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#4 ANTHONY LAZZARO (Phillips Motorsports-Platinum Sound/BG Products) "During the fast caution, I radioed my crew to ask Case's crew to see if he wanted to work the draft a little. Of course, Case said, "If he can keep up, we'll draft." SOoI did my best to stay with him. He had a pretty good jump on the restart. It was better than I had anticipated, I had a little bit of 'top end' on him and catching the tail his draft definitely helped. Near the end of the race, I knew he had developed a misfire because my crew radioed and told me so. His misfire enabled me to pass him. "The pass for the lead was uneventful because he was a sitting duck. His engine sounded like a popcorn popper. "The car popped out of fifth gear because my arm was rubbing so hard against the lever when I was holding the steering wheel. That cost me time on two occasions. "Winning the first race of the year gives the entire Platinum Sound/BG Products team momentum. Phillips Motorsports did an outstanding job, and our winter testing seems to have been so worthwhile now."

* * *

#19 MEMO GIDLEY (Lynx Racing) "Chuck (West) was moving around a lot and I was moving just as much. I had to get around him. Otherwise, I would have been "freight-trained" by the rest of the field. I went for it and moved in on him. I touched him (West) and that's the last I saw of him. It wasn't intentional. Chuck and I have shops next to each other in California. Our teams are based next to each other. We share aggressive driving styles, so I wasn't about to just give it up."

* * *

#29 CASE MONTGOMERY (Sandy Dells Racing-Microsoft/Wall Data) "The start was exciting. Chuck (West) got in on me right away, and we were trying to run two wide through turn one. I knew it could work because we had done that a little bit before. When Chuck and Memo (Gidley) got into it, I lifted off the throttle. "After the first restart, I thought I had this thing covered until I heard a couple of "pops." I hoped it wasn't what I thought. It was the engine, and it just got worse. I tried to be smooth and I thought there was a hope to keep Memo behind me. Well, he got a great run through the third turn, and thought I thought about forcing him to go to the far outside, I knew it probably wouldn't work. I tried to get into his slipscreen and I almost had him beat in turn five. It took all I had to save the car."

* * *

#96 JERET SCHROEDER (P.P.I./MCI Telecommunications) "I thought the race was going very well. The main goal for the team was to put the two cars in the top 10. My personal goal was to run consistently and safely, and work through the field as best as I could. Unfortunately, I had a battery go down, but the effort by PPI and the entire team was great. They have worked very hard for me and I expect good things to come our way in the future." (Sharon Villanueva) * * *

#85 STEVE KNAPP (P1 Racing - TrizecHahn/Slick 50) "The car was pretty good. We had some trouble at the beginning of the weekend. We struggled and missed a little bit of time in the test and we had an electrical problem in the first session and only got 10 minutes of practice. Our real time was just the 12 minute qualifying session. I made an error in the top gear choice for the race. I couldn't pass anybody on the straight-away. We'll take the sixth place points after the way it started off and hopefully we'll build from here."

* * *

#43 JOAO BARBOSA (RDS Motorsport-Toyota Portugal/Caetano Buses) "It was a good race. I am happy but I was nervous because I am not used to moving starts. I'm still satisfied for this first race;I'll do better next time."

* * * #33 BERTRAND GODIN (Forsythe Racing-Playe's/Indeck) "I'm happy. I had a good car, but I was getting a lot of spin from my back tires. I couldn't seem to get a good grip. I did the best I could. This track was for the best carLong Beach will be for the best driver, and Ill be there."

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