Edmonton: Conquest Racing preview

Giacomo Ricci, a rookie on his way up With his fourth place finish at the Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto, rookie Giacomo Ricci ( ...

Giacomo Ricci, a rookie on his way up

With his fourth place finish at the Steelback Grand Prix of Toronto, rookie Giacomo Ricci (#18 Banca Italease / Lotto / Global / Mazda-Cosworth) has managed to slide into the top five standings in the Champ Car Atlantic Championship race. He has been consistently improving his performance on the track and gave a veteran-style performance at Toronto when he smartly avoided the mayhem around him. Along with his top five championship place, Ricci has also settled into third place in the rookie of the year battle with 125 points, 26 more than the fourth place contender. While Italian may be his first language, his progress and development through the 2007 season has not been lost in translation.

Giacomo is now looking forward to a tough double-header weekend in Edmonton at the City Centre Airport. This will be the second street and airport track for Ricci, the first being in Cleveland where he garnered his first top four finish of the season. Despite his strong finishes in Cleveland and Toronto, Ricci has his eyes set on the podium in Edmonton where he will have two opportunities to battle for that first top three finish.

After a string of bad luck, Matt Lee is ready to get back into the Championship race

Matt Lee (#44 Integrated Solutions / Mazda-Cosworth) is ready for his fortune to change and just a little luck in Edmonton this weekend. After numerous disappointing finishes and some unfortunate crashes, Lee is not where he wants to be in the Atlantic Championship standings. Matt's season began with a promising top ten finish but suffered some tough setbacks and on-track accidents that weren't necessarily his fault which has dropped him to an unsatisfying 17th place. He has been on the cusp of a great finish many times but weather, crashes and a string of unfortunate luck seems to have kept him from better results.

The upcoming double-header weekend in Edmonton will hopefully signal a change in luck for Matt's racing fortune. The City Center Airport track is the second airport track of the season, at the first in Cleveland, Matt was on course to finish in the top five when the #45 car of Adrien Herberts crashed into Lee and caused damage to his steering. Lee went down a lap and was not able to catch up costing him a potential podium finish. Lee hopes that the Edmonton track will provide him with that podium chance again where he can seize his opportunity.

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