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Teddy Beach Sets Back-To-Back Track Records In Toledo And Sandusky Beach Boys Motorsports Team Heads To Anderson For USAC Show, Then Shadybowl Speedway In Search Of NAMARS Championship New Track Record, Toledo (OH) Speedway, Sept. 15th, 2001:...

Teddy Beach Sets Back-To-Back Track Records In Toledo And Sandusky

Beach Boys Motorsports Team Heads To Anderson For USAC Show, Then Shadybowl Speedway In Search Of NAMARS Championship

New Track Record, Toledo (OH) Speedway, Sept. 15th, 2001: 15.526 seconds
New Track Record, Sandusky (OH) Speedway, Sept. 23rd, 2001: 17.257 seconds,

(Donnelsville, OH) - Two weeks in a row.two new track records.a second-place finish and at least a runner-up spot in the Championship chase. The number "2" seems to be lucky for the Beach Boys Motorsports team and driver Teddy Beach. However, they are hoping to bump that up one notch this weekend when they travel to Anderson (IN) Speedway for a USAC National Midget event on Saturday, then head to Shadybowl Speedway in Degraff, OH next weekend for the NAMARS National Championship Series season finale. A mere 33 points separates Teddy from the number one spot in the Championship chase behind current leader, fellow teenager Travis Miniea.

Two New Track Records set the previous two weeks at Toledo and Sandusky Speedways (a one-lap effort at Sandusky) certainly don't hurt the team's confidence heading into this important final stretch of the season.

"I've got confidence in my pavement car (Beast chassis), and that's what it takes to be fast - confidence in your equipment," Teddy states without reserve. "I didn't expect to go out and set New Track Records in Toledo and Sandusky, but it made my confidence go way up. It is an amazing accomplishment to set even one record because it is not done very often, but two is even more special. It's a confidence builder when you can go out and do that well. I think I might have been in the points lead if I had won in Toledo, though."

After Teddy's record-setting one-lap record at Toledo where he traveled the ½-mile highbanks at more than 115 mph, he started 8th on the grid (inverted start) and immediately started picking off one competitor after another until he clawed his way into the lead near the half-way point in the Feature, and then proceeded to quickly pull away from the field which surely expected him to take the checkers in that first spot. However, a few laps after "showing his stuff," a yellow came out, bunching up the field again. After the restart, Teddy quickly got hunted down by the second- and third-place runners, eventually giving way to current points leader Miniea because mechanical woes which forced him out of the race.

Heading to Sandusky the following week, confidence was still high, and after yet another New Track Record was set on a crystal clear day in northern Ohio, Teddy ran a steady, smart and patient race from his 6th starting spot (inverted), and finished second behind perennial ARCA stronghold Gene Lee Gibson, who took the checkers.

Regardless of the outcome at Shadybowl in a week, the team has executed an almost flawless plan to introduce two teenagers into the big, bad world of professional motorsports. Stats? How about 17-year-old Teddy's four wins, "Rookie Of The Year" honors and at least a runner-up spot on the season-ending championship podium at the victory banquet (or a slightly-possible second championship). Add to that 14-year-old Todd Beach 's equally remarkable accomplishments with two NAMARS Kenyon Car wins and matching "Rookie Of The Year" honors, and the team has a lot to be proud of this 2001 season.

Teddy and the team are not as worried about the next week of racing for points as they are in finishing the season strong and working on their 2002 racing program for both Teddy and Todd. Teddy states, "I'm going for the win and not worry too much about the points situation. It's our last NAMARS race so I will not be concerned about the points. If I finish in second (in the championship) I still think I had a pretty good year. I certainly didn't expect to win the championship this year, but I guess anything can happen going into this last race. I'll go out and just try to do my best."


** Kenyon Car "Rookie Of The Year" Todd Beach is racing karts this fall: While the NAMARS Kenyon Midget Car Series has taken a little break as the National teams fight out the championship battle, 2001 "Rookie Of The Year" Todd Beach, 14-year-old brother of Teddy, has kept busy keeping his reflexes sharp racing karts on two of Ohio's paved road courses. On Sept. 16th, Todd finished 9th in the Ohio Valley Karting Association's Junior Yamaha class (age 12-15) at Circleville (OH) Raceway. And on Sept. 22nd at C & J Raceway in Camden, OH, he finished the race in the 7th spot but did not weigh his car after the race and disqualified himself so as not to interfere with a tight points race the regular competitors were engaged in, quite a sportsmanlike gesture for this high school freshman. Next year, Todd hopes to acquire a shifter kart and compete on a larger scale throughout the year, as well as run his Kenyon Midget car throughout the year. Todd explains: "I'll run some karts next year to stay sharp and have fun. I'm hoping to either run the same class or possibly move up to the Yamaha Light division (age 15 and up using karts with more horsepower) in a shifter kart. But I've still got a couple of races left this year at Camden." Just as his older brother Teddy will be competing in the last NAMARS Championship Midget race of the year next weekend at Shadybowl Speedway in Degraff, OH, the Kenyon Cars will also be competing at the same time in their last race of the year that weekend at that track. Todd is currently 5th in the K-Car point standings, although he prefers to concentrate on racing more than the points situation. "I race every race with no points in mind," Todd states about the usual distraction of racing for points. "I just race my own race, finish wherever I can finish and do the best I can."

