Long Beach: Transnet Racing race notes

Tough day for Charles Hall and Transnet Racing at Long Beach Long Beach, California (April 9, 2006) - British driver Charles Hall ( ...

Tough day for Charles Hall and Transnet Racing at Long Beach

Long Beach, California (April 9, 2006) - British driver Charles Hall (#16 Accent International Pre-Paid Debit Card/OmmniSource Corporation/Dixien LLC Swift 016.a), from Transnet Racing team could not finish the race after being hit by another car while standing on the 10th position at the Long Beach Grand Prix (1.968 miles) , which opened the Champ Car Atlantic series.

"I felt a little disappointed with the qualifying, but decided to concentrate on the race, which was developing quite well", said Hall after the event. "We were able to reach 10th place, but, while we were behind the pace car, we noticed some kind of problem, not sure yet if it was mechanical or electrical, and suddenly we got hit from behind right after the restart. It was a very frustrating race; a race to forget."

The race pace was quite impressive since the start of the competition. The yellow flag came up during turn 12 and changed the entire rhythm of the race after Richard Philippe's number 33 car spun out of control. From that point on, Hall successfully dodged numerous accidents and cars skidding out of course despite the presence of the pace car and the security team, which was cleaning up the area where the first accident took place.

After the restart of the race, 11 laps later, Hall had reached the 10th place, which he suddenly lost after being hit from behind and thrown out of the competition.

"Charles raced well and did a good job, but starting on the 16th position is tough since this is a rather competitive Series and the times are very close together," said Alex Garcia, owner and manager of Transnet Racing team. "In addition, the Long Beach track makes it hard to pass other cars. Charles was able to get to 10th place but in the end, during the restart and after the yellow flag, another driver rear-ended him and got him out of the race."

"We have learned a lot during this race," added Garcia. "In the next race we will have two cars on the track and that will help us a lot because we will be able to compare information between both machines and the team will work much better that way. However, in this particular instance we were unable to match our expectations because we could not finish the race and prove what we are capable of accomplishing as a team. Our driver has the skills to be ahead of everyone."


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