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[Randy House is the crew chief for the ...

[Randy House is the crew chief for the #9 ARCA car. The following is a description of how Curt Piercy got his provisional starting position. There was a perception in the garage area that points had been sold.]

First , I would like to express my saddness that Mike B(uckley), did not make the ARCA race . I understand what he was feeling .

There was a statement...(made) regards... the "selling of points to other teams" , and there have been alot of remarks about teams buying their way into the race . I can not speak for the three other teams , but I can say for a fact that Curt Piercy did not buy nor did we sell him the number 9 . He is a local friend that runs ARCA along with us . We help him and he helps us during the year . Sort of a "You scratch my back and we will scratch yours". Also , POINTS can not be sold,given or transfered from one team to another . You can however , allow another team to use your number. Teams may do this because they earned that right by finishing in a high enough position from the previous year.

We allowed Curt to use our number for one simple reason. This helped him to make the race and it gives us the car owner points for the race(once again , we help him and he helps us).

I can also say that the four teams listed below that took provisionals all arrived at Daytona with the numbers on their cars . No one bought their way into the race at the last minute .

I can also tell you that ARCA called us two weeks ago to ask if we would let Glenn Brewer use our number so he could enter a car . We informed them that our number was already being used .

Sorry to get on the old soap box , but I want everyone to have the complete facts . Oh , NASCAR allows the same thing to go on in W/C , you just don't see as much of it nowdays .

37   51   David Hall          Frog's Fntsy Dvg Exp Pnt   ##
38   12   Rick Sheppard       Sheppard Mtrs Oldsmobile   ##
39    9   Curt Piercy         Piercy Auto Body Pontiac   ##
40   75   Gary Weinbroer      Port Hole Lounge Olds      ##

Thank You Randy... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Crew Chief ARCA #9

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