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STARTING LINEUP -- 32nd DAYTONA ARCA 200 Round One, ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Supercar Series Sunday, Feb. 12, 199 -- Daytona Int'l Speedway -- 1:15 p.m. ST. CAR POS NO. DRIVER/HOMETOWN TEAM/CAR ...

STARTING LINEUP -- 32nd DAYTONA ARCA 200 Round One, ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Supercar Series Sunday, Feb. 12, 199 -- Daytona Int'l Speedway -- 1:15 p.m.

POS  NO.  DRIVER/HOMETOWN               TEAM/CAR                      SPEED
 1   75   Bob Schacht/Lombard, IL       Engineered Components Ford  194.305
 2    1   Jeff Purvis/Clarksville, TN   Delco-Remy Chevrolet        193.769
 3   16   Tim Steele/Coopersville, MI   H.S. Die Ford               191.127
 4    2   Kevin Ray/Eastaboga, AL       Mississippi Motorplex Chevy 191.046
 5   25   Bill Venturini/Chicago, IL    SWD Contractors Chevrolet   191.034
 6   31*  Randal Ritter/Franklin, TN    Ritter Insurance Chevrolet  190.654
 7   78   Gary Bradberry/Chelsea, AL    Bradberry Rcg Chevrolet     190.569
 8   66   Mark Thompson/Cartersville GA Phoenix Air Ford            189.869
 9   46   Bob Hill/Story City, IA       Friskies/Clement Mack Chev  189.402
10   91   Henry Wallace/Prospect, KY    Anderson Racing Chevrolet   188.659
11   39   Joe Ruttman/Upland, CA        Roulo Brothers Chevrolet    188.549
12   10   Glenn Brewer/Columbus, GA     Lewandoski Const. Chevrolet 188.486
13    3   Kenny Allen/Shelby, NC        OnSat Chevrolet             188.249
14   85   Bobby Gerhart/Lebanon, PA     Gerhart Racing Chevrolet    188.096
15   64   Michael Dokken/St Ptersbrg FL Dokken Racing Chevrolet     187.829
16   21   Bobby Bowsher/Springfield, OH Quality Farm & Fleet Ford   187.680
17   32   Mark Stahl/San Diego, CA      Stahl Race Engines Ford     186.772
18   92   Peter Gibbons/Stouffvlle Ont  Logels Auto Parts Chevrolet 186.749
19    9   Gary Weinbroer/Brookpark, OH  Budget Mobile Home Olds     186.602
20   52   Andy Hillenburg/Indnaplis, IN Air Orlando Chevrolet       186.575


02  Frank Kimmel         Oldsmobile     186.312
90  Mike Wallace         Ford           185.943
57* John Stradtman       Chevrolet      185.567
84  Tom Lorenz           Chevrolet      185.212
15  Dale Kreider         Chevrolet      184.942
93  Wayne Larson         Chevrolet      184.786
30  Ron Burchette        Pontiac        184.668
74  Danny Kelley         Chevrolet      184.302
43  Brad Smith           Pontiac        184.211
 5  Andy Belmont         Ford           184.211
 7  Mark Gibson          Chrysler       183.944
 6  Perry Tripp          Chevrolet      183.666
26* Blaise Alexander     Chevrolet      183.355
09  Bob Dodds            Ford           183.296
19  Bob Smith            Pontiac        182.830
33* Harris DeVane        Ford           181.525
29  Bob Keselowski       Chrysler       181.119
59  John Wilkinson III   Chevrolet      179.201
61  David Hall           Pontiac        177.866
87  Mike McNeese         Oldsmobile     177.862
41  Bubba Urban          Oldsmobile     177.043
67  Len Krautheim III    Ford           176.814
05  Doug Reid III        Ford           175.812
88  David Ridling        Oldsmobile     175.719
99* Rick Heuser          Chevrolet      175.029
12  Rick Sheppard        Oldsmobile     174.165
69  Glenn Miller         Ford           173.849
73  Joey Sonntag         Ford           DNF
56  Dill Whittymore      Chevrolet      DNF
71  Tom Sherrill         Chevrolet      DNF

* = STP-Prestone Rookie of the Year Candidate


BOB SCHACHT (#64 Engineered Components Ford) -- We ran 194.7 this morning, but it was a lot cooler. I think we ran OK -- we'll take it. If I had this car on the other side of the fence (Winston Cup) I'd really be happy! We've had this car for a while. We keep rebuilding and refining it, and it keeps getting better all the time. But today, it was all in the motor. Peter Guild of ProMotor built it. He does the Winston Cup engines for Ricky Rudd and Todd Bodine, and he did the engines for Richard Petty a few years ago. I think we've got a good chance for the race, if nothing happens. We've got to go back and change everything, and just hope that keeps us at the front.

JEFF PURVIS (#1 Delco Remy Chevrolet) -- We thought we might have something for (Bob) Schacht. I thought I could run about a .50 (46.50) and we did about that (46.447). We ran a bit quicker than what I thought we could run, but Bob was real strong. This will be a good race car. We're going to work on our race setup now. Hopefully, we'll have something for him (Schacht) in the race.

TIM STEELE (#16 H.S. Die Ford) -- It would be nice to win the pole, but there are a lot of good cars to go yet. Our qualifying in the past has been fair, but now it looks like we'll have a real good car for the race. This car's going to be perfect for the race. I think I have a better chance of winning this race.

BILL VENTURINI (#25 Venturini Racing Chevrolet) -- I ran three miles per hour faster than I did last year and I'm still fifth -- just where I qualified last year. You figure it out. I've got to give Schacht credit -- he's been a rocket since he's gotten here. I told him, 'Go for it.' If he can run it, God bless him, I'm happy for him. I'm glad an ARCA regular is on the pole, to show them we can run. I didn't run too bad, 191. It's all going to shake out in the race anyway. In victory lane they don't care who's on the pole.


A victory in the Daytona ARCA 200 by either JEFF PURVIS or TIM STEELE would allow them to join a select group of drivers who have won ARCA superspeedway races in three consecutive seasons. The only drivers to have accomplished the feat are Davey Allison (1983-85), Grant Adcox (1986-88) and Charlie Glotzbach (1990-92).

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