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Springsteen To Race Daytona Short Track Opener On Thursday Motorcycle Hall of Famer Announced Retirement, But Wants To Win Daytona DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (March 2, 2004) -- Three-time AMA Grand National Jay...

Springsteen To Race Daytona Short Track Opener On Thursday
Motorcycle Hall of Famer Announced Retirement, But Wants To Win Daytona

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (March 2, 2004) -- Three-time AMA Grand National Jay Springsteen announced Tuesday that he will race in the AMA Grand National Championship season opener at Daytona Beach's Municipal Stadium on Thursday night. The popular 46-year-old rider from Lapeer, Michigan, announced his retirement from full-time racing last season, but said he will race in select events this season.

"I'm only going to do the races I want to do," Springsteen said. "I'm going to do the Thursday night race only. I've been short track racing here in Daytona back to the days of the old Memorial Stadium. I'd like to get a national win at Municipal Stadium. I've been close a couple of times out there."

Springsteen raced Tuesday at Daytona International Speedway in the final day of the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Vintage event. He led both the Formula 750 and Formula Vintage races before being forced to pit with mechanical problems.

"These old Harley's don't last too long when they start popping and cracking like that," Springsteen explained, "so I just decided to pull it in. I got into the eights (2:08 lap times), which is pretty good for these bikes."

Springsteen is hoping his luck at the Speedway doesn't follow him to the short track race.

"I'm having such tough luck here," he said. "I hope my chain doesn't pop off or something at Municipal Stadium"

The expected showdown between Springsteen and Gary Nixon, another former AMA champ, didn't come to pass. Nixon finished second to Tim Joyce in the Formula 750 race. Springsteen pulled off the track in that race after building a nine-second lead. Nixon never made the Formula Vintage event. He said the Honda he was to ride was starting to make some funny noises in the previous race, so he decided to sit out his final race. David Crussell won the Formula Vintage race on a 1970 Kawasaki HR1.

AMA Pro Racing moves in on Wednesday to Daytona International Speedway with qualifying for Superstock, Formula Xtreme, Daytona 200 By Arai Chevrolet Superbike and BMW BoxerCup.

Tickets for all motorcycle races are available online at or by calling 1-800-PITSHOP.

Tuesday's AHRMA Results

200 GP+: 1. Dennis Poneleit, Greenville, S.C., 1968 Honda; 2. Bob Hayes, St. Augustine, Fla., 1967 Yamaha; 3. Carl Anderson, Cocoa, Fla., 1969 Yamaha.

Pre 1940: 1. Alex McLean, Bryn Mawr, Pa.; 2. Ralph Auer, Chico, Calif., 1939 BMW; 3. Norbert Nickel, Shawnee, Kan.

Production Lightweight: 1. Michael Ewer, Lehighton, Pa., 1972 Honda; 2. Dwayne Fox, Hernando, Fla., 1971 Honda; 3. Michael Porter, Satsuma, Fla., 1975 Honda.

BOT Formula 1: 1. Dario Marchetti, Ducati 996; 2. Albert Charles, Thornville, Ohio, 2002 Ducati; 3. David Bell, San Francisco, Calif., 2000 Aprilia.

BOT Formula 3: 1. Charles Burnett, Las Vegas, Nev., 1988 Honda Hawk; 2. Matt Winnacker, Fulton, Mo., 2000 Suzuki; 3. Jonathan Glaefke, Boulder, Co.

250 GP: 1. Jonathan White, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1966 Ducati; 2. Paul German, Winnipeg, 1965 Ducati; 3. Larry Poons, East Durham, N.Y., 1965 Yetman Ducati.

Class C -- Foot: 1. Alex McLean, Bryn Mawr, Pa.; 2. Ralph Auer, Chico, Ca., 1939 BMW; 3. Norman Nelson, St. Augustine, Fla., 1950 Norton.

Class C -- Hand: 1. Will Harding, Gainesville, Fla., 1936 Indian; 2. "Doc" Batsleer, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., 1936 Indian Scout; 3. Keith Campbell, Duluth, Ga., 1937 Indian.

350 GP: 1. Bruce Yoxsimer, 1965 Seely; 2. Paul German, Winnipeg, 1967 Ducati; 3. Tomofumi Mizuno, Tokyo.

Formula 125: 1. Greg Steinbeck, Little Rock, Ark., 1977 Honda; 2. Sakis Vasilopoulos, West Palm Beach, Fla., 1977 Honda.

Vint. Superbike Light: 1. Dave Bourbeau, Royalston, Ma., 1979 Suzuki; 2. Gordon Hamilton, Novi, Mich., 1978 Yamaha SR; 3. Jim Killy, Oxford, Ohio, 1978 Yamaha.

