Wolfpack Racing set for debut in Atlanta ARCA event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: NFM Communications 919-872-7985 Wolfpack Motorsports ready to howl at Atlanta Art Seeger and Wolfpack racing are set and ready to roll for the season finale ARCA Bondo Mar-Hyde Super Car event...


Contact: NFM Communications 919-872-7985

Wolfpack Motorsports ready to howl at Atlanta

Art Seeger and Wolfpack racing are set and ready to roll for the season finale ARCA Bondo Mar-Hyde Super Car event at Atlanta Motor Speedway November 15th. Seeger only has this warning for the other competition - "We're here to win."

Seeger, who has been in 'retirement' for the past two years, has used the time wisely and assembled the best that is available - the result is the #75 Grundfos Pumps Ford. "We took the time to put together a team that can be a threat in any race we enter," stated Seeger. "We have two brand new Ford Thunderbirds that will be powered by Pro Motor power. Then we talked with ARCA veteran Bob Schacht and brought him on as crew chief and team manger. When you throw in my abilities with chassis tuning, we feel that we're as prepared as any team heading in to Atlanta."

The leader of Wolfpack racing then chuckled and added, "Oh, and we might have one or two additional surprises for those boys at Atlanta. But we, like any good racer would, will keep those up our sleeve for now."

The opportunity came for Wolfpack Racing when a special sponsorship package was secured with Grundfos Pumps - a world leader in water pump design and manufacturing. Bob Caswell, National Sales Manager for Grundfos said of their teaming with Wolfpack, "When we talked with Art Seeger and his partner Joe Bates we learned that they have a quality product and have surrounded themselves with quality people. This is the same philosophy that we at Grundfos pumps utilize. We have become a market leader by making quality a priority. We feel this philosophy has done Grundfos well as we have customers for the 40,000 pumps we manufacture on a daily basis."

Though Seeger hasn't been on the track for the last two years he's used the time to work with several ARCA and NASCAR teams learning all he could during this time. Seeger also has a driving career that dates back to 1986 and includes driving NASCAR Late Model Stocks, NASCAR Dash series and ARCA Bondo Mar-Hyde Super cars. Seeger's best ARCA effort, by no coincidence came at Atlanta Motor Speedway when he finished 12th.


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Art Seeger At a Glance -


1995 -Competed in various ARCA events with Sponsorship from two National Companies ZIMA CLEARMALT AND EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO.

1994 - Competed in NASCAR BGN North and ARCA Division Races. Nestle Quik Sponsorship for ARCA Division Races as well as 6 regional Sponsors. Numerous personal appearances throughout the Midwest and Northeast. Ford Motorsports

Magazine has a feature article on Art. Stock Car Magazine has an update article on Art as well. Art now has his own Collector Card, which is nationally distributed. Art has worked as a Race Day Crew Member in the Winston Cup NASCAR series.

1993 - Practice in Winston Cup Car at Watkins Glenn 0.3mph off driver Kyle Petty's lap time 0.1mph off driver Ohma Kimbro's lap time. Ohma has 10 years experience in SCCA Formula Atlantic and Trans AM Series, also had driven for the Race Team previously at Watkins Glen in 1991.

Art has also worked on Pit Crew's at various ARCA & Winston Cup Series Events.

1992 - NASCAR Late Model Stock Car - 20 Races - 5 Wins - 10 tops 5 - 15 top

10 - 3rd in points. Practice laps - ARCA Car at Pocono, Atlanta

1991 - NASCAR Late Model Stock Car - 18 races - 4 wins - 9 top 5 - 12 top 10 - 3rd in points. Practice laps in ARCA Car, Pocono, Atlanta, Michigan, & Talladega. Pit crew in ARCA Series at various events.

1990 - NASCAR Late Model Stock Car - 24 races - 6 wins - 12 top 5 - 15 top 10 -5th in points. Signed 24 Regional Sponsors. Set new track record in qualifying at one track. ARCA Series - Drove at Atlanta - Start 29th 2nd day qualifying - finished 12th - 5th place with 12 laps to go, cut tire down. Consistent 169/170 mph laps.(previous best time for this car 166mph) Made up full lap under green. Had signed Nestle Crunch Bar Brand Ice Cream as sponsor for event. Drove for Bob Schacht MSP. Also pit crew ARCA Series throughout the season at various tracks.

1989 - NASCAR Daytona Dash NASCAR Late Model Stock Car - 22 races - 8 wins - 12 top 5 - 14 top 10 - 2nd in points. Signed 25 regional Sponsors - Signed National Sponsor - Pontiac Motorsports.

1988 - Small Block Modified NASCAR Daytona Dash - Late Model Stock Car - 14 races (combined) 5 wins - 8 top 5 - 9 top 10. 25 Regional Sponsors - 1st National Sponsor - Neotech Ind.

1987 - NASCAR Late Model Stock Car 15 race season - 4 wins - 11 top 5 - 14 top 10 - 1st in points. Signed 32 Regional or Local Sponsors. Stock Car Magazine ran a feature article in August '87.

1986 - NASCAR Late Model Stock Car - 16 races - 4 wins - 11 top 5 - 14 top 10 - 4th in points SSRC Rookie of the year. Signed 22 Local Sponsors - WON FIRST RACE EVER ENTERED!

1984/86 - Crew Member Canadian Tire and Kraco Indy Car Race Teams Tire Changer/Pit Board/Utility.

1974/79 - Crew Member SCCA Formula Race Team - Utility Man.

Career Stats:

132 Races Total - 35 Wins 28% - 73 Top 5 - 56% - 92 Top 10 - 71% Only 8 DNFs to accidents.

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