 12th place starting position into a fourth place finish, and $1,000 for winning the "Yokohama Now You’ve Got Control Award." ALEX BARRON scores 21 points today including 20 points for the victory and one bonus point for leading the most laps. His series leading 142 points is the largest points spread enjoyed by any driver leading in the Atlantic championship this season. MEMO GIDLEY holds onto second place with 114 points despite a fifth place finish. GODIN remains in third place with 110 points followed closely by ALEXANDRE TAGLIANI with 107. BARBOSA rounds out the top five with 94 points.

Today’s race is the first time since 1988 that an Atlantic event has started on a road circuit under rain conditions. Road Atlanta hosted the last "rain start" for Atlantic with Calvin Fish eventually winning the race.

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