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Heartbreak again, Venturini settles for second at Lake Erie Concord, NC-- The .4-mile track at Lake Erie was a tough one for the ...

Heartbreak again, Venturini settles for second at Lake Erie

Concord, NC-- The .4-mile track at Lake Erie was a tough one for the #25 Venturini Motorsports camp. From an outsider's perspective it was a good weekend. Driver Billy Venturini started the weekend off by winning his first career Old Milwaukee Pole Award after breaking the track record and finished that off with a career best second place run.

Too bad that doesn't cut it in the eyes of Venturini.

From the time the green flag dropped, the race was his for the taking as he dominated the 35-car field by leading the 200-lap race for 118 circuits in the #25 Hawk Saw Blades-Mahle Pistons Pontiac.

On the final lap with checkered flag in sight Venturini battled four-time series champion Frank Kimmel for the win when bad luck yet again bit the Chicago native. While exiting turn four Venturini's machine suddenly broke loose and spun handing the win to Kimmel.

"It was the high of highs and we felt the lows of lows. My rear brakes locked up," Venturini said of his dominating yet disappointing race. "I slid up track and gave him that opening he needed. Frank just always seems to capitalize when someone else has a little bit of bad luck. Two short track races in a row I gave him a win so he owes me now."

Venturini's previous heartbreak that turned into Kimmel's glory came at Berlin where he led 74 laps before a broken valve spring caused problems.

Amidst the recent disappointment Venturini finds solace in the team's consistency at running up front week after week. "I do feel like the team is coming together very well. I know we are a serious winning contender every week."

"I hope the competition respects all the hard work we've done and the other drivers respect the way I have raced them. I reciprocate that respect toward the other top drivers."

Venturini may not have won the race but he sure did show a lot of heart as he battled a bad case of the flu. One day prior to his dominating Lake Erie performance he spent the night in the hospital with a high temperature of 102.

After bouncing back and showing the racer within, Venturini is only focused on one thing, winning. "I think once we get a win Frank is going to need me to have bad luck before he's going to win on the short track again. I think I'm going to be the one to beat on the short track."

If only Venturini can beat all the pesky bugs that he's been battling both mechanically and physically, his luck just might change.


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