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#32 ALEX BARRON (Lynx Racing-Victory Circle Racing/Red Line /Oil) "I'm obviously pleased to be on the pace so quickly, considering that this is only my second Atlantic race, and we only had three laps of practice this morning. The fact that we were able to be competitive so quickly is a huge testimonial to Lynx Racing, and my mechanics in particular."

* * * #14 CHUCK WEST (World Speed Motorsports-Red Line Oil/Martini Sunglasses/Harvest Group) "The car is almost there and I am confident that we can get car to where we want it for the race. There was a lot of bumpiness in the braking zones, more so in this afternoon's session than in the morning session and it seemed to be causing a lot of havoc on the track for me and other drivers. The traffic was not a issue in this session for me. (Jennifer Tumminelli) * * *

#10 MARK TAGUE (World Speed Motorsports-Altec/Liaison Software Company) "This is my first time on this track and I was concentrating on a lot of things, especially the course. I come from a Formula Mazda background and the difference between the two cars, I'm discovering, is the high cornering speed. The car appeared to be feeling fine but on the third lap my motor started to give way and it progressively got worse. I stayed out of the way of traffic but tried to get as much track time as I could. The Altec crew is confident that we can clear up this issue but if it comes down to it we have a spare motor  Im not too concerned. (Jennifer Tumminelli)

* * *

#26 DAVID CUTLER (Sandy Dells Racing/Microsoft/Wall Data) "I was going into turn two, and the track was slippery and the car kept pushing. I lost it and I hit the wall. The car suffered a lot of damage to the right front suspension, side pod, the tunnel. We're going to fix the car and try to have it ready for tomorrow. I didnt get much track time, but then, neither did anyone else."

* * *

#4 ANTHONY LAZZARO (Phillips Motorsports-Platinum Sound/BG Products) "There was a lot of grip on the track. We lost a little time because we're hitting the rev limiter in top gear and I wasn't able to get into the braking zones enough. "I had a bit of trouble with the traffic and since the session was so short, I spent a lot of time dealing with the traffic instead of concentrating on the set up. Well make a few changes tonight before tomorrows qualifying session and it will help that the sessions will be split." (Pam Morey)

* * *

#29 CASE MONTGOMERY (Sandy Dells Racing-Microsoft/Wall Data) "We had a little trouble with the bumps and then getting the corners after the bumps. But the engine and gearing are both good. The back straight is also bumpy into the braking zone - there's a big bump that bottom's out the car there. "The lack of time on the track puts more pressure on us because theres no time make adjustments. Actually, think that's an advantage for us because I get up to speed pretty quickly. Set up isn't as critical as here as it is at an oval or a permanent road course." (Pam Morey)

* * *

#96 JERET SCHROEDER (PPI-MCI Telecommunications) "I haven't been able to spend a lot of time in the car this weekend, but I'm confident that we are heading in the right direction. I'm looking forward to the qualifying session tomorrow." (Sharon Villanueva) * * *

#95 LEO PARENTE (PPI-MCI Telecommunications) "Due to an accident with two other drivers in the Atlantic practice session, we haven't had much time running the cars, but I'm pleased with the improvements that are being made." (Sharon Villanueva)

* * *

That's a wrap for Friday. Grand Prix Association of Long Beach officials reported an all-time record attendance for a Friday of 48,500 through the gates.

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