Daytona Round One Qualifying Notes

FirstPlus Financial 200 - First Round Qualifying Bobby Hamilton , Jr. (No. 95 Shoney's Inn Chevrolet) -- "That's better than what we figured we'd get. We had a race setup on the car. We thought it would be worse than that. Hey, we'll take it. I...

FirstPlus Financial 200 - First Round Qualifying

Bobby Hamilton , Jr. (No. 95 Shoney's Inn Chevrolet) -- "That's better than what we figured we'd get. We had a race setup on the car. We thought it would be worse than that. Hey, we'll take it. I think it will be a top 10, and we should be able to stay out of trouble. Maybe we'll be all right. Dad (Bobby Hamilton) didn't say anything to me after I got out of the car. He doesn't say a lot."

Mark Gibson (No.59 Jani-King Ford) -- "That's the first time at Daytona I have ever had anything to smile about after qualifying. We just always seem to lose in qualifying here. We didn't touch the car. It's exactly the way we ran in practice. We don't want to take any chances. That's all we could run. I was hoping for another tenth (of a second). Yesterday, we had a dead battery, then got it cranked, and found out we had an oil leak. We had to fix that. We got out and got only two laps of practice. This morning, we went out and had a bad vibration. We came in, changed the rear end, the drive shaft, four tires and it fixed it. Don't really know what fixed it but it did. This has been a terrible Speedweeks for us. It's turning around for us now. Maybe this is our year."

Glen Morgan (No.11 Texas Marine Chevrolet ) -- "We had a good run, we were hoping for a little better but we'll take it. The difference was we were sliding and slipping in turn four. I told them to go ahead and set it up and I'll just close my eyes and hang on."

Dan Pardus (No.42 Coldwell Banker-Darrell Logemann Chevrolet) -- "We really didn't have much track time with this car. It's not a new car. I ran it two years ago. It's a former Kenny Schrader car. I finished ninth with it in my first ARCA race here. We put a new body on the car, and there have been some rule changes since then, so we're learning a lot with the car right now. We really didn't get the laps we needed to learn a lot. Our qualifying lap was faster than any lap we've run. I'm pretty satisfied with it. I think we can go faster. We've got some more left in the car. We're going to have a good car for the race. It's going to be a long race. It's 200 miles and that's a long time. I think we'll be up front at the end. I've seen a lot of these races. You've just got to be there at the end. There's a lot of pressure on me to do well here in Daytona, plus I'm trying my hand in the Winston Cup garage, too. It's important that Dan Pardus performs well in an ARCA car. I want to do the right things and use my head."

Shane Yoder (No.66 Midway Island Ford ) -- "I was thinking about Benny Parsons the whole time. He talked to me last year after Michigan when I qualified third. He told me to try and keep the car straight and smooth. Today we gave it the best we could. These guys from Midway Island are phenomenal. I don't know how you couldn't run good with them. Putting somebody in there that doesn't have a lot of experience, I'm trying to adapt to this stuff as fast as I can."

Bob Schacht ( No.75 Engineered Components Ford ) -- "We've got a very fast race car. My guys did an excellent job. We've worked on that car for three months. When we came here to test we were junk. We just kept polishing it, beating it, workin' on it. I hope it'll stand up, we gave it a good try."

Andy Hillenburg (#80 CCH Sports Marketing Ford) -- "We'll take that. I really had no idea where we would end up. We've had a couple of problems since we've been here, but have worked them out. Hopefully it will be a top-five start for us. We'll take it."

Bobby Gerhart (#5 Kewadin Casinos - Knight Ridder Chevrolet) -- "The week started off awful rough but we went back to our notes. We had some problems, tested twice, it really pays off when you can go back and recoup so we can give the car what it's asking for."

Shawna Robinson (#1 Bob Evans Restaurant Chevrolet) -- "I don't know what happened. Maybe I didn't get the line I needed. I felt like I had everything right, but you never know. It felt like a good lap, just as good as we've had. Actually it felt more stable than it has felt, but you never know. The race is what's important. We're here to win the race.

Matt Hutter ( #83 Dura Lube Chevrolet ) -- "Generally the later you qualify, the faster you will go, so we were happy about that. The Dura Lube team did a great job, all the little things that put you up front. We had run pretty good in practice but we figured we could pick it up some. I like it (starting up front), it's critical to start near the front, not totally important but you want to start near the front so your in the fast draft." Source: DIS

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