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John Finger, #03 Racer Carol Enterprises Ford - Winner of the Bet on USA 150 ARCA RE/MAX Series Race - "It was a ball, it was the first ARCA-type race I've ever run. I've run some big cars before in vintage racing, we just ran our own race pace and it kind of came to us."

Blaise Alexander, #91 Lisa Express Pontiac - Finished Second In The Bet On USA 150 ARCA RE/MAX Series Race - "We had a pretty good car today. I get mad because they work so hard and they don't get to enjoy the win. Second place is good, but when you're that close you want the win. We broke a transmission near the end, that's how we lost the lead. They got it fixed on that pit stop, they kind of doctored it up the best they could hoping it would last until the end, but it ended up breaking as soon as I got the lead back. From there I could only run in second gear so we were pretty much out."

Frank Kimmel, #46 Advance Auto Parts Chevrolet - Finished Third In The Bet on USA 150 ARCA RE/MAX Series Race -- "I really thought we could put on a really good show because a lot of times these road courses are so big, that you don't have a lot of lap traffic and I knew there was varying speed due to a lack of equipment or lack of experience or whatever, there was a big separation. We knew there was going to be some lap cars and I thought if you could have a long green flag run it could be pretty exciting. I think it was. I thought there was a lot of good dicing out there. There were a good three cars that were really fast up front all day."

Lyndon Amick, #99 Ken Scharder Racing Chevrolet - Finished Sixth In The Bet On USA 150 ARCA RE/MAX Series Race -- "You know ARCA was very good to let us come here and race. It was a lot of fun. I mean some of these guys have never been here before. I guess you know the biggest thing at the end of the race, Robert Burroughs who was a lap down, spun out the leader. He has done some dirt racing, and this is all new to him, but usually a lap down, you give the leader some kind of courtesy. That wasn't the case today and I knew that if I were able to get through, we would have won the race. I didn't have second gear with about 10 laps to go so I was just limping it around. I couldn't stop and I hit him in the door. I tore the car up good but all and all, we were fast. They new we were here. I think we still finished 6th, so it wasn't too bad, we obviously wanted to win. I enjoyed it and I love racing!"


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