Luis Diaz press conference, part I

CART FedEx Championship Series June 25, 2002 An interview with Luis Diaz Part 1 of 2 Merrill Cain: We will now welcome in Luis Diaz of Dorricott Racing with the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship. Luis, we say hi to you. We appreciate you ...

CART FedEx Championship Series
June 25, 2002

An interview with Luis Diaz
Part 1 of 2

Merrill Cain: We will now welcome in Luis Diaz of Dorricott Racing with the CART Toyota Atlantic Championship. Luis, we say hi to you. We appreciate you joining us today.

Luis Diaz:  Hello, I am excited to be with you, and sharing this
interview with Jimmy.  I am very happy, thank you.

Merrill Cain: Just to give a little background on Luis, he's a 25 year old native of Mexico City, Mexico. As we said, he's coming to us today from there. After competing in the Dayton Indy Lights series the past couple of seasons, Luis is in his first year in the Toyota Atlantic cars and his first year with a very successful Dorricott Racing Ream. Luis earned his first Toyota Atlantic win in Portland on June 16th becoming the fifth first-time race winner in five races in the series this season. Luis currently ranks fifth in the Points Championship with 50 points trailing his teammate Jon Fogarty by 11 points heading into Chicago this weekend. With that, we'll open it up and take a few questions.

(Next question and answer were in Spanish)

Merrill Cain: If you could translate in English kind of what that last question was about and what the answer was about there.

Luis Diaz: Okay, he asked me about my relationship with Jimmy. I told him about well, my relationship is not very close, but I feel great about to share the Atlantic Series with drivers like - not sharing in the series, but sharing in the circuit with CART and the Atlantic with drivers like Jimmy, Adrian (Fernandez), all these great guys because we learn a lot about them, a lot about racing, so I feel great about that.

Merrill Cain: Thank you. We appreciate that.

Q: Have you been to Chicago? Are you familiar with the large Mexican community here, and connections, anybody you know, or have you heard from people here?

Luis Diaz: I have been in Chicago when I was racing in the Indy Lights series. I love that track. I had my best result in my first Indy Lights year. I have very important sponsors that they sell a lot of products down there in Chicago. And I have a lot of friends too down there, so I would like to give a good race and I hope to repeat again the podium.

Q: I am wondering what kind of reaction you get from CART drivers when you see them and how much you get a sense that what you are doing is a part of a big CART family that they want to talk about you as a future star in CART that we'll see in the FedEx Championship Series...

Luis Diaz: Right now I am trying to learn a lot because I have a chance to be there, to be there in a couple of years, maybe, so I am trying to learn a lot. I am trying to get involved a lot like in the golf tournament in Laguna, for example, I was trying to play golf there (laughs), so I am really happy with this. I think the Atlantic drivers we have a great opportunity to be around the big stars, to learn about them, so I think I am in the right series right now and I am - I feel very, very privileged about this and I am very happy.

Q: How exciting is the prospect to drive that big turbocharged engine in the FedEx Series? Hopefully we will see you doing that soon for a long time but there's no other power plant like it in open-wheel racing just kind of your thoughts how exciting that will be in being in a vehicle like that?

Luis Diaz: Actually I can't sleep because I mean, for me the speed, it's a great feeling for me. It's my life. I am fighting everyday to become a great driver and I hope to feel that, I mean, I am counting the days to drive the car, you know.

Q: You said you are fighting everyday to become a great driver. What is the toughest part of that fight?

Luis Diaz: I think my diet is the hardest part because I like to eat very much; especially here in Mexico, you know, we have a lot of different foods, spicy foods and so I think that's the hardest part because I am very skinny but I still need to eat properly so I think that's the hardest part right now because I mean, the driving thing is the easiest part, that is the funnest part, so, yeah, I think my biggest sacrifice right now is my diet.

Q: When you are at a companion race when you are watching the CART FedEx Championship Series on the racetrack, what are you looking for?

Luis Diaz: Well, I am looking for, for being professional like them. I mean, every time that these guys are on the track they make their best, and you can see the professionalism on these guys. I mean, they are very brave on the track. They are very spectacular, and I would like to become that kind of driver. I would like to give that spectacular effort to the people and they work very hard for that. They are very - you can feel the drivers dressing very properly, always with the sponsors, they are always trying to give their best to the people, to the fans, and I would like to be like them.


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