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Jonathan Macri ...

Jonathan Macri #31 P-1 Racing NTN Bearings/Miller Genuine Draft/Battlefield Equipment Swift 014.a

"Going into the last race of the season, we'll be looking to finish it off on a strong note. We're not in much of a points race so we will be going full out all weekend. Finishing on the podium would be a great end going into the off season."

Michael Valiante #19 Lynx Racing Swift 014.a

"This weekend is going to be a street fight, but also a balancing act," says Valiante. "I'm a racer and want to end the season with a win, but the championship is the most important thing for the Lynx team and for my hopes of landing a CART ride next year. In terms of strategy, I need to qualify ahead of Fogarty and his two teammates because it would take a 'hail Mary' move to get past them once the race starts, and while Fogarty can't afford to make a move that would take us both out of the race, his teammates have nothing to lose at this point. Once that's done, I just have to drive hard as possible and keep it off the walls."

Grant Ryley #23 Lynx Racing/Northwest Speedwerx Cupertino Electric Swift 014.a

"It's been one of those seasons, but I've learned so much being with a great team like Lynx that I wouldn't trade it. "Denver is my last chance this season to show that I can run with the big dogs and contribute to Lynx winning the championship, and that's what I'm planning to do. None of us have seen the Denver track yet, but from the diagrams it looks very technical, which is just the kind of track I like best. Most of the passing is going to take place under braking at the end of the long back straight, diving into turn five at top speed, so the fans can look for that to be where most of the action takes place."

Rocky Moran Jr. #4 Sigma Autosport/Sunoco/BG Products Swift 014.a

"We are going into this race weekend with good momentum from last week's win. This will definitely be interesting since it is the first time the CART series races at this venue. There will be a lot of learning taking place by both drivers and teams, which will have to be done fast since it is such a short weekend for us. We are looking for another win, striving to finish the championship third in points. That is the goal this weekend and I am confident we will accomplish that because we have a great car, especially on street courses. This should be a great weekend and hopefully we will get the results we want to finish the season on a positive note."

David Wieringa #3 Sigma Autosport Viewsonic/BG Products Swift 014.a

"I am really looking forward to racing here in Denver. We have a good car set-up on the street courses, so I feel that we will do well here. This will be an interesting weekend because it will be a new experience for all of the teams. We will be working hard in the short time we have to get a car that will be competitive for the race on Saturday. It is hard to believe that this is the last race of the season, but I am thrilled to be racing at this new venue. It should be a real exciting weekend and hopefully we can show just how capable we are to finish in the top five."

Waldemar Coronas #88 Scuadra Fortia Aviacsa/Royce/Maizoro/Millenio Swift 014.a

"We had a really fast car in Montreal. It felt good to have a good start and move into contention early. The car was good in the corners and we had some good power on the straights. I felt I was closing on the top three drivers. But the rear end came around on me and I slid into the wall. I feel bad for the Scuadra Fortia team because this is one of the best cars we have had this year. But our team has made very good progress throughout the season. We were a new team and we have been getting into contention at each race. I think we'll have a good car for Denver. That track is new to everyone. So I will have equal time like the other drivers to learn the track. "

Eduardo Figueroa #86 Scuadra Fortia Aviacsa/Royce/Maizoro/Millenio Swift 014.a

"The doctors said I should rest the tendons in my wrist for the Montreal race. I tried to drive on Friday morning but it was best to sit out this race. It's a shame because Montreal track is so great and a Formula One track. But I'd rather be ready for next week in Denver. The Denver track should be a good track for the Atlantic cars. There looks to be several areas for passing. After missing Montreal, I'm anxious to get back into the race car."

Alex Gurney #34 Dorricott Racing/Behr Castrol Swift 014.a

"This Denver race is somewhat of a 'second home' race for me because I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder not too far away. I'm really looking forward to it. We've been real strong on the street circuits this year and this weekend should be no different. I'd really like to hold on to my 3rd position in the championship as well as see the team take the overall title."

Jon Fogarty #32 Dorricott Racing/Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards Swift 014.a

"We are six points back with no pressure from behind. We have every reason to go for the championship since we have got nothing to loose. It's a new track for all the teams and I am confident my engineer , Burke Harrison, and my crew will give me a car capable of getting the job done. I am looking forward to this weekend in Denver."

Television Broadcasts:

Speed Channel will broadcast Saturday's Round 12 race from Denver LIVE! on Saturday, August 31, at 5:30 p.m. ET, while Atlantic fans in Canada can watch the race on RDS on Sunday, September 8, at 10:00 a.m. ET. Speed Channel will replay the race on that same day at 10:00 p.m. ET and on September 1, at 3:00 a.m. ET and September 2, at 1:00 p.m. ET.

The Shell Grand Prix of Denver will bring an end to an exciting 2002 CART Toyota Atlantic Championship season.


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