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It's time again for another Buckeroo Newsletter. Now that the racing season has begun, we will be working towards a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date. I'll be posting an on line version to the Autorace list among others that have ...

It's time again for another Buckeroo Newsletter. Now that the racing season has begun, we will be working towards a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date. I'll be posting an on line version to the Autorace list among others that have subscribed on-line.


The Buckley Race Team (Buckeroo Crew) is in its third year of competition on the ARCA Super Car Series. This newsletter, published monthly (bi-monthly during the off season) covers the activities of the preparation and racing of the Enterprise Technical Services sponsored Pontiac on the ARCA series. Sponsor inquiries, team information, etc., can be acquired by contacting Mike Buckley at: Buckley Racing LC 424 Hollister Ann Arbor, MI 48103 313-741-9605 E-mail: Arcamike@AOL.com Web Page: http://www.fdt.net/~crest/buckley.htm

Team News

Jeff traveled with the Keselowski Supertruck team to Homestead for the truck opener. Bob was running well during the first half of the race and was up to seventh place when the motor failed just before half-time. Jeff and Mike traveled out to the K-Automotive shop after their return and saw the motor. A piston went through the side of the wall and broke out a big piece of the lifter valley. The team will be traveling to Pensacola, adding that race to our posted schedule. The speedway car will not be complete for Charlotte, so we are trying to pick up all the available dates to keep us up in the ARCA points battle. There seem to be few teams running for series points this season. The Pensacola race was moved from Friday to Saturday May 4th, which helps us get all the way down there without missing too much work. We are saddened to learn that ARCA president, Bob Loga, was fatally injured at Talladega in a passenger car as he was leaving the speedway, Friday, April 26. Many people do not realize how much Bob does at a Supercar race in the way of organization and actual race coordination. He has always been fair and encouraged our team. He will be missed. Funeral services are scheduled for May 1.

Shop News

March and most of April saw the preparation of the speedway car body as well as engine and chassis preparation of the short track car for the first race April 20. The speedway car came back from Al Spitza during the first week of March. The short track car was tightly covered as we went to work making lots of bondo dust in getting the speedway body ready for paint. We needed to get the body work done right away because the motor had not yet been returned for the short track car. We had to get the body work done and get the shop cleaned up before motor building activities took place. About two and a half weeks later, and we had a good handle on the speedway body. It is now in a good coat of primer.

Late in March, we took the short track car to the Sandusky, OH mall for a race car show. It was supplied with a decal for the Toledo ARCA 150 and was placed with the Toledo speedway display.

Our motor pieces came back from the machine shop during the first week of April. We needed a new block which was prepped for use with our rotating assembly. We then assembled the motor and installed in the short track car. We then used a test session at the Flat Rock Speedway (about an hour from Ann Arbor) to shake down the motor and chassis. The motor ran fine, in fact the best since we've owned it. We were then ready to make the trip to Salem.

After the Salem event (see Salem Race report below), the car was in need of major repair of the right side sheet metal. The bondo crew was back in force spreading that blasted powder all over the shop again. The car is now been repainted on the right side and is prepared for Pensacola. A gallon of bondo and a lot of man hours later, it again looks like a race car.

The speedway car has now been on hold since the 1st week of April due to lack of time and funds. We have now acquired all of the suspension parts necessary for the chassis. We are currently missing the fuel system (cell, break, etc.), the fire system, and of course the motor. Plans for a second motor fell through after paying off the machine shop for the short track motor pieces. After the Louisville race in May, we should have some time to get back to work on the speedway car. We still intend on fielding the car at the Michigan race.

The Salem Race Report - April 20

Well, our Salem adventure started off with an exciting trip to southern Indiana during some thunderstorms that turned into high winds and tornadoes. What was normally a seven hour trip took us nearly eleven. Didn't think that Salem was going to pull off the event after seeing the infield under water and pit road flooded when we got up in the morning. But the track crew went to work and the sun came out.

Hoosier brought a new tire to Salem (the junk they ran at Winchester last year) and it was apparent that nobody liked the new compound. They weren't real good new and then got very hard and slick as they wore. Practice was short. We didn't want to burn down a set of tires in practice, our car was slow and was pushing in the entry and loose off the exit. Qualified 22 of 28.

At the start of the race the car was immediately loose to the point of dirt tracking the corner exits. Topping that off, it wouldn't get in either. We avoided the first caution for a car spinning in the back stretch. When we went to pit, Dave Simko's pit was on fire from spilled fuel. It was put out, but his car continued on the track and then caught fire while the fire crew was busy in his pit. We finally got to pit road, added gas and turned on the wedge bar. Our dry break stuck open during the fuel stop, but luckily didn't hurt anything.

Shortly after the restart, a car blew a motor down the front stretch going into turn one. Eric Smith hit the oil and couldn't turn the car at the corner slamming hard into the outside wall. Several other cars behind him were spinning in the oil. I was then at the start line and began to slow up and hit the brakes. The rear end began to turn in the oil and clipped the wall sending the right side of the car into the wall. I flattened the right side sheet metal into the tires and we had to change right side tires. The toe was not right and the rear end had been knocked out of alignment, but we continued. We hadn't planned on changing tires until 1/2 way. The wreck was around lap 55 of a 200 lap race. The right side we put on had the practice laps on them and they didn't last long before they were hockey pucks. To make matters worse, Hoosier was now out of tires and we bought the last one on the truck and had to mount up a used tire from Tim Steel's car for a right rear.

Our next pit stops were a comedy of errors. The car almost came off the jack because as I was holding in the clutch, the slave cylinder began to bleed down and the car began to move. The right side tires were being changed and the tire changer (Scott S.)was having problems with the gun. The gas man (Lee) was late getting the can into the car and when the tire changer was done the jack man (Scott M.)let down, however the gas man was still in the nozzle. I took off, the gas can now dragging down pit road knocking Lee down. Only got about three pit stalls away before everyone on pit road was screaming, and Lee yelling "stop" over the radio. The can was removed and we continued. We need to work on our communication setup. Not everyone has a radio and we hadn't worked on full fledged pit stops before this point. Considering our inexperience and all the equipment problems we were having, our pit crew did a fine job.

We continued on, slow compared to leaders and raced with who we could and lapped others that were slower than us. Got rapped in the tail pretty hard by the eventual race winner and was sandwiched by two cars late in the race which finished off the right side sheet metal. The car was pretty horrible the last twenty laps, but we finished. Fifteenth, eighteen laps down.

Sponsorship News

As were are now working on our second race of the new season, we have decided to advertise our sponsorship services on a race by race basis as we continue to look for a primary sponsor for 1996 and begin planning for 1997.

Races upcoming in May are located at Pensacola on the 4th, Louisville on the 11th, and Kil-Kare on the 31st. The first day of June will bring us back to the Flat Rock Speedway. Associate sponsorship packages for any of these dates begin at $200 per race. Primary sponsorships are available and are priced to cover our expenses for each race and range between $6600 for Pensacola to $2900 for Flat Rock. Please contact us if you at all interested.

The Buckeroo Crew

Member Member Role Occupation

Mike Buckley Driver / Team Owner Electrical Control Engineer

Julie Buckley Team owner / Official ARCA Car Owner Software Development Engineer

Lee Mohr Crew Chief / Gas Man Info. Systems Manager, Edwards Brothers

Jeff Keller Team Manager / Spotter Press Operator, Edwards Brothers

Scott Spears Tire Changer Maintenance Mechanic, Edwards Brothers

Scott Mowrey Jack Man Salesman, ABC Supply Company

Howard Perkins Tire Changer Development Engineer, GM Tech Center

Ross Kuba Tire Carrier Student, Washtenaw Community College

Christy Borton Team Scorer Nurse, Toledo Hospital

Table 1 . ARCA Schedule (# - indicates Buckley Racing Scheduled events)

Date Facility Length Laps or Kilometers

5-3 Five Flags Speedway, Pennsacola, FL .5 mile 200 L

5-11 # Louisville Motor Speedway .4375 mile 200 L

5-18 Charlotte Motor Speedway 1.5 miles 100M

5-22 Charlotte Motor Speedway 1.5 miles 400K

5-31 # Kil Kare Speedway, Xenia, OH .375 mile 150 L

6-1 # Flat Rock Speedway, Flat Rock, MI .250 mile 150 L

6-15 Pocono Int'l, Long Pond, PA 2.5 miles 400K

6-22 # Michigan Int'l, Brooklyn MI 2.0 miles 200 M

7-6 # Flat Rock Speedway .250 mile 150 L

7-7 # Toledo Speedway, Toledo, OH .5 mile 150L

7-14 # Syracuse GP, Syracuse, NY 1.8 mile RC 200 K

7-20 Pocono Int'l, Long Pond, PA 2.5 miles 400K

7-27 # Michigan Int'l, Brooklyn MI 2.0 miles 200M

7-31 # Indianapolis Fairgrounds, Indy 1.0 mile dirt 100M

8-3 # Flag City Speedway, Findlay, OH .5 mile dirt 150 L

8-10 # Shady Bowl Speedway, DeGraff, OH .375 mile 150 L

8-18 # Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL 1.0 mile dirt 100M

9-1 # DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, DuQuoin, IL 1.0 mile dirt 250 K

9-6 # Kil Kare Speedway, Xenia, OH .375 mile 150 L

9-22 # Salem Speedway, Salem, IN .5 mile 200 L

9-28 # Winchester Speedway, Winchester, IN .5 mile 200 L

10-2 Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte 1.5 miles 400 K

11-9 # Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton,GA 1.5 miles 500 K

Mike Buckley ARCA #48 http://www.fdt.net/~crest/buckley.htm

Buckeroo News - Jan/Feb 1996

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