** Teddy and USAC together in 2002; Races with sanction three times in 2001: Throughout the 2001 season, Teddy Beach has waged a highly successful campaign on the NAMARS trail, and won't completely leave that sanction in 2002. However, starting with this weekend's USAC National Midget Car Series race at Anderson (IN) Speedway, Teddy will compete in a maximum of three USAC National races in 2001, preserving his potential "Rookie Of The Year" status for 2002 when the Beach Boys Motorsports team plans to compete full time on that circuit. Look for Teddy and the DayGlo-orange and white #25 to appear at Anderson, then travel out west at the end of November for a show at Irwindale (CA) Speedway for the prestigious "Turkey Night Grand Prix" on Nov. 22nd before heading to Las Vegas for a race on Nov. 24th. In between USAC National Midget shows next year, Teddy and his team will race on the NAMARS circuit in some of their larger events as well as select other special shows throughout the year. You may even see this high school senior attempting to jump-start a Sprint car career throughout the year as well.

** Beach Boys Motorsports #25 and #5 DayGlo-orange and white thoroughbred Midget & Kenyon Car machines individually hand-painted: Anyone who has been to a NAMARS race this year has undoubtedly been impressed with the beautiful Beach Boys Motorsports cars driven by Teddy & Todd Beach. And rightfully so. Whereas most teams paint on a base coat or a general paint scheme, then paste on a stack of decals, the Beach Boys Motorsports have their cars hand-painted with ferocious bright orange flames on a brilliant white background. The roll cage is powdercoated in sparkling silver for a stunning effect. Even the Beach Boys Motorsports logo, now a familiar sight in victory lanes all across the Midwest, is an individualized creation specifically hand-painted on that machine (although of similar design throughout each car on the team). The credit for these gorgeous paint jobs goes to Dave Gabbert of DDS Graphics out of Springfield, OH.

** Beach Boys Motorsports team breaks ground with Media / VIP / Manufacturer / Officials Hospitality area at Midget race tracks: Keeping on the leading edge of the competitive world of promoting a racing team, the Beach Boys Motorsports team instituted a rather uncomplicated, but effective hospitality area at all of the Midget races they are attending near the end of the 2001 season - a program that will continue into 2002. The team is known for doing things right, both on and off of the track, and how they treat their partners in the media, sanctions, manufacturers and corporate supporters is no exception. Stop by to quench your thirst, grab a snack and introduce yourself to our team. We'd love to see you at our next race!

** NAMARS / ARCA Midget race televised on Speedvision: Be reminded that the NAMARS/ ARCA Midget race which took place on September 15th at Toledo (OH) Speedway was taped for later viewing on the Speedvision racing cable network, and can be seen this Saturday, Sept. 29th, at 10:00 pm EST. Another Toledo Speedway NAMARS/ARCA midget show held on June 22 in which Teddy Beach won was supposed to be televised on Speedvision, but the network has advised that they will not show that event. However, tune in this Saturday and you will see a spectacular show in which Teddy set a New Track Record (a feat repeated a week later at Sandusky Speedway, where he also finished second).

** New Beach Boys Motorsports / Teddy & Todd Beach Fan Club: The Beach Boys Motorsports team has just formed a new Fan Club for its drivers, Teddy & Todd Beach. Benefits Include: Official Certificate of Membership; 2002 Publicity Card Signed By Teddy and Todd; Race Schedules For Both Teddy and Todd; Official autographed Beach Boys Motorsports high-quality baseball hat; Select Track Ticket Discounts; Access To Driver And Team At Races (in our VIP/Hospitality area); Merchandise Discounts; Special Fan Club Parties At Tracks; Official Laminated Membership Card / Assigned Membership Number; Monthly Newsletter; VIP Access to Special Events; Sponsor Decal Giveaways; Product and Service Discounts, as well as many more surprises!!! Individual Memberships are $15.00 per year, and Family Memberships are $25.00 per year for up to four people (memberships acquired between now and Dec. 31, 2001 will officially start Jan. 1, 2002 and run for a full year). Interested? Write out your name (all names and children's ages if family membership), address, city, state, zip, home & work phone number, e-mail address and birthdate, and please mail with appropriate payment (made payable to "Beach Boys Motorsports") to: Beach Boys Motorsports Fan Club, 3061 Coast Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46214. After we receive this information and appropriate payment, we'll process your membership and get your introductory membership package in the mail immediately! Thanks for your support of the Beach Boys Motorsports team!

** New Beach Boys Motorsports website and store coming soon! We are diligently working on a new Beach Boys Motorsports / Teddy & Todd Beach website, which will be one of the most comprehensive racing team sites on the 'Net today! Driver chats, results, schedules, press releases, photos, fan club information, video interview, video of racing action, and a store full of BBM merchandise (yes, the hot orange and white colors you love) are just some of the surprises you'll find on the new site. Check out for all of the latest.Coming Soon!

** New Beach Boys Motorsports Newsletter for 2002: Would you like to keep up with Teddy & Todd Beach throughout the year through a regularly-produced Newsletter? You'll be treated to exclusive insight into the drivers and team, as well as information on past and upcoming races. Team tidbits, photos and other interesting information will also be a regular part of the communication from our team to the fans, media, sponsors, manufacturers and sanctions. To receive the Newsletter, which will be available through both e-mail as well as a hard copy sent through the U.S. Postal Service, please send your name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address to: Beach Boys Motorsports Newsletter, 3061 Coast Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46214, or you can call or e-mail Janie Vogel at: (317) 280-8832,

September 29 - Anderson (IN) Speedway (Teddy)
October 7 - Shadybowl Speedway, Degraff, OH (Teddy & Todd)
November 22 - "Turkey Night Grand Prix" - Irwindale (CA) Speedway (Teddy)
November 24 - Las Vegas (NV) Motor Speedway (Teddy)

Race Track / Location: Anderson (IN) Speedway, ¼-mile high-banked paved oval
Sanction: USAC WorldCom National Midget Car
Series Date: Saturday, September 29, 2001
Race day schedule: Practice: 5:00; Qualifying: 6:00; Races: 7:00
Directions to track: I-69 to exit 22, then 3.0 miles north on Pendleton Avenue


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