Cleveland: Yasukawa to start thirteenth

Roger Yasukawa, ...

Roger Yasukawa, #9 Autobacs/u.s. print/Toyota/Swift

<pre> EVENT RESULTS TIME SPEED (Mph) Friday Practice 9th 1:08.058 111.359 Friday Qualifying 9th 1:07.638 112.092 Saturday Practice 11th 1:07.236 112.761 Combined Practice 11th 1:07.236 112.761 Saturday Qualifying 13th 1:06.810 113.480 </pre>

Yasukawa on Morning Practice:

"I hit a cone that was sitting right in the line, it was completely black with tire marks, I didn't even see it until it was too late. We are struggling with the gearbox a little bit, particularly with the downshift. Hopefully we can get that sorted out for qualifying and we will be quicker for sure."

Yasukawa on Final Qualifying:

"We have been struggling with the car all weekend. We are going to take a good look at the springs and the dampers. I am driving the wheels off of it and the car is just not there, so we are definitely missing something."

-Hylton Motorsports-

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