Kentucky II: Dexter Bean race report


#37 Dexter Bean/Team GLOCK finish 23rd at Kentucky Speedway

#37 Dexter Bean and Team GLOCK finished 23rd in the Kentucky ARCA RE/MAX 150 on Friday, July 18th from Kentucky Speedway. This was the 11th race and the midway point in the 2008 ARCA RE/MAX schedule. Dexter practiced in the 14th position and qualified 22 for the race. He spent quite a bit of time in the garage during practice trying to adjust to the new sticker tires. Many teams wrecked cars during practice and qualifying while Team GLOCK took a conservative approach during qualifying and decided to run with scuff tires. The extreme heat took its toll on the tire situation. They would also react differently to the track at night as the temperature would drop by the 8pm start time.

At the beginning of the race, Dexter immediately moved up five positions to be in the 17th position during the caution on lap one. At the point of the second caution, Dexter moved up to the 16th position and had mentioned that the car was loose. The cautions were plentiful during the first half of the race. By the lap 31 caution, the race had been run on only 11 green flag laps and the rest were run under caution. Dexter was running in the ninth position at that time.

Dexter moved into the 7th position by lap 35. During the lap 46 caution, he made a pit stop for tires and a track bar adjustment. Team GLOCK did not have a quick pit stop and they had to back up the car so Dexter could get around the car in front of him - all of which caused him to restart in the 17th position. Due to a problem with the right front tire spring, the handling of the car declined and Dexter spun out coming off of turn four. Additional pit stops for adjustments did not help the handling of the car and resulted in a 23rd place finish. Although the finish was not optimal, Dexter did manage to move into ninth place in the ARCA RE/MAX Series driver's point standings.

Dexter expressed his frustration in the disappointing finish, "We were good in practice and the car felt good for the start of the race, but we struggled with tires and the car during the second half of the race. Fighting the loose conditions of the car got the best of us all night. Luckily, I did not hit anyone during the spin out, but then I couldn't get the car started and came back out a lap down. I didn't get into position fast enough to get the lucky dog and ended the race with a disappointing position."

Crew chief Jeff Spraker added, "Even though we had a difficult night at Kentucky, we still gained one spot in the point standings. It's unfortunate that a spring failure caused an interruption in our streak of top-ten finishes, but we're determined to take up where we left off when we get to Berlin. Dexter is a short-track ace and the team is bringing the car with two top-fives in its pedigree (Toledo and Cayuga), so we're ready to begin the second half of the season gunning for victory lane. That's our goal and we're on a mission to get there!"

-credit: glock

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