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Chronological AMA photos :

Start action Safety team at work
Santiago Villa leads a group of bikes Ryan Patterson
Josh Herrin Fernando Amantini goes down
Melissa Paris Dario Marchetti
Kev Coghlan Tommy Aquino
Melissa Paris Pit action
Josh Herrin Andrea Padovani
Race action
Reese Wacker Paul Schwemmer
Shawn Higbee Kev Coghlan
Jake Holden Brett McCormick after retiring
David Dumain Josh Herrin and Tommy Aquino
David McPherson Santiago Villa
Josh Day crashes Tommy Aquino leads the pack
Ryan Patterson Jake Holden in the pit
Melissa Paris Dario Marchetti
Kris Turner Andrea Padovani
Eric Haugo Josh Herrin
Race action Bike at speed
Geoff May