500 Premier: 1. Pat Mooney, Sorrento, Fla., 1962 Norton Manx; 2. David Roper, Hicksville, N.Y., 1962 Norton; 3. Buff Harsh, Atlanta, Ga., Drixton.

Sportsman 350: 1. Eric Cook, Richland, Va., 1972 Honda; 2. Wes Orloff, Salem, Wis.; 3. Henry Syphers, 1971 Honda.

Classic 60s: 1. Josef Brenner, Severn, Md., 1954 Bsa Goldstar; 2. Alex McLean, Bryn Mawr, Pa.; 3. Dick Miles, Coatesville, Pa., 1962 Norton Manx.

Classic 60's 650: 1. Brid Caveney, Salinas, Calif., 1965 Manx-Triton; 2. Robert Goodpaster, Hobart, Ind., 1960 Norton.

Formula 250: 1. George Taylor, Lady Lake, Fla., 1973 Yamaha; 2. Craig Breckon, Sparta, Mich., 1971 Can Am; 3. Craig Hirko, 1969 Honda.

Formula 500: 1. Harry Barlow, 1976 Yamaha; 2. David Crussell, Pleasanton, Calif., 1970 Kawasaki; 3. Conrad Urbanowski, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 1977 Yamaha.

Sportsman 500: 1. Ralph Auer, Chico, Calif., 1962 BMW; 2. Wes Orloff, Salem, Wis., 1969 Honda; 3. Brid Caveney, Salinas, Calif., 1971 BSA B50.

Formula 750: 1. Tim Joyce, Fort Walton Beach, Fla., 1972 Harley-Davidson; 2. Gary Nixon, Phoenix, Md., 1970 Honda; 3. Paul Lima, La Mesa, Calif., 1970 Triumph.

Sportsman 750: 1. Jesse Morris, Phoenixville, Pa., 1968 Triumph 750; 2. David Temple, West Chester, Pa., 1972 Yamaha; 3. Shin'ichi Yokoi, Kyoto City, Japan, 1970 BMW.

Vint.Superbike Middle: 1. Harold Page, Louisville, Ky., 1981 Yamaha; 2. Jeff Hinds, Lewis Center, Ohio, 1977 KZ; 3. Mike Parker, Goshen, Ark., 1975 Honda.

Bears: 1. Steve Maney, 1968 Norton Seeley; 2. Craig Murray, Cedar Crest, N.M., 1973 Triumph; 3. Glenn Campbell, Vacaville, Calif., 1970 BMW.

Production Heavyweight: 1. Jim Haraughty, Monona, Wis., 1967 Triumph.

Vint. Superbike Heavy: 1. Colin Fraser, 1979 Kawasaki; 2. Brian O'Shea, Enfield, Conn., 1980 Suzuki; 3. Jeff Hinds, Lewis Center, Ohio, 1974 KZ.

BOT Two-Stroke: 1. Barrett Long, Miami, Fla., 2003 Yamaha; 2. Leon Cortes, Miami, Fla., 1997 Honda; 3. Keith Floyd, Tallahassee, Fla., 1999 Yamaha.

BOT Formula 2: 1. Josef Brenner, Severn, Md., Moto Guzzi; 2. Ricky Orlando, Erie, Co., 2004 BMW; 3. Kiyo Watanabe, Burbank, Calif., 2000 Suzuki.

SOS Two-Stroke: 1. Freddie Cortes, Miami, Fla., 1994 Yamaha.

Production Singles: 1. Trent Thomas, Waynesville, N.C., 1995 MZ; 2. Paul Conley, Acton, Mass., 1996 MZ; 3. William House, Albany, N.Y., 1996 MZ Skorpion

Sound of Thunder: 1. Paul Vitale, Warren, MI, 2001 Ducati; 2. Alex Van Dijk, Amsterdam; 3. David Bell, San Francisco, 2000 Aprilla.

Formula Vintage: 1. David Crussell, Pleasanton, Calif.; 1970 Kawaski H1R; 2. Dave Rosno, Eagle, WI, 1973 Kawaski; 3. Gerry O'Sullivan, 1965 Drixton Honda

Icgp2: Michael Perry, Jupiter, Fla., 1980 Yamaha TZ; 2. joseph Rutherford, 1978 Yamaha TZ; 3. Robert Simpson, Milford, NJ; 1983 Yamaha TZ

Super Mono: 1. Jay Niederst, Santa Paula, Calif.; Rotax; 2. Paul Conley, Acton, Mass., 1996 MZ; 3. Eric Sherrer, Santa Paula, Calif.; 1994 Dubbs Yamaha


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