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Pro Honda Oils Supersport Quotes Kurtis Roberts , rider of the No. 80 Erion Honda ON THE LAST LAP "I went back to third where I needed to be. The lapper got in the way and made Jake (Zemke) get a little antsy and jump on the throttle...

Pro Honda Oils Supersport Quotes

Kurtis Roberts , rider of the No. 80 Erion Honda


"I went back to third where I needed to be. The lapper got in the way and made Jake (Zemke) get a little antsy and jump on the throttle a little bit. It gave Jamie (Hacking) the gap to where I let him go down the straightaway that far and I passed Jake. I can't say enough about the RR600. That Honda was running. I was just cruising through the infield saving my strength for the 200. I've got to take my hat off to Jamie. He was riding really good through the infield. That's why I was trying to lead so much. I was conserving a lot more energy when I was in the lead then following. Those guys were racing for it."

"I can't say enough about theCBR600RR. It was perfect I don't think I put a wheel out of place. It was definitely the most patient smoothest Daytona 600 in a while. The changes to the chicane paid off."

Jamie Hacking , rider of the No. 2 Yamaha

"I'm very delighted for what position we finished. The Yamaha has been running excellent all weekend long. Kurtis is not finishing out the championship season so we're looking good right now. That's the best thing. It's been so frustrating. I come here every single year and just can't seem to pull it off no matter what I do. I'm not going to give it up. Hopefully we'll pull this thing off sometime. It took Earnhardt I don't know how many tries."

"Once again, here I am second. I'm going to start putting those second-place trophies up in the closet because I'm tired of looking at them. I did the best I could. I rode my bike as hard as I could."


"I ran him down way to soon. I caught him right at the exit (of the chicane) and he didn't do nothing for me."


"He just had one helluva run on me. It was unbelievable."

Miguel Duhamel , rider of the No. 17 Honda

"The bike was running good. I was out there really composed and really relaxed. My bike, when I got in the draft, hit the rev limiter a little bit and that's not good. I was having a little trouble with that. I could see Jamie and Jake (Zemke) up there (and thinking) as long as they didn't get away from me. I was just keeping that in mind and trying to figure out a way to get up there. I was hoping more guys in front of me the better because that would help me get a draft. I was so happy just to see how good my bike is. We're definitely in there the whole rest of the season and Kurtis won't be there at all."

MBNA 250 Grand Prix

Simon Turner , rider of the No. 111 Honda

"I figured I wasn't going to be able run with these boys. I was just trