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* The season-opening Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona International Speedway will mark the second start for Alli Owens and at Venturini Motorsports. * Owens carries a best starting position of second-place (2009) and...

* The season-opening Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona International Speedway will mark the second start for Alli Owens and at Venturini Motorsports.

* Owens carries a best starting position of second-place (2009) and a best finish of 40th-place (2009) at DIS into the race weekend.

* Owens was the fastest among the ten females participating in the Slick Mist 200 test sessions last December.

* Owens' best laps recorded during the Slick Mist 200 test sessions were 50.375 seconds (non-draft) and 49.192 seconds (draft-aided).

* Owens was among the top-four fastest cars in each of the test sessions she participated in for the Slick Mist 200.

* Owens' best finish at a superspeedway was at Talladega Superspeedway last season. She finished 6th driving the No. 19 car fielded by D'Hondt Motorsports.

Alli Owens Comments on the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona International Speedway:

"Being at Venturini Motorsports, I feel like it's home and it's where I can grow and really mature as a driver. The people, equipment and resources that they have are second to none. We've got a lot of good things to look forward to in 2010. Unfortunately we aren't scheduled to run the full season, but the races we do have, we are ready to make a statement each time we hit the track.

"I am really looking forward to Daytona. It's no surprise that everybody is looking at the female drivers in the ARCA race. I'm not trying to get caught up in that. I'm looking at the bigger picture - winning the race.

"Obviously the test went really well. After that, my guys came back to the shop and tore my car down. They've found a few things since then which have made the Chevy even better. Time after time, they put my car on the pull down rig, the chassis dyno, whatever they could to do to make sure that my car is at its best for Daytona. That's what really makes me look forward to the race, knowing these guys are spending long hours at the shop, doing every little thing they can think of to make our cars run faster. After sitting on the outside pole last year, not being able to finish the race after running 5th, I definitely have some unfinished business to take care of and I know that that my team has a car ready for me to get the job done.

"The first time I went to Daytona was also my first time in an ARCA car, which was a little nerve racking. I learned quickly not to mess with the air because it will bite you. I spun out twice and it was my own fault. It was a rookie mistake, not understanding the air and speed. I learned a lot for sure, especially what not to do. Last year sitting on the outside of the front row at Daytona, then being able to draft with guys like Justin Lofton and Joey Logano taught me a lot. At Talladega (Superspeedway) last season, I learned more in 15 laps than I did in two years on the circuit. I was able to work with Frank Kimmel all the way from the back of the field to front, so I learned a lot about the air, how to pass, when to pass, what to do and what not to do. Also, there is so much data acquisition on our car that's helped me fine tune my driving style. The data shows me what the difference is in whether or not I was close to the wall, if I was using too much steering input and how my car handles in traffic. So, I feel like my team, equipment and experience have me more prepared this year than I ever have been before.

"My goal for 2010 is to win a race. There is no other option. I am going to victory lane. Obviously, it would be really nice to win at Daytona and we have the equipment to do it. I know that every time these cars leave the shop, they can win a race. They have the capability to do it, the team is really that good. We should be in the top-10 or top-five, contending for wins at each event and that's what I am here to do this year. I am not looking for the top-15 or to be the highest finishing female. I am looking to win and be a contender. If we get the full season, then I am looking towards the championship. If not, I'm looking to win every single race I go out there to do. That's the mentality you must have when you have a limited schedule."

-source: alli owens PR

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