Damon Lusk St. Louis race report

LUSK OK AFTER HARD HIT AT GATEWAY DENVER, NC (7-30-06) - Damon Lusk, driver of the ...


DENVER, NC (7-30-06) - Damon Lusk, driver of the #65 Construct Corps Dodge, finished 41st in Friday night's ARCA RE/MAX Series Shop n' Save 150 after a hard impact with the turn three wall sent him to the hospital. Lusk was taken to Gateway Regional Hospital where he was examined and released with only minor injuries to his left foot.

Lusk was on lap five, and running 13th at Gateway Int'l Speedway, when his car spun around and slammed driver's side first into the turn three wall, causing it to become airborne and catch fire.

"In all my years racing, that was the hardest hit I have ever taken," Lusk said. "It happened so fast that all I remember is going into turn three, pumping the brakes, and then being stopped. I am not really sure what caused it, but when I tried to hit the brakes, my foot went to the floor."

"It is really scary when the car is on fire and all you want to do is get out, but you know that about 30 other cars are still trying to get past you, so you just wait to un-buckle in case someone accidentally hits you."

"This car has been the primary down-force car for Brack Maggard Racing (BMR) so far this year," Crew Chief Robby Benton said. "We'll have to get it back to the shop and measure it, but the car looks completely destroyed. I really hated to see this car wreck, it's been a good car for us, but I'm glad Damon walked away from it."

Lusk, and the rest of the BMR team are back in North Carolina where they will enjoy a weekend off, before heading to Nashville Superspeedway for the ARCA 200 Saturday, August 12th.


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