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Well, here it is, hot off the.... um.. press. I'll be posting an on line version of the newsletter. Those on the mailing list will receive a better looking edition. Buckeroo News - Jan/Feb 1996 Background: The Buckley Race Team...

Well, here it is, hot off the.... um.. press. I'll be posting an on line version of the newsletter. Those on the mailing list will receive a better looking edition.

Buckeroo News - Jan/Feb 1996

Background: The Buckley Race Team (Buckeroo Crew) is in its third year of competition on the ARCA Super Car Series. This newletters, published monthly (bi-monthly during the off season) covers the activities of the preparation and racing of the Enterprise Technical Services sponsored Pontiac on the ARCA series. Sponsor inquiries, team information, etc., can be aquired by contacting Mike Buckley at:

Buckley Racing 424 Hollister Ann Arbor, MI 48103 313-741-9605 E-mail: Arcamike@AOL.com Web Page: http://www.fdt.net/~crest/buckley.htm

January/February News:

Team News:

Since this is the first edition of the newsletter, a brief introduction of the team is necessary:

Mike Buckley - Driver, team owner: occupation Electrical Control Engineer Julie Buckley - Team owner, official ARCA car owner: Software Development Engineer Lee Mohr - Crew Cheif, gas man: Computer Services Manager, Edwards Brothers Jeff Keller - Team Manager, spotter: Press Operator, Edwards Brothers Scott Spears - Tire Changer: Maintenance Mechanic, Edwards Brothers Scott Mowrey - Jack Man: Salesman, ABC Supply Company Howard Perkins - Tire Changer: Development Engineer, GM Proving Grounds Ross Kuba - Tire Carrier: Student, Washtenaw Community College Christy M. - Team Scorer: Nurse, Toledo Hospital

The team held a meeting in early December to plan for 1996 schedule so that team members can schedule vacation time. It was decided that the team would attempt to run 18 ARCA events of the 28 shown on the schedule. This is due to both available crew time and sponsorship funds available.

Sponsorship hunting is still our #1 priority. A new sponsorship proposal was developed between Lee and Mike and over 35 mailed inquiries are now active.

In early February, most of the crew attended the Bob Keselowski open house in Auburn Hills. Plans were made to help Bob crew the supertruck at the test session and race at Homestead. Jeff K. traveled with the K-crew for the test session. Both Mike and Jeff will help Bob during the March Homestead event.

Mike traveled to Daytona to take in the ARCA race during speedweek collecting information in the pit and passing info to potential sponsors at the track.

Jeff has been collecting information from vendors on the generation of T-shirt production. Early in March, we should have the art work completed and T-shirts will then be offered. Look in future newsletters for price and order forms.

Due to the change in qualifying proceedure for the spring Charlotte race, we are now considering dropping the Charlotte event and adding the two Pocono races. If this occurs we may also pick up the Pennsacola short track race in order to compete for season points, see attached schedule.

Shop News:

These two months have seen a time of rebuilding and preparation for the 1996 ARCA season. Our Keselowski built short track car was in need of body overall. The car was sent off to Al Spitza Race Car Fabrication in Brighton, MI to have the nose, tail and both sides replaced during the first two weeks of January. During the time that the short track car was out, the crew was working on the speedway car.

The speedway car is an ex-Keselowski chassis that was wrecked in the 1994 at Indianapolis fairgrounds. The chassis had won several races at Pocono and now was in need of a new front clip. The Lebaron body, what was left, was stripped and a new clip installed. Roll bars for the front hoop were fabricated. Suspension pieces were then acquired from the K-Automotive shop to produce a rolling chassis to be sent off to Al Spitza to install the body, crush panels and interior. The Pontiac Grand Prix body (1994 vintage) was purchased from the Andy Genzman shop, who had removed the Pontiac in favor of a Ford body. The car had once been WC legal. This project was started in November and was finally sent off the Al S. on the second week of January when we picked up our finished short track car.

Upon return of the short track car, the chassis was stripped and cleaned for painting. Our goal is to have the short track car completed and ready for a show by Feb. 24. The body was in excellent repair and now needed bondo to fill the weld seams. The bondo work was completed first. The bondo team (Mike and Howard), continued to spread and grind while the cleaning team (Lee, Scott, and Jeff) removed the suspension pieces and cleaned, inspected during the last two weeks of January. The body has just now been painted, and it is looking good! This week has seen the suspension going back together on the front end. The quick change rear end was disassembled and cleaned. We found that the carrier was in need of new bearings. The rear end will be reassembed and installed this week. A decal set and a good cleaning of bondo dust and paint from the interior will be required to finish off the car in preparation for the show.

As of this time the long track car at the Al Spitza shop is nearing completion. The body has been mounted on the chassis and that followed the installation of the interior and dashboard. Al is now working on crush panels and roof flap installation.

Jeff and Scott S. worked on disassembling the short track motor used last season. The block was cracked during the Winchester event and needs to be replaced. A block is being prepared by Ron Keselowski and all the parts will be moved to the new block. This will be the motor for the short track program. We are still gathering pieces to put together an additional motor which we will gear towards the dirt tracks and the speedways.


# - indicates Buckley Racing Scheduled events

3-8       Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta GA             1.522 mile  300 K 
4-20 #    Salem Speedway, Salem Indiana                   .5  mile   200 L
4-27      Talledega Superspeedway, Talledega            2.66  mile   500 K
5-3       Five Flags Speedway, Pennsacola, FL             .5  mile   200 L 
5-11 #    Louisville Motor Speedway                     .4375 mile   200 L
5-18 #    Charlotte Motor Speedway                       1.5  mile   100M
5-22 #    Charlotte Motor Speedway                       1.5  mile   400K
5-31 #    Kil Kare Speedway, Xenia, OH                  .375  mile   150 L
6-1  #    Flat Rock Speedway, Flat Rock, MI             .250  mile   150 L
6-15      Pocono Int'l, Long Pond, PA                    2.5  mile   400K
6-22 #    Michigan Int'l, Brooklyn MI                    2.0  mile   200 M
7-6  #    Flat Rock Speedway                            .250  mile   150 L
7-7  #    Toledo Speedway, Toledo, OH                     .5  mile   150L
7-14 #    Syracuse GP, Syracuse, NY                      1.8  mile RC 200K
7-20      Pocono Int'l, Long Pond, PA                    2.5  mile   400K
7-27 #    Michigan Int'l, Brooklyn MI                    2.0  mile   200M
7-31 #    Indianapolis Fairgrounds, Indy              1.0 mile dirt  100M
8-3  #    Flag City Speedway, Findlay, OH              .5 mile dirt  150 L
8-10 #    Shady Bowl Speedway, DeGraff, OH                .375 mile  150 L 
8-18 #    Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL  1.0 mile dirt  100M
9-1  #    DuQuoin State Fairgrounds, DuQuoin, IL       1.0 mile dirt  250K 
9-6  #    Kil Kare Speedway, Xenia, OH                   .375 mile   150 L
9-22 #    Salem Speedway, Salem, IN                        .5 mile   200 L 
9-28 #    Winchester Speedway, Winchester, IN              .5 mile   200 L
10-2      Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte              1.5 mile  400 K
11-9 #    Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton,GA               1.5 mile  500 K

Mike Buckley ARCA #48 http://www.fdt.net/~crest/buckley.htm

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