Daytona Saturday notes 97-02-08

DAYTONA ARCA 200 PRE-RACE NOTES RON BARFIELD (No. 94 New Holland Tractors Ford) -- "We're trying to get faster. Our car's running pretty good in the draft. My car seems to be better behind somebody than when it's leading, and it's strongest...


RON BARFIELD (No. 94 New Holland Tractors Ford) -- "We're trying to get faster. Our car's running pretty good in the draft. My car seems to be better behind somebody than when it's leading, and it's strongest coming off turn four through the trioval. Now, we're learning the characteristics of the car in the draft. I'm tickled to death with it right now, and we should be in good shape. I see seven or eight cars breaking away, and we'll be coming up on traffic pretty quickly. It needs to be a patient race. Everyone's got to take the attitude to be there at the end of the race. If everyone in the lead draft takes that attitude, it will be a good race at the end."

BILL BAIRD (#52 Spee-Dee Pop Popcorn Chevrolet) -- "We've got a top-10 car. We're going to try to stay out of trouble. The car's drafting good, and we've got as good a shot as anybody. I'm not making any predictions, just trying to face the race. I don't have much superspeedway experience, but I've got a good car."

MARK GIBSON (#59 Gibson Racing Ford) -- "We're in good shape. I was drafting real good with Ron Barfield and Mark Thompson. It drafts good with some cars, but some others not so good. I've just got to figrue out which ones I can draft best with. Now Tony (Gibson, his brother) is here, and that takes some weight off me. Everything looks real good for the race. I just messed up in qualifying (17th). I tried a new air cleaner. I thought it would help me, and it didn't."

FRANK KIMMEL (No. 46 Advance Auto Parts Chevrolet) -- "I'm really looking forward to the race. Here, you've got to run with a partner quite a bit. That's something you have to do. My car went really good in the draft. It can stay up with the front cars, and I'm happy with it. It's comfortable, and that's the important thing. It liked running behind Andy Hillenburg, a lot more than running behind the Fords. My problem is that I start ninth, and Andy starts on the pole -- I'll just have to try to get up there."

RANDAL RITTER (No. 31 H.G. Hills Food Stores Chevrolet) -- (Ritter withdrew Saturday morning after not feeling competitive with his engine. Ritter qualified 20th. His position in the lineup will be taken by 26th qualifier Jimmy McCune, who will start 25th. Positions 21 through 25 from Talladega Pole Qualifying will move up one spot each.)


PERRY TRIPP (No. 6 WW Transport Chevrolet) -- "I'm fine. I cut a right-rear tire, and that threw the car into a skid and into the wall. I was doing 160 mph when I cut the tire and there was nothing I could do. Ed Berrier was on the outside of me when it happened. He tried to get by on the outside and pulled my car over into his, Then we both went into the wall. I'm very disappointed."

ED BERRIER (No. 90 ADT/Mean Green Ford) -- "I was passing Tripp on the outside and he cut a tire. Nothing he could do, I reckon. I took it to the wall. I was just in a bad spot -- there was nothing I could do. It's a shame, because we have a good sponsor. Fortunately, we brought a backup car. We'll see how the motor looks and then decide if we'll change it to the backup car. We haven't had this car out yet (the backup, which is painted white), but it's a good car -- I finished third at Pocono with it last year (his best career ARCA finish). Sure, I'm disappointed, but it's just one of those racing deals. There's nothing you can do about it."

TIM MOSER (No. 10 David Letterman Worldwide Pants Chevrolet) -- "This is my first time in a stock car, ever. The last two years I ran the (SCCA) Barber Dodge Pro Series, and won at Sebring and finished second a bunch of times to finish fifth in the points. Wednesday I got in around 30 laps, just getting seat time. I passed my rookie test, then turned more laps to get comfortable. Just after we loosened the car up a little, I cut a tire and got into the wall. We spent the next two days fixing it up, but I was able to get it back out today to qualify. We were a little too tight in qualifying, but that's the safe way to do it. So far, this week has been real interesting."


JIMMY SPENCER (No. 23 Camel Cigarettes Ford) -- "This was the fastest we've been since we've been here this weekend, but the Smokin' Joe's crew expected a lot more -- and so did Jimmy Spencer. We don't know what is the matter. We know one thing -- I love this place and I love Talladega, and the Smokin' Joe's car will be up front before the race is over. We tested real good at both Daytona and Talladega, and I really thought we had a solid top-10 car. I just feel real bad for the guys -- they've worked real hard all winter to get ready. But I really feel we'll run good in the race. I've always run good here and I feel we have a better car this year."

BILLY STANDRIDGE (#78 Diamond Rio/Hanes Ford) -- "The car stuck good when I got down in the middle of one and two. But then I heard something -- it sounded like I cut a tire. The tires hadn't given me any trouble, and I had a set of stickers on, and it stuck good everywhere else. I heard something explode and then it spun all of a sudden. I got out, and the right-rear tire was flat. We've got a backup car. It's really an Atlanta car, not a Daytona car. It might be real good in the race, but I doubt if we can get it to qualify good."

DELMA COWART (No. 0 Masters Inn Economy Ford) -- "Everything seemed to go just like we've been practicing. I ran a little slower, because the guys said everybody's running down at the bottom, and I had been running in the middle. I figured, heck, I'd try the bottom, but I slowed down about a mile an hour. This is an ex-Rusty Wallace car, but the body's hung high. We can't seem to get faster than 179 mph. I did everything but put my girlfriend in -- I might do that next!"

GARY BRADBERRY (No. 95 Feed The Children Chevrolet) -- "We must have an oil leak. The engine seemed to be running fine, but I started smelling oil inside the car at the checker. It's not running very good. We changed the motor before qualifying, but that didn't seem to help."

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