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Leilani Munter's ‘Eco Dream-Team' Announces NASCAR Green Challenge; Driver's Daytona car sponsors challenge NASCAR fans to embrace energy independence Daytona Beach, Fl. - When Leilani Munter gets behind the wheel, people watch. But if...

Leilani Munter's ‘Eco Dream-Team' Announces NASCAR Green Challenge; Driver's Daytona car sponsors challenge NASCAR fans to embrace energy independence

Daytona Beach, Fl. - When Leilani Munter gets behind the wheel, people watch. But if she has her way at Daytona's ARCA Series race on February 6th, they'll also listen. This is one driver who is using the platform of the raceway to educate fans about climate change, and the steps they can take in the race to save the planet.

Leilani Munter Today, Munter' 'Eco Dream-Team' of Daytona sponsors announced a list of initiatives they hope her fans will adopt to save on energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and move America toward a more sustainable future.

"If each of the more than 2.2 million fans expected to watch this ARCA race would take just one of the eight steps we recommend, they could collectively save more than $250 million dollars each year, and help avoid more than four million tons of carbon emissions over the next 10 years," said Charlie Szoradi, CEO and founder of GREENandSAVE. "That's like taking 67,000 cars off the road each year."

The eight actions that Munter's sponsorship team encourages fans to take are:

1) Correctly adjusting tire air pressures to improve efficiency; 2) Correctly setting home thermostats to save energy; 3) Switching to high-performance shower heads to conserve water & energy; 4) Installing a 5kW home photovoltaic solar system and saving 66 percent in electric costs; 5) Getting a Home Efficiency Report and saving $200 annually; 6) Helping employers switch to LED lights saving 80 percent on electricity; 7) Helping employers adopt a Carbon Offset Program for their offices; 8) Getting trained as a Home Efficiency Consultant to help others learn how to save money and the planet.

Pennsylvania-based GREENandSAVE, a national leader in green living and energy education, spearedheaded Munter's Eco Dream-Team by securing supporting sponsorship from five other eco-friendly companies. The associate sponsors are NativeEnergy, groSolar, LED Saving Solutions, Home Efficiency Report, and Eco Academy.

Munter, rated among the top 10 female sports car drivers in the world by Sports Illustrated, will set out on the Daytona International Speedway in the first-ever fully eco-sponsored race car. She has the cachet to garner sponsorship from top businesses in the US, but she is using her celebrity to support sustainable living initiatives and the collective mission of renewable energy companies.

"We took the lead to build Leilani's Eco Dream-Team of sponsors, to support her in bringing an urgent message to the 75 million race car fans in America: if you want to save money, start by saving the planet," Szoradi said. "Leilani is passionate in educating people about how small lifestyle changes can have an enormous environmental impact. By making their homes perform more efficiently, people can save money on utility bills, and also confront climate change at the same time."

While racing culture and stock car sponsorship is not commonly associated with environmental initiatives, Munter's Eco Dream-Team sponsors are optimistic that her presence at Daytona will spark a dialogue for energy independence that will go far beyond the February 6th race.

"Leilani is an uncommon messenger for the planet, and we are very excited to join with her and her Eco Dream-Team", said Tom Boucher, Founder and CEO, NativeEnergy, Inc. "We built NativeEnergy in part by partnering with individuals and organizations who speak with authentic, passionate voices and who share their vision for a better, healthier world. Leilani is leading the way in educating the vibrant and growing community of racing fans. We're pleased to support her mission."

By sponsoring her at Daytona, Munter's Eco Dream-Team hopes to encourage fans to embrace renewable technologies like solar power.

"With strong federal and state incentive programs and drastically reduced manufacturing costs, solar power actually saves people money, and that's a critical message that people need to hear in this economy," said Jeff Wolfe, founder of groSolar, a national solar installation and distribution company. "She's also helping people to recognize that reducing our carbon footprint is one of the most patriotic things we can do as Americans. groSolar is proud to sponsor her efforts to make renewable energy a part of our national identity."

Munter will drive a # 59 GREENandSAVE Dodge fielded by Mark Gibson Racing. Danica Patrick, noted Indy driver, will also be making her NASCAR debut in the race, making it one of the most anticipated races of the year.

-source: leilani munter PR

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