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Mark DeVellis #67 Sierra Sierra Enterprises/ProWorks Swift 014.a
"I believe that our Trois-Rivieres podium represents what is to come from the Sierra Sierra Enterprises race team. Finishing on the podium in our maiden event definitely sets the tone for the upcoming race in Montreal. Once you taste the champagne you will always crave it."

Waldemar Coronas #88 Scuadra Fortia Aviacsa/Royce/Maizoro/Millenio Swift 014.a
"We had a pretty rough race at Road America. I was a little disappointed in qualifying because I thought I had a chance for the pole. But the car wasn't quite where we wanted it. In the race, I was inside going into turn five. Ryan (Hunter-Reay) was braking with me on the outside. I was even in the braking zone and I turned into the corner. We touched wheels. I was lucky to get out of the dirt in turn Five. The car wasn't as good after that. Now we go to Montreal. That should be exciting since it is the Formula One circuit. It's another new track for me. But all of the tracks have been new to me and the team. I hope we can make the adjustments quickly to be competitive."

Eduardo Figueroa #86 Scuadra Fortia Aviacsa/Royce/Maizoro/Millenio Swift 014.a
"At Road America, I got pushed into the grass going into turn five and the car wouldn't slow down on the grass. I couldn't stop and made contact (with Kyle Krisiloff). It was a bad situation especially being on the grass. I twisted my right wrist a little bit but I'll be okay. The Montreal race should be very exciting for all of the Toyota Atlantic teams. We raced in Trois Rivieres a few weeks ago on the tight circuit. Now we go to the Formula One circuit and it is bigger and wider. We should have some good racing there."

Scott Lampkin #77 Crossover Motorsports/Dynapack 008.a
"We're really looking forward to this weekend. We've been doing a lot of testing in-between Laguna Seca, our last race, and already see the benefits from our repairs and modifications. We love racing at Montreal; it's a great event and the Canadian fans are among the best."

David Wieringa #3 Sigma Autosport Viewsonic/BG Products Swift 014.a
"I am really excited about Montreal. The track is very similar to Road America with fast turns and several opportunities to pass. We had an excellent car at Road America, so I am confident we will do well in Montreal. Rocky did well there last year, so we will be working together so I can get a better feeling of the track and how to use it to its fullest capability. Sigma Autosport is really doing a great job providing a good road car for me. I am looking forward to these last two races because the car is so good for us and I think we can finish the season with some real good results."

Rocky Moran Jr. #4 Sigma Autosport/Sunoco/BG Products Swift 014.a
"I am really looking forward to racing at the Montreal circuit. I am also glad that there is no wait between races and we will be back racing again from last week. We definitely have the car to win and I think we have a real good chance especially with the momentum we have from Road America. It is a shame what happened last weekend when I was taken out of the race with only a few laps to go. That really hurt us in the championship. Mathematically, there is no chance for us to clinch the championship title, but we are going to focus our efforts on getting the first win for Sigma Autosport and finishing off the season on top. This is a great venue and I really enjoy racing in Canada, so I am looking forward to a great weekend."

Michael Valiante #19 Lynx Racing Swift 014.a
"This is the best track I've ever raced on, and to do well last year in front of fans as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as those here in Montreal was the biggest thrill of my career so far," says Valiante. "Now, of course, it's very different. Last year I had the luxury of being the anonymous number two driver and nothing was really expected. Now I'm the Lynx driver, walking in the shoes of some guys who have gone on to become big names in the sport, and we're leading the championship with the possibility to win the title here. The pressure might be overwhelming if I let it, but the team does a good job of shielding me from all that and letting me focus on doing my job."

Grant Ryley #23 Lynx Racing/Northwest Speedwerx Cupertino Electric Swift 014.a
"This is a totally unique track on the Atlantic schedule, completely unlike anything else we run," says Ryley. "It's so smooth and fast that you have to develop a completely unique setup that's specific to just this track. It's a difficult balance to strike, and if you don't find it, you're nowhere in the race. That said, it's very energizing for us to race here because the fans really like the Atlantic cars and you can feel it even in the car at a hundred and sixty miles an hour."

Joey Hand #27 DSTP Motorsports/BG Products Swift 014.a
"We've definitely gained a lot of momentum in these last two races. We didn't qualify as well as we had hoped to at Road America, but we came through and scored a top five. We've been getting better and better as each weekend progresses, and we just keep improving with more time on the track. Considering I stepped out of the car for a couple of months, I guess we're doing alright. But, as a racer I want to do a lot better, and I think we're definitely going in the right direction coming into Montreal."

Alex Garcia #8 Dixien Swift 014.a
"I am very excited to be going back to Canada to race, the previous two Canadian races have been great fun and Canadians are huge fans of Atlantics which makes it even better. We had some bad luck at Road America but I have already put that in the past to concentrate on the last two rounds where I will work on closing this season on a positive note."

Jonathan Macri #31 P-1 Racing NTN Bearings/Miller Genuine Draft/Battlefield Equipment Swift 014.a
"We didn't settle our set-up problems at Road America but ended off pretty well overall. We'll have to get it right, though, for Montreal. We ran there last year and the car was definitely competitive. The last lap mishap put us out. That was unfortunate because, no doubt, second place was ours. So we have good experience running Le Circuit and aside from running there in my rookie season last year, I also raced there in my two years in the Canadian Formula Ford Championship. I really like running in Montreal and am looking forward to the race. Our experience should carry us through to a good finish there. P-1 Racing has done a great job to this point. We've been lucky to have such great support from our sponsors: NTN Bearings, Miller Genuine Draft, Battlefield Equipment Rentals, Mopal Construction Ltd, Baldhead Systems Inc., Con Lawn Construction and Cobra Power Inc. A win would be a nice way to cap the year."


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