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EARNHARDT, HILLENBURG WIN FIRST STOCK CAR RACES OF SPEEDWEEKS DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Feb. 12) -- Dale Earnhardt posted the 24th victory of his career at Daytona International Speedway Sunday when he won the Busch Clash of '95, the opening stock...


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Feb. 12) -- Dale Earnhardt posted the 24th victory of his career at Daytona International Speedway Sunday when he won the Busch Clash of '95, the opening stock car race of Speedweeks '95.

Later in the day, Fast Track Driving School chief instructor Andy Hillenburg of Indianapolis, Ind., won his first superspeedway race when he captured the 32nd annual Daytona ARCA 200 Bondo/Mar- Hyde Supercar Series event.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The results of Sunday's Daytona ARCA 200 Bondo/Mar-Hyde Supercar Series event held at the 2.5-mile Daytona International Speedway, listing finishing position/starting position, driver, car #, team/car, laps completed/reason out and money won:

1. 20, Andy Hillenburg, #52 Air Orlando Chevrolet, 80, $14,750 2. 7, Gary Bradberry, #78 Bradberry Rcg Chevrolet, 80, $10,550 3. 26, Mike Wallace, #90 Duron Paints Ford, 80, $8,425 4. 11, Joe Ruttman, #39 Roulo Brothers Chevrolet, 80, $5,800 5. 9, Bob Hill, #46 Friskies Chevrolet, 80, $5,600 6. 24, Frank Kimmel, #02 Shirley Racing Oldsmobile, 80, $5,725 7. 12, Glenn Brewer, #10 Lewandoski Construction Chevy, 80, $4,375 8. 17, Mark Stahl, #32 Stahl Race Engines Ford, 80, 3,550 9. 6, Randal Ritter, #31 Ritter Insurance Chevrolet, 80, $3,300 10. 33, Ron Burchette, #30 High Point Bedding Pontiac, 80, $3,450 11. 27, John Stradtman, #57 BFI Recycle Now Chevrolet, 80, $3,000 12. 34, Blaise Alexander, #26 Lisa Exp/AutoGuard Chevy, 80, 2,900 13. 10, Henry Wallace, #91 Moncada Farms Chevrolet, 80, $2,800 14. 13, Ken Allen, #3 OnSat Chevrolet, 79, $3,100 15. 18, Peter Gibbons, #92 Logels Auto Parts Chevrolet, 79, $2,600 16. 37, Delma Cowart, #0 Masters Inn Economy Ford, 79, $2,500 17. 1, Bob Schacht, #75 Engineered Components Ford, 79, 4,700 18. 19, Gary Weinbroer, #9 Budget Mobile Home Olds, 79, $2,750 19. 29, Dill Whittymore, #56 Indiana Steel Co. Chevy, 79, $2,300 20. 35, Brad Smith, #43 Nealco/Wilson Eng. Pontiac, 78, $2,250 21. 30, Dale Kreider, #15 QMI Chevrolet, 78, 2,225 22. 16, Bobby Bowsher, #21 Qulty Frm & Flt Ford, 77 (wreck), $4,200 23. 40, Bob Smith, #19 Florida Dream Pontiac, 77, $2,175 24. 23, Andy Belmont, #5 Fina Express Ford, 76 (wreck), $3,650 25. 42, Rick Sheppard, #12 Sheppard Motors Olds, 75, $2,500 26. 36, Danny Kelley, #74 Fairvilla Video Chevrolet, 74, $2,000 27. 25, Harris DeVane, #33 Highland Timber Ford, 74, $1,900 28. 41, Jeff McClure, #89 Juice Plus Chevrolet, 70, $2,500 29. 22, John Wilkinson, #59 Wilkinson Rcg Chevy, 67 (wreck), $2,375 30. 39, Perry Trip, #6 WW Transport Chevrolet, 65 (wreck), $2,175 31. 31, Wayne Larson, #93 Trickle Firestone Chev, 58 (wreck) $1,500 32. 28, Tom Lorenz, #84 Interstate Batteries Chev, 55 (eng.) $1,450 33. 15, Michael Dokken, #64 Farmer's Choice Olds, 55 (ovrht) $1,300 34. 38, Mark Gibson, #7 Massey Chr/Ply Chrysler, 55, $1,625 35. 21, Doug Reid III, #05 Long-Lewis Ford, 33 (wreck), $1,375 36. 8, Mark Thompson, #66 Phoenix Air Ford, 31 (wreck), $1,225 37. 14, Bobby Gerhart, #85 Gerhart Racing Chevy, 31 (wreck), $1,150 38. 4, Kevin Ray, #2 Mississippi Motorplex Chev, 31 (wreck) $1,000 39. 32, Bob Brevak, #34 Scaffidi Mck/CONCOR Ford, 31 (wreck) $1,050 40. 2, Jeff Purvis, #1 Delco Battery Chevrolet, 27 (wreck) $1,850 41. 5, Bill Venturini, #25 Apex/Nrtwn/Cpto Chev, 25 (wreck) $1,525 42. 3, Tim Steele, #16 H.S. Die & Eng. Ford, 12 (ignition) $1,850 43. 43, Bob Keselowski, #29 Winnebago/Galeana Chrysler, 2, $2,525


ANDY HILLENBURG (#52* Air Orlando Chevrolet) -- Gary Bradberry gave me a little nudge down the backstraight and it was just enough to get by the 21 car (Bowsher) and into the lead. My guys did a super job in the pits. My grandmother passed away Thursday and my mother asked me to win this race for her. My mom has never asked me to do anything for her, except don't wreck. Today, she asked me to win. So, Mom, this win is for you and grandma.

There were a few times out there that things got bottled up. The car was real tight at the beginning of the race, but worked real good there at the end. My spotter was Jimmy Horton. He's won this race two times. He had to calm me down a couple of times. I was pretty excited to get to the front and he called on the radio and told me to calm down, that this is an 80-lap race and it only counts if you lead the last one.

This is my first superspeedway win. What a thrill!

TIM KOHUTH (Crew chief #52 Air Orlando Chevrolet) -- This is our second year in a row to win this thing! Andy just did an awesome job for the people at Air Orlando. I'm really thrilled. He (Hillenburg) had a lot of help today and it came from another guy who's won this race, Jimmy Horton. Jimmy was up there spotting for us and I've got to take my hat off to him. He did a heckuva job. He helped Mike (Wallace) last year, too. I'll tell you what, that man can drive and he can spot! Jimmy Horton will be back in our car at Atlanta (Bondo/Mar-Hyde Supercar Series), yes he will. He helped us out a lot! He kept Andy calm -- he was pretty pumped-up, like we all were. Horton's been here enough, he kept everybody calm. Andy drove his heart out! It's never easy at Daytona. We had a few little problems. I thought we had 'em beat on gas mileage, and then they had a mandatory caution. That bunched us all back up again, but Andy used his head. Everybody had a good day.

KEN SCHRADER (Car owner #52* Air Orlando Chevrolet)-- Andy's got limited superspeedway experience. He did a heck of a job. Jimmy Horton coached him -- I never even talked to him. I was in the motorhome watching the race on TV with Terry Labonte.

GARY BRADBERRY (#78 Bradberry Racing Chevrolet) -- The car was running a little tight all day long. Had a bit of a push, especially coming off two. I had to keep the car almost on the white line. I almost got into the wall a couple of times. As long as I stayed on the white line I was in pretty good shape. Other than that the car ran perfect. The crew did a heck of a job for us. The last two years we've been in a crash so we're happy this year.

MIKE WALLACE (#90 Duron Paints Ford) -- (Looking at damage to right side of car, in front of right rear wheel.) We were all jammed together, and I got a run on Bowsher, and he (Hillenburg) turned left -- pow! I think we definitely could've won the race. We had a great race car. We got a heckuva battle going there, a bunch of us in the draft. My hat's off to Andy, he run good. he said he was going to win before the start of the race and he did. We got aggressive and banged a bunch of sheet metal, but I just wish it would've gone to the end. Gary Bradberry was running good, myself and it's just a shame, because I think we could've won the race. But, that's just the way it goes. We're third, and my hat's off to everybody. I guess we'll take this Duron Paints car and go to Atlanta with it.

JOE RUTTMAN (#39 Roulo Brothers Racing Chevrolet) -- That's what the folks come to see, a good finish. That was exciting and it's fun to be involved in it. I'd have liked to have seen it restarted. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain. When they mixed it back up, we could have improved positions. If they'd made a mistake, I'd have had an opportunity, maybe even to win it. We're happy but we could have done better, I'm sure. On the second restart, I made a little error with the Wallace boy and if I had done that a little different, it would have given me a better opportunity to win the race.

BOB HILL (#46 Friskies/Clement Mack Chevrolet) -- Pretty awesome! I'm a little disappointed, because I kind of got shuffled back. I had a fast enough car to run up front, but I just couldn't get up there. I tried to go with the #90, but he got into Andy Hillenburg and that slowed our lane down. That mandatory pit stop hurt us, because we were ready to go to the end. We wanted a top five, and we got it.

