Edmonton II: Walker Racing race report

Tough Day for Walker Racing in Final Half of Edmonton Doubleheader Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- It was a tough day for Walker Racing drivers, Simona De Silvestro ( ...

Tough Day for Walker Racing in Final Half of Edmonton Doubleheader

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- It was a tough day for Walker Racing drivers, Simona De Silvestro (#5 Miauton) and Ryan Lewis (#15 NCPI Solutions/ InSport). The second half of the Champ Car Atlantic championship doubleheader in Edmonton was filled with ups and downs for the sophomore team.

Today was very disappointing for Swiss rookie De Silvestro, who had a solid start from thirteenth and a very strong car in race two, but it was the Swiss Miss that caused the first caution on lap six when Robert Wickens hit her from behind causing her to hit the wall in turn seven, ending her day early.

Showing promise and speed, Englishman Lewis, had a superb start, gained a position and continued to outpace the top runners moving up to eighth position. As the clock wound down, the 23-year old kept up the pace, but on lap fourteen, Lewis had a braking issue in turn one when he collected a cone.

Worried that something was damaged, the Brit stopped the car, but soon realized everything was alright and continued on, filtering back to eighteenth. Lewis he managed to gain a few positions, finishing fifteenth in the race and tenth in the Cooper Tires Presents the Champ Car Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda point standings.

Walker Racing heads straight on to San Jose to compete in round nine of the Champ Car Atlantic Championship. For more updates on the team please visit www.walkerracing.com.

What they had to say:.

Simona De Silvestro: "I had a crash with (Robert)Wickens. He t-boned me in turn seven, it's very disappointing because we had a really good car and I think we could have moved up pretty easily. We could have had a good result and it's very disappointing to finish like that. The team did a great job here, gave me a really good car and hopefully I can bring them a better result in San Jose."

Ryan Lewis: "Unfortunate really, we had a great car. The car in front of me flicked off a cone from the outside of the track into my wheel and it wouldn't have been an issue, but in the heat of the moment I saw a lot of smudge and convinced myself that the car was broken, so I pulled over and stopped. When I stopped I second guessed myself and I don't know why I did it, very strange. Other than that we would have had a really good day I'm sure. We were quicker than the guys in front of us and we had a good car, I think we could have gone forward from where we were. It was a bit of a silly mistake on my part. We pushed hard and proved that we were competitive, we know we are there, now we move onto San Jose."

Derrick Walker: "It's a pity Ryan collected that cone in turn one, which caused a braking issue. I'm sure he had a good enough car to really do well. As we see again today, if you give him a good car, he can pass cars and I think he would have moved up through the field and had a good finish, but it wasn't to be. As for Simona, we are a little surprised that Champ Car didn't penalize Mr. Wickens, because if ever there was a blatant driver error, he should have at least had a drive through, that was one of them. It seems like there is a rule for the girls and a rule for the boys, because Simona got her penalty yesterday and served it and Mr. Wickens went onto finish the race. Let's hope what goes around comes around."

-credit: walkrracing

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