Frank Kimmel Talladega test notes 2011-03-30

Talladega Test

Frank Kimmel, driver of the No. 44 Ansell-Menards Ford, took part in day one of testing from Talladega Superspeedway yesterday. The Kimmel Racing team arrived at the track expecting a straightforward test, which would’ve included working out the kinks in the new trailing arms and getting the Ansell-Menards Ford faster on a mock qualifying lap. Yet the Kimmel Racing team found themselves scrambling to just get the #44 Ansell-Menards Ford onto the track. Frank took a moment to talk about their wacky day. Day two a testing at Talladega Superspeedway was canceled due to rain.

Morning Test Session: 17th; 176.764 (Avg. Speed)

Afternoon Test Session: 15th; 178.079 (Avg. Speed)

Test Session Day #1 Quotes:

How was your first day testing at Talladega?

“Well, we ended up changing out several motors yesterday and barely got on the track. We spent the entire day trying to get our #44 Ansell-Menards Ford ready and the setback was completely unexpected.”

What was the issue?

“Both the engine we brought and its backup were overheating. Apparently, the radiator and coolant system that we had in the Ansell-Menards Ford was the cause and we were very fortunate that Roush Yates Engines had a spare on hand for us to use that worked well with our system.”

If there were no issues, what were you looking to improve?

“We needed to improve our qualifying setup, so we planned to do single car runs.

We didn’t plan to do any drafting. We know our Ansell-Menards Ford will draft well. We also knew our speeds wouldn’t be at the very top of the chart, considering most of the other teams would be drafting.”

Even though the second day has been rained out, what were some expectations for today’s test session at Talladega?

“We needed to test those truck arms and get them to spec. The ARCA Series implemented some changes in that area, so we needed to find the balance between staying within the ARCA rules and making the Ansell-Menards Ford handle better.”

Any final comments?

“I can tell you, we put our Ansell Gloves to work at the test yesterday. Not sure I can express how pleased I am with the Kimmel Racing crew. We found ourselves behind yesterday and everyone hustled their tails off to get the Ansell-Menards Ford on the track. I’m proud of that. I know they’re tired today but I also understand that if we would’ve been on the track today that they’re commitment would be just as strong.”

You put the Ansell Gloves to the test? How did they perform?

“I should have said their bodies are tired but their hands are in perfect form. As expected, they kept the crews hands safe and comfortable throughout a very tough day.”

-source: kimmel racing

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