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Trekking To The Dirt: Sheltra Motorsports "ARCA Team Ready With Dirt Ace Behind The Wheel" WHITESVILLE, Kentucky (August 15, 2008) - - The time has come where the ARCA RE/MAX Series makes their annual trip to the dirt. This weekend marks the ...

Trekking To The Dirt: Sheltra Motorsports
"ARCA Team Ready With Dirt Ace Behind The Wheel"

WHITESVILLE, Kentucky (August 15, 2008) - - The time has come where the ARCA RE/MAX Series makes their annual trip to the dirt. This weekend marks the second year where Sheltra Motorsports with driver Patrick Sheltra have been apart of the festivities on the one-mile clay oval.

A year after scoring two top-six finishes at Illinois State Fairgrounds and DuQuoin State Fairgrounds respectively, the entire Sheltra Motorsports team is ready for this year's battle with a Dodge Charger armed to compete with the hopes of improving on the team's career-best second place run at Toledo Speedway earlier this year and finally triumph in a race that holds so much sentimental value to the second year ARCA team.

Currently, after 14 events, the team sits 10th in the championship standings and coming off their sixth top-10 finish of the season last weekend at Nashville Superspeedway.

Here what's the Sheltra Motorsports team is saying before gearing up and trekking on the road for round number 15 on the 2008 ARCA RE/MAX Series schedule:

Getty Cavitt (Jack Man): "I don't know what really to expect. I've never been pitted a car on the dirt, so it will be a new challenge for me, but I am looking forward to it. Our luck has been starting to turn around, so hopefully it will continue this weekend."

Jason Chapman (Truck Driver): "I've never been to a dirt track race at all, so I'm really looking forward to Sunday afternoon. From what I've been told Patrick runs really well on these types of tracks, so I hope we can get a good finish."J John Hayden (Crew Chief): "I enjoy running on the dirt. It reminds me of the old Saturday night short track racing that I grew up around. Patrick is a very successful dirt racer which gives us an advantage this weekend. I did a lot of dirt racing in my driving career; in fact, the last dirt race I ran was at Springfield in an ARCA RE/MAX Series car back in 2001 where I finished fifth, so coming back to this track does have some meaning to me."

Kevin Huffines (Spotter): "Going to a dirt track should be fun, especially from the spotter's stand. I think everyone has a real good feeling about our chances this weekend, so I'm sure I'll be putting a little bit extra pressure on myself, but I'll take it if it means we end up in victory lane."

Chris Knight (Communications): "I'll be the first to admit, I was not a big fan of the dirt, but over the years of coming to the ARCA races on the dirt, I've begun to enjoy them year after year. It's a lot of fun and the racing is great. I'm looking forward to Sunday."

Phillip Lindley (Mechanic & Tire Carrier): "I'm just glad to be going to the dirt with a great team and an experienced driver. The weather is going to be comfortable and I'm going to have family there, so it really doesn't get any better than this."

William Mares (Fabricator & Tire Carrier): "I went with the team last year on the dirt and it was a good time. Patrick knows how to get around these places so that gives the team some extra confidence. I'll have family and friends in attendance this weekend for me, so it's an extra special weekend for me."

Shane Russelburg (Fabricator & Tire Changer): "Racing is racing, but I'm looking forward to my first ARCA race on the dirt this weekend. To be honest, I'm more excited about this race than our biggest race of the year at Daytona International Speedway. We should have a good car and I'm looking forward to seeing what all the buzz has been about for myself."

Grace Sheltra (Car Owner): "This is a big race for us and everyone anticipates us to be in the hunt for the victory. As a team we've improved since our first two dirt races together last year, so hopefully if history repeats itself, the team can be celebrating in victory lane Sunday afternoon."

Patrick Sheltra (Driver): "I'm ready to go. I could climb in the car and go racing now. Obviously, I've been counting down the days to this race. I'm relaxed, I'm feeling good, I'm just ready to climb in the car and get dirty."

Keith Strunk (Team Manager): "I've had a lot of success on the dirt; including a couple wins, so I know that this team is plenty capable of going to victory lane this weekend. If nothing crazy happens, there is no doubt that Patrick will get up on that wheel and we'll find ourselves in victory lane as a team on Sunday afternoon."

Eric Wettstain (Mechanic & Tire Changer): "I grew up around the dirt tracks, so I enjoy going to them even in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. The intensity is what drives me and I think that intensity will be there this weekend at Springfield."

Chris Wink (Mechanic & Tires): "I'm ready. It's really intriguing to see 3400-pound stock cars slash around the dirt for 100 laps. It's something that you have to see with your own eyes. We were strong on the dirt last year and I'm hoping for a repeat performance this weekend."


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