MARK STAHL (#32 Stahl Race Engines Ford) -- We ran pretty good -- didn't finish as high as we wanted. A lot of those guys, near the end there, they act like their running for a lot more than we're getting paid to do this. We're doing this to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. We're not looking to become heroes.

BOB SCHACHT (#75 Engineered Components Ford) -- Tough day at Dodge, eh? Well, we'll be back. It's just part of it. You know, the fastest car doesn't always win. It's in one piece, so we'll get it put back together and get it ready for Talladega. (On accident in Turn Four.) I'll tell you what. I was pretty busy watching my rearview mirror more than I was looking out the windshield. I was more afraid of getting run over than I was worried about the people in front of me. We must've run over something coming through there, and since you can't come down pit road, it just ripped the (right front) fender off the car. It was OK drafting somebody, but the people I wound up drafting with couldn't go as fast as I could go. I never could get back up there. Maybe I was better off back there.

JEFF PURVIS (#1 Delco Battery Chevrolet) -- Man, I had my share of problems, didn't I? At the start, my accelerator wouldn't even open up halfway. Then, I cut a tire down going into three (precipitating accident coming off turn four). (Asked about holding car up against wall and maintaining his momentum.) You've got to keep going, keep rolling, to keep from getting hit from behind. I knew I had a problem, and I didn't want it to create one for anyone else.

DOUG REID III (#05* Long-Lewis Ford) -- I don't really know what happened. I managed to make it through the accident coming off turn four -- I don't know how. But evidently I must've run over some debris, or something, 'cause over on the back straightaway I was trying to catch up to the field and the car turned into the wall. The tires were holding up good but there isn't any tire that'll hold up when you run over something. We were keeping up and coming back through the field (after stopping under caution). We were running good. We definitely could have finished in the top five.

BILL VENTURINI (#25 Apex/Caputo/Nortown Chevrolet) -- The right front went. The car had started to push, I knew it was going down. I was just stroking out there. It definitely was the best race I've ever run (here). It was my race to win.

MARK THOMPSON (#66 Phoenix Air Ford) -- I saw Purvis get into the wall up ahead of me. I was afraid he was going to ricochet off the wall and come down the track. I eased off the throttle and went low. Then, somebody tagged me from behind and turned me around. I got into Kevin Ray, then Brevak and Gerhart came along with nowhere to go and hit me.

KEVIN RAY (#2* Mississippi Motorplex Chevrolet) -- I was coming out of turn four when Jeff Purvis hit the wall. Mark Thompson hit him, and bounced back in front of me as I was trying to get by. My shoulder's a little sore, but we'll be back for the next race.

BOB KESELOWSKI (#29 Winnebago/Galeana Chrysler) -- When they dropped the green, we never did come up to speed. We dropped a valve or something.

JOHN WILKINSON (#59 Wilkinson Racing Chevrolet) -- The right front went and there was nothing I could do about saving it. I hit the wall a pretty good lick. We had a good run going, too. It happens in racing, I guess.

BOBBY BOWSHER (#21 Quality Farm & Fleet Ford) -- We went into Turn One and the 5 (Andy Belmont) was outside me and the 90 (Mike Wallace) was behind me, so I had to let them go. When we got to Two, the front end pushed a little bit and I got into the 5 car. I didn't mean to do it but stuff happens.

ANDY BELMONT (#5* Fina Express/Delco Oil Ford) -- I've ran a lot of (dirt) modifieds, so getting upside down is not uncommon. When I got upside down, I knew it wasn't a barrel roll -- bump-hit, bump- hit -- I wasn't sure if I was on top of someone or if I was going through the air. (Tough way to get noticed?) I hope the people noticed we started out 23rd, had a rocketship race car, and were on the leaderboard all day long. At the end, you had a bunch of cars together in a draft. Shootout, five laps to go. Our car was the stablest car I ever had at Daytona since I've been coming here, counting the Dash cars. It's an ex-Alan Kulwicki car that I bought from Geoff Bodine. I knew we had a rocketship race car under us. I just wanted to hook up with a good car, and I hooked up with Andy Hillenburg, and really thought we were going to the front. In the draft there, weird things happen, and I guess I sucked Bowsher into me, I really don't know. The car didn't feel light when he got alongside me, I just got nipped in the side somewhere, and the rest is history -- we'll make all the highlight rolls. When I came to a stop, I wanted to take down the net to let everyone know I was OK, and the safety people were already there. Our radio wasn't working, so I jumped on the roof to let our spotter know I was OK.

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