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DAYTONA ARCA 200 BONDO/MAR-HYDE SUPERCAR SERIES POST-RACE NOTES JEFF PURVIS HIGHLIGHTS: (Purvis, Clarksville, Tenn., will be 37- years-old on Feb. 19. Today's win is his second Daytona ARCA 200 win (1993, '96); his eighth career ARCA ...


JEFF PURVIS HIGHLIGHTS: (Purvis, Clarksville, Tenn., will be 37- years-old on Feb. 19. Today's win is his second Daytona ARCA 200 win (1993, '96); his eighth career ARCA superspeedway win, which ties him for the all-time lead with Jimmy Horton and Grant Adcox. Car owner James Finch has eight career ARCA superspeedway wins and is tied for the all-time lead with Herb Adcox. Purvis/Finch won the ARCA superspeedway championship in 1993-94. Today's average speed, 149.099 mph, was the fastest Daytona ARCA 200 since Rick Wilson won in 1984 at 151.451 mph.

JEFF PURVIS (No. 1 Guardian Angel By X-1R Chevrolet) -- Richard Childress put a real good race car out there (for Mike Skinner), but I feel this Phoenix Racing team put a little bit better race car out there. We were good -- we've been good all weekend. I got a little bit of a break there (at the end of the race). That last caution saved me because I couldn't get a run on him (Skinner). He was as good as I was when he was in front of me. We just had a great race car -- what can I say? I've got three good race cars. My Busch Grand National car, we're looking for good things out of it. We qualified 12th here in my Winston Cup car. This is a great race team. They've worked hard, they've worked all winter, and it pays off. (On Tim Steele's late charge) Tim was as fast as I was, but I've been here a lot of years and I've learned a lot through the years. I felt like I had one move and one chance to get in the lead of this thing and it just happened to work out that way. I don't know if anybody knows this, but our crew was thinking about it this morning. This is two years ago today that Neil Bonnett got killed here (driving a car owned by Purvis' car owner, James Finch). We thought so much of him that we want to dedicate this to Neil's family: Susan, David and Kristen. We miss him.

MARK THOMPSON (No. 66 Midway Phoenix Ford) -- At the beginning of the race we were a little bit loose, and it sort of backed us up a little bit. After we came in for our first pit stop the crew fixed it to where we had a good car at the end. I was running with Purvis and Steele at the end. I had a great car. If I did not have that looseness at the beginning and fallen back so far, I think we might have had something there.

ANDY THURMAN (No. 11 Fast Track/Akita Chevrolet) -- (On last lap accident.) We were just running along there -- last lap excitement. We were just right there in a tight bunch of cars. A couple guys ahead of me started checking up and somebody got loose. I tried to get my hand up and somebody from behind me barely got me and sent me around. It wasn't anybody's fault. When you're running that tight at those speeds, just a little bit of rolling off the throttle and somebody's going to get hit, probably.

ROBERT SMITH (No. 19 Florida Dreams Ford) -- (On last lap.) I hated it. It was the last lap. A couple cars got together up front and there was just nowhere for me to go. It just closed up. I hit the wall up top and slid down into Bob (Hill).

DOUG REID (No. 05 Long-Lewis Ford) -- We had a real good car, but I wasn't sure how good until we got a lap down and started drafting with the 94 car (Ron Barfield). We would have been good enough to run in the top five. (On his accident.) We were in a tight draft and the 11 car (Andy Thurman) got into us. There was nothing we could do.

HARRIS DEVANE (No. 33 Carlton Company Ford) -- We missed the gear ratio. We could run okay behind somebody but by myself I couldn't do anything. At the end, we were running in the top 10. Then, the 50 car came along and pushed me up against the wall going into turn one. I lost two positions.

KEVIN RAY (No. 2 Pro Motion Chevrolet) -- Things were going really well until we got messed up on pit road (a stop and go penalty) and lost a lap. (On last lap accident.) I don't know what happened. With two to go, somebody got a little impatient. Two or three cars just started hitting each other. When they turned sideways in front of us, I barely hit them with the front end. This was a great weekend, no matter what. We signed a new sponsor -- Pro Motion. We'll go up to Atlanta and see how things go from there.

ANDY HILLENBURG (#52 AC-Delco Chevrolet) -- There was no give and no take, and it came from lapped cars. Everybody's trying to protect their spot, but why did they pass a lead lap car, then take away his draft to protect their position? We ran third the whole race. That's about as good a car as we had. Then we got shuffled back to sixth or seventh. This was our first race with a Monte Carlo. We'd done all our superspeedway races in a Lumina. This car worked better than a Lumina but we have to learn some of the tricks (to make it handle better). I never got close to winning. I can see why nobody's ever won it two times in a row. I had my hands full all day.

MIKE SKINNER (No. 3 Racing For Kids Chevrolet) -- It was quite a show. I learned a little bit about drafting. The front isn't really the place to be in a five-lap shootout. You end up being a sitting duck and everybody has drafting help but you. I want to thank all our sponsors and Richard Childress for doing this program. We got a few rub marks on the car. A couple of guys got a run on us. Jeff McClure, the guy beside me, told me his car was pushing. He was going for position like I was. I can't blame him for that.

TIM STEELE (No. 16 H.S. Die/CIM LINC Ford) -- There was a little beating and banging going on out there. It came down to a five lap showdown. My spotter -- my dad -- and Jeff Purvis' spotter were playing "Let's Make A Deal" up there. We went for it and it all worked out. I almost went for a ride there at the end. It wasn't comfortable. I told the crew the car was tight and they loosened it up for me. It was definitely free. I definitely did some major gathering-up a number of times. Hey, we just got beat today.

RON BARFIELD (No. 94 New Holland Tractor Ford) -- We finished 80 laps like we set out to do. It was a good run for me. I got a lot of experience out there. There was some close racing out there, but we came home in one piece.

JEFF McCLURE (No. 50 HamBeens/Healthsource Ford) -- It was a pretty exciting show, but there at the end the lapped cars didn't have any business racing the leaders. I think sixth place is real good for the first time with a new team. It took us all day to catch up to the leaders. I could get a run on them when I got the air right. That's what those last laps are for. But when I got a run, it always seemed I had to deal with cars that weren't on the lead lap.

JOHN WILKINSON (No. 58 Ellis Equipment Co. Chevrolet) -- We dropped a cylinder right off the bat. That hurt us all day. We just sat out there running to finish the day out. The luck just didn't go our way. It was tough to keep the intensity up. Just riding by yourself feels pretty bad. There were some times when I got with some cars who were running my speed and I could draft with them. Otherwise, is was just me riding around.

BOB HILL (No. 46 Advance Auto Parts Chevrolet) -- (On last lap accident.) It wasn't Andy Thurman's fault, he didn't cause it. They got together in front of him and I don't know if he checked up. I stood on the brakes hard and I still hit him (Thurman) and knocked him sideways. Then somebody hit me and we were just a ping-pong ball. I got turned around and started flipping (when he made the transition to the apron). I just got caught up in it. The fire wasn't that bad -- they had it blown out before I got out of the car. I had a tough time getting out of the car -- trying to climb out with the car on its side. I couldn't get the window net unlatched. I was just trying to get out of the thing. It wasn't a good day for us. We missed the setup. I was just trying to ride around and stay out of trouble and I got caught up in it anyway. On the last lap. Pretty stupid. Now it's (car) junk.

MARK STAHL (No. 32 Auto Bell Car Washes Ford) -- We ran pretty good. They started getting crazy like they normally do here at the end. The car had a slight push getting off of turn two. I had to crack the throttle once and lost one position. The wreck on the last lap was all behind me. We made it home safely. It ran a lot better than we practiced and qualified, so we're pretty happy to finish in the top 10. We brought it home in one piece and that's pretty important.

BOB SCHACHT (No. 75 Taco Bell Ford) -- It started out to be the best day we ever had here, then all heck broke loose. I missed pit road when we made the first stop and had to go around. Then, the yellow came out and got me back up to the front. The lapped cars wouldn't stay on the bottom of the race track. Then we have a big wreck and it makes us all look like fools. Without what happened there at the end, we could have had a heck of a finish. (on the last accident.) When I got there, (Bob) Hill's car had just started to break loose. I went under him and breathed a big sigh of relief. I thought I was going to hit him in the driver's door. His car came down on my trunk (and knocked down the right side of the spoiler).


DALE KREIDER (No. 15 Farmer's Choice Fertilizer Chevrolet) -- The crankshaft broke and that locked up the motor and spun me out. I thought at first I must have ran over debris and cut a tire down. I started to slow and radioed my crew that I was coming in for a right front tire. The vibration was because a pulley came off. When the motor locked up it spun me around and I started going backwards. I came to a stop with a bunch of cars coming at me. It was a bad place to spin out. After running perfect all weekend -- then this happens. The only good thing is we brought it back in one piece. We're going to run all the ARCA superspeedway races this year so we'll be in Atlanta next month.

BOBBY BOWSHER (No. 21 Quality Farm & Fleet Ford) -- The car picked up a miss and we started slipping backwards. The car felt good. You've got to start the season out better than we seem to be able to do. It really drags you down in the championship standings.

BILLY THOMAS (No. 22 J.W. Miller Co. Chevrolet) -- We broke a spark plug in half and lost a cylinder. It was handling good, running good. We were just biding our time.

PERRY TRIPP (No. 6 WW Transport Chevrolet) -- I had a real good car. It was running good in traffic. Then the rear end put us out. It's a bad way to start the year. We're going to be chasing the points this year.

RANDALL RITTER (No. 31 Ritter Insurance Chevrolet) -- You expect the best, but accept the rest. We had a spark plug wire come off before the first pit stop. It cost us two laps to find the problem.

DARRELL LANIGAN (No. 29 Lanigan Racing Ford) -- I believe we dropped a valve. I'm disappointed, but the experience was good.

LOY ALLEN (Spotter No. 29 Lanigan Racing Ford) -- (Allen is driver of the No. 19 Healthsource NASCAR Winston Cup car and a former Busch Pole Award winner for the Daytona 500.) It was my first time working as a spotter. You really get a different perspective on things when you're spotting. I think I learned some things about the track in the time Darrell was in the race.


TODAY'S 33RD annual running of the Daytona ARCA 200 Bondo/Mar- Hyde Supercar Series race will take the green flag at approximately 1:20 p.m. Eighty laps of the 2.5-mile Speedway will make up the 200-mile distance.

TODAY'S DAYTONA ARCA 200 posted awards will be $184,010.

KEN SCHRADER Racing will be seeking its third consecutive victory in the event. Defending winner Andy Hillenburg returns in Schrader's AC-Delco Chevrolet. Jimmy Horton, who is not entered today, won in a Schrader Chevy Lumina in '94. Jeff Purvis, the '93 winner, is the only other winner entered in today's race. Benny Parsons, who will be working with the ESPN crew in today's live telecast, won the ARCA 200 in '69.

A NUMBER OF teams competing in today's race are receiving help from NASCAR Winston Cup and NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division pit crews. Polewinner Mike Skinner had his Craftsman Truck Series team manager, Will Lind, and Danny "Chocolate" Myers and other crewman from Richard Childress Racing's sister car, driven by Dale Earnhardt. Ron Barfield, R&D driver for Elliott-Hardy Racing, was crewed by Bill Elliott's McDonald's Ford team. Jeff Purvis, who is entered in both races, used his Winston Cup crew. Others getting help from Winston Cup teams included Jeff McClure, crewed by Bud Moore's team; Scott Neal, helped by Morgan-McClure; and Darrell Lanigan, who had a combination of crewmen from the Bobby Hillin and Jeremy Mayfield teams. Kevin Ray used Chad Little's Busch Series crew, while other NASCAR crewmen will by working with teams scattered along pit road.

DON COX will sing today's national anthem. The country singer recently released his second album, "Each 1's a Winner," and has joined forces with Busch Series, Grand National Division regular Hermie Sadler to promote racing.

TODAY'S GRAND MARSHAL is Richard Highfill, District Manager, Winn-Dixie Stores. The Honorary Starter will be Greg Gordon, Anheuser-Busch Sweepstakes winner from Ellsworth, Me.

DAYS OF THUNDER lives! Actually, two cars in today's Daytona ARCA 200 have been painted to be used in the television pilot of "Daytona Beach," an ABC TV production that will air later this year. The Travers Klassix Museum car will be the No. 33 Carlton Company Ford driven by Harris DeVane. The Daytona Gold car will be the No. 10 Lewandoski/Norris Travel Chevrolet driven by Glenn Brewer. 

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