Daytona ARCA 200 Notes

DAYTONA ARCA 200 PRE-RACE NOTES ED BERRIER (No. 90 ADT/Mean Green Ford) -- (Switched to a backup car after an accident with Perry Tripp in final ARCA practice. Berrier will will drop to the back of the field from the eighth starting ...


ED BERRIER (No. 90 ADT/Mean Green Ford) -- (Switched to a backup car after an accident with Perry Tripp in final ARCA practice. Berrier will will drop to the back of the field from the eighth starting position after rolling off pit road.) "We put our other motor in this car -- the motor wasn't damaged in the crash. We cut the fenders a little bit, and did a few other little things. There's not a whole lot you can do. I think we'll be OK." NATHAN KENNON (crew chief No. 6 WW Transport Chevrolet) -- (Driver Perry Tripp's car was repaired and will remain in the 11th starting slot.) "We put on new right-side sheet metal and did a little suspension work. We put on new trailing arms and ball joints, and set the car back up. It wasn't as bad as it looked."


TIM STEELE (No. 1 H.S. Die/CIMLINC Ford) -- "I don't know what happened. I was just riding, because it had been getting wild. It doesn't make any sense, racing then. Then, I got caught up in the mess. It was just one of those things, I guess."

BLAISE ALEXANDER (No. 26 Lisa Express Chevrolet) -- "After the restart, I went by Mark Thompson coming off turn four. I had him cleared, but I guess he had more momentum coming off the corner and he came up and bumped me. One of those things. When I was spinning, I was just holding on and closed my eyes. I opened them, and one guy hit me. I'm alright, but the car's pretty much junk."

GLENN MILLER (No. 69 The Chicken Lounge Ford) -- "I think we melted down a piston. I had one good lap, and then it started going away. We might have leaned it down too much for the restrictor plate. It started losing RPMs, and then started to smoke, so I parked it. It wasn't getting any better. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement."

JIMMY KITCHENS (No. 47 K-C Racing Ford) -- (on lap 12 accident involving Tim Steele) The 59 (Mark Gibson) was going around a car and I moved up to keep from hitting him. My spotter said `clear' and I moved up. I moved up to avoid an accident.


ANDY HILLENBURG (No. 1 Gravy Train Chevrolet) -- I saw him (Ron Barfield Jr.) back there in fourth or fifth and I thought, this might not be too bad.' But the caution fell and we really had to work on our game plan. It looked like the 94 and the 59 (Barfield and Gibson) were going to tag team up on me, so I slowed down to less than pit road speed in turn three to lag back and get a jump on them. I had to make a pretty good qualifying effort those last two laps. When we got the green flag, I made one block there on the backstretch. My car was really strong from there on. He (Barfield) was real good. There were a couple of areas on the track where he was better and a couple of areas where our car was better. I put the defense on when I had to and the offense on when I needed to. This is the first time that I felt like we had the whole race on our shoulders. It was our race to lose.

MARK GIBSON (No. 59 Gibson Racing Ford) -- Barfield, I thought he was the guy to beat so I was just trying to follow him. I didn't have anything for him, or the 1 car (Andy Hillenburg). I really messed up. I should have let Ron (Barfield) go. He was faster. I should have dropped in behind him and then it would have been a shootout at the end. I was real lucky to get through all the wrecks. Lapped traffic was terrible. When the 66 car (Mark Thompson), got together with the 26 (Blaise Alexander), that was close.

MARK STAHL (No. 32 Auto Bell Car Washes Ford) -- For some reason, they all crash in front of me, all the time. The one down here, in the first part of the race, the 26 car (Blaise Alexander) came across right in front of me. That was pretty close. (on the late race shuffle back from third place) A couple of guys behind me with Ernie Elliott motors didn't like me in front of them so they all teamed up and went to the inside and left me to dry outside, but I got some of them back. It's my best finish here so I'm pretty happy. It's a '93 Ford Thunderbird -- that's pretty good for a '93 Thunderbird.

RON BARFIELD (No. 94 New Holland Ford) -- "I came down here to race. Running in the draft, I learned some lessons today -- a lot of good lessons. If I could have had a little better run on the last two laps... But I couldn't get back up to speed fast enough. I got hung up late in the race and fell back to about sixth, and then I finally got somebody to run with me. Whenever I could get somebody to stay on my bumper we went back to the front. It's hard to run by cars that are drafting when you are running by yourself. The last two laps I was trying to get him (Hillenburg) on the outside. I thought I was going to have a good run at him, but he kind of suckered us on the restart. I was hoping he was going to get off a little bit, and then we'd run him back down, but he didn't. (Did he get any advice from car owner Bill Elliott on the radio?) He kept telling me to go faster!"

BILL BAIRD (No. 52 Spee-Dee Pop Popcorn Chevrolet) -- "It was great. We just got a bad restart right there at the end. I couldn't stay up there in the lead draft, but we run where we belonged today. We couldn't have done anything different from what we did. Hey, to come down here and leave with the car all in one piece, we're tickled to death. It didn't take very long to learn drafting. I didn't take any advice from (car owner Ken) Schrader. He messes you up -- he'll say we have special tires or something, so we don't let him talk on the radio."

JOHN WILKINSON (No. 58 Ellis Equipment Chevrolet) -- "We had to come in to fix an oil leak, and that put us a couple laps down. I felt we had a top-10 car, but just had bad luck. I will do better next time."

GARY BRADBERRY (No. 80 Hover Motorsports Ford) -- "I had a pretty good car. Stan Hover and the team did a heck of a job. It was one of the best cars I've driven in a race here. But we had a real bad miss on the last three or four restarts. Ever since the first caution, the motor started missing on the restarts. Andy (Hillenburg) got away from me on the restart and the guys behind me got a run. Then on the final restart, a lapped car decided to race me, and we lost three or four more positions.

BOBBY GERHART (No. 85 Bobby Gerhart's Truck World Chevrolet) -- "I was in the lead draft but I cut a tire and lost a lap. My race was over. That happened around lap 18, and from then on all I could do was hang on and ride."

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