Laguna Seca final qual quotes

Driver Quotes - Final Qualifying ...

Driver Quotes - Final Qualifying

#19 MEMO GIDLEY (Lynx Racing) "The session was really exciting, and the only thing I’m sorry about is that it’s the end of the season. I’d like to keep racing every weekend for the next 10 or 20 years. The car was great, and the big thing in running a good time was to have a clear clap. I’m happy to be able to give the team an all-Lynx front row for the final race." (Peter Frey)

* * *

#4 ANTHONY LAZZARO (Phillips Motorsports-Platinum Sound/BG Products/Budget) "It’s great to be back. The track was quite cool this morning. As usual the times came toward the last part of the session. Before the red flag we were actually second by a tenth of a second off Memo. Actually things were looking pretty good at that point. Unfortunately our track position, our starting position was eighth and with a little two lap dash like they had at the end it made it very difficult to get a clean lap. Although I tried to create some space between me and the guys in front, it just wasn’t enough, plus Kenny Wilden spun and put some dirt on the track right in front of us what was going to be a quick lap. The team Platinum guys never gave up. It started off Friday morning pretty bad in twelve place and qualified ninth yesterday, here we are third. It’s good to be back."

* * *

#85 STEVE KNAPP (P1 Racing-Miller Milling/Manheim Auctions/ICG Telecom) "We made good progress overnight. I’m a bit curious though, as to how the two Lynx cars can run as much downforce as they do, and still maintain the straight line speed I do." (Scott Gates)

* * *

#32 ALEX BARRON (Lynx Racing-Victory Circle Racing/Red Line Oil) "It was the last two laps that were the most important because that’s where we were able to set our best lap. There wasn’t any special pressure or attention paid to this session, because we give 100% to every session. And I’m going to approach the race in the same way, going for the win." (Peter Frey)

* * *

#10 MARK TAGUE (World Speed Motorsports-Altec/Liaison Software Co.) "The car is much better now that the roll bar is fixed. It doesn’t bounce anymore. We picked up over a second from yesterday. We should have the car dialed in by the race. Traffic was okay, although there were a lot of cars laying around out there." (Pam Morey)

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