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Mitchell to Pilot a Pontiac at Talladega Same Car That Finished Second at Daytona This weekend, Marc Mitchell and the ...

Mitchell to Pilot a Pontiac at Talladega
Same Car That Finished Second at Daytona

This weekend, Marc Mitchell and the #8 Ergon Pontiac team will head to the 2.66-mile, Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway for Friday's ARCA RE/MAX 250. This will be Mitchell's final ARCA RE/MAX Series race of 2007.

Mitchell has been playing quite a game of "musical numbers" during the season. The numbers '93,' '4' and '56' have all adorned the sides of his entries. However, this weekend he will compete with a number, and manufacturer, that mean a great deal to him.

The #8 Ergon Pontiac is the same car and number that Mitchell raced in this event last year. That was also his first race with his Ergon sponsorship. This same Pontiac is the car Mitchell drove to his second-place finish in the season-opener at Daytona, his highest career finish in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. It was the #93 in that event.

This will be the last event that a Pontiac can be used in ARCA RE/MAX competition. There is a "four year rule" that allows you to use a defunct manufacturer up to four years after they get out of the series.

Mitchell as he prepares for the ARCA RE/MAX 250:

"Another week, another number. It's cool, though, to be back in the #8. That's the number we used at Talladega last year and had a good run going with it until we got wrecked on pit road. Norm Benning owns the number and I want to thank him for allowing me to use it. I know it has been tough to keep up with me this year because this is the fourth ARCA number that I have raced. I appreciate everyone's support, no matter what number I am using."

"I'm excited about getting back in my old Pontiac for this race. It is a great superspeedway car. I think we showed that at Daytona this year. It drafts really well and if we can get it to the front of the field, it can stay there. Jeremy (Clements, teammate) and I both have good cars for this weekend. It would be nice to get two more top-3 finishes like we had a Daytona, but this time I hope we are 1-2."

"It's hard to believe that it has been a year since we were down here for my first race with Ergon. You know, the Ergon asphalt had just been laid down at Talladega and there was a buzz around our team. The Ergon folks were excited about having a car in the first race on their asphalt. They have been such a great sponsor and have really gone out of their way to help my career. This is our last ARCA race this year, but we do have one more NASCAR Busch Series race. I want to end our ARCA season on a good note because this is where we started."

"It is cool to share the track with the Nextel Cup Series. Those guys are the best of the best. You can never tell how much you can learn just by watching them. I know we usually have a lot of Cup guys that compete with us too. Sometimes that does make qualifying a bit more hectic because the competition level is raised. But the competition does make you a better racecar driver."

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