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Hinchtown, ON - April 3, 2007 - Let's Ask Hinch... Let's Ask Hinch: What is the coolest thing that you have seen/done over the winter? Hinch: "How do I pick one thing!!?? With A1GP, I got to go to so many cool places and do a lot of fun stuff.

Hinchtown, ON - April 3, 2007 - Let's Ask Hinch...

Let's Ask Hinch: What is the coolest thing that you have seen/done over the winter?

Hinch: "How do I pick one thing!!?? With A1GP, I got to go to so many cool places and do a lot of fun stuff. I think seeing the Great Wall of China has to be up there. I seriously think that they understate it in the name, because it is so much better than 'Great'. It's phenomenal. But jet boating in Sydney Harbor and shark diving in South Africa are things I won't soon forget, either."

Let's Ask Hinch: First time for you returning to a series... how will you approach it? How will you win the whole shootin' match?

Hinch: "This is a first for me, and it is such a good feeling to be honest. There is a large batch of rookies, and I know the sort of things that they have to learn and get up to speed with, and I am already there. There are so fewer unknowns that I really feel like I can attack from the green in Vegas. I know what to do and what not to do. But if I could give some advice to this years rookie class, it would be to go out Sunday night in Vegas, and Monday and Tuesday for that matter, and go to as many bars and strip clubs as you can find. It will really help you unwind and prepare for Long Beach."

Let's Ask Hinch: Tell us about your new team -- Sierra Sierra ... "jellin'??

Hinch: "I hate that term after that stupid insoles commercial. So no, the new team isn't 'jellin', but we ARE ready to kick ass this year. The whole crew is awesome and these guys have been together a while, which is such a key to success in this business. I am the new guy, so as long as I do my part and they welcome me into the family, life will be good. The competition will be seeing red."

Let's Ask Hinch: What are you doing different this year - mentally? physically?

Hinch: "Well I thought for this year I would try something totally different and looked into buddhism to try and become one with the car. That didn't work out so well, so I tried going back to my usual mental routine! It has worked well for me thus far, so I am sticking with it. And like I said before, with so fewer unknowns I am very mentally prepared for the start of the season. Physically I am in the best shape of my life between a new, Rocky Balboa style work out schedule - doing more things outdoors and physical sports as well as the gym - and doing 70 minute races in those beastly A1GP cars. They are quite a bit more physical on the arms than Atlantic cars, but not as bad on the neck, so that has kept the right muscles tuned perfectly."

Let's Ask Hinch: Are you doing TV again?

Hinch: "Sadly for the fans of Champ Car overseas-- yes! I will be doing the International TV broadcast alongside Jeremy Shaw once again, so you are stuck hearing my ear piercing color commentary! No, seriously I had such a good time last year and we built up a lot of momentum and Jeremy, myself and the whole production crew are really looking forward to getting the season started and putting on some good shows for the fans."

Let's Ask Hinch: Speaking of Champ Car, can anyone beat Bourdais?

Hinch: "Ya, I noticed he is a little weak on the left side, so if you lead with a jab.....wait, you mean ON the track?! Well, he has been pedaling quick in testing, but the new car should give people a chance to catch up a little. I think PT has it in him, I think Will Power will do big things this year and everyone will be keeping an eye on Jani given his pace in testing. And then there's Justin. Watch out for Justin. Overall, I think on any given day more drivers can win this year than last. But when it's all said and done...I think Sea Bass is just too rapid right now."

Let's Ask Hinch: So, how many DP01's will be running at the end of the Vegas race?

Hinch: "That's an unfair question, we don't even know how many are starting!"

Let's Ask Hinch: Okay-- will Mario punt PT... just for old times sake?

Hinch: "Ha! I am pretty good at figuring out this whole racing thing, but there is NO way I could have predicted that. I think even God's jaw hit the floor when he read that press release, and then he probably said some thing like, "Man, I didn't see THAT one coming!". Mario will play nice, he is only in for three races and wants to make sure they keep him past Houston. But he can still be quick. He damn near won Houston last year."

Let's Ask Hinch: What are your thoughts on how AJA is doing?

Hinch: "AJ is doing awesome. He is in a brand new team, he has less than a dozen stock car starts to his name and he is already qualifying for Cup races against guys who have been in Cup as long as he's been alive. No one expected instant results, and if they did, they are stupid. Yes, it has got to be tough for him, but he has made the show two weeks in a row and he just needs to keep this up, get laps under his belt, and he will be pulling top 10's before seasons end."

Let's Ask Hinch: What's up with the hinchtown.com redesign?

Hinch: "Ya, new website goes live this Thursday (April 5 ). We have been playing around with the video podcasts for a while and people seem to really like them. I am not sure why, I always get told I have a face for radio, but I just do what the fans ask! So the new site has that and a funky new layout, it's a bit easier to get through, and we threw in some more funny stuff to get you through that boring 9-5 thing. We are also going to do our own on-line version of "Let's Ask Hinch" where visitors to hinchtown.com can ask me --. well, anything."

Let's Ask Hinch: Thanks Jimmy -- Good luck this year!

Hinch: "No, no, no-- Thank you!!!"

About Hinch

In addition to being a top contender for the 2007 Champ Car Atlantic Championship, "Hinch" is a color commentator on the Champ Car International TV broadcasts, is Canada's representative in A1GP, and is the Mayor of Hinchtown. Visit www.hinchtown.com and check out the video podcasts, blogs, and photo galleries to see why Hinch is Hinch.

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