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#14 CHUCK WEST (World Speed Motorsports-Red Line Oil/Martini Sunglasses) "I was lucky to get a clean lap, where some of the other guys got caught up. I was a little surprised to hear what the lap time was, because I wasn't even on the edge on that lap. I was cruising around because we were going to come in for slicks. I was sliding around a little on the other tires. We were hoping to get back out in the last few minutes to finish scrubbing in the tires. "I hate to look back on the season because the luck factor hasn't been with us. We've had several flashes of brilliance as a team, but can't seem to get through a whole weekend. If you told me in March that it would take this long to get another pole, I'd have quit racing! "We were behind a session because of missing the Thursday open test day, but we used last year's setup and Mike Doyle and Chris Moschetto worked long hours to repair the car after the Mid-Ohio incident. The damage was time consuming because our budget doesn't allow for bolt-on spares. "I had a good weekend here last year and I enjoy this circuit. Whoever designed this track should have a statue erected in their honor in Elkhart Lake." (Pam Morey)

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#32 ALEX BARRON (Lynx Racing-Victory Circle/Red Line Oil) "I was kind of a victim of circumstances in this qualifying. I had to sit in the pits for three minutes for going too fast through the pits. I was doing 89 mph in a 60-mph zone - it was a big ticket. I went out and got some heat in the tires, and immediately after, there was a black flag. Then I went out again and ran smack into another black flag. Actually, the car is pretty good and I'm expecting a good race." (Peter Frey)

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#43 JOAO BARBOSA (RDS Motorsports-Toyota Portugal/Caetano Bus) "I didn't have as good a qualifying session as I expected. I had some bad luck; when I was trying to get in a good fast lap. I broke my back wing. I had to come back and have a different wing put on, and we had to make some changes on the setup. Unfortunately, with all these black flags, I wasn't able to improve my time. But I think the car is going to be very good for the race tomorrow."

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#12 JOHN BROOKS (Drive 4 Life Racing-Port-A-Cool) "Going out of Turn two, I lost the rear end when the wishbone collapsed on the front, and I tried to get the engine started but I had a fire in the back. We'd been having trouble in the last few races. There was too much fuel going to the motor, and I guess that's what caused the fire."

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#33 BERTRAND GODIN (Player's Forsythe Racing Team-Player's/Indeck) "The red flags were worse than rain could have been today as far as track time is concerned. The clock keeps on ticking during the interruptions and we just lose the time. We made adjustments, but couldn't take advantage of them because of the numerous flags. We would have liked another practice session for a little more track time to try new stuff." (Francois Cartier)

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#66 ALEXANDRE TAGLIANI (Player's Forsythe Racing Team-Player's/Indeck) "After the race in Montreal, we tested here and went two seconds faster than we are today. We have the same problem we had yesterday: lack of speed on the straightaway. In fact, we've had this problem since Mid-Ohio. The car is very good in corners, but we lose all our time in the straights. I hope we can solve the problem for tomorrow, because this is a great track and it could be a lot of fun." (Francois Cartier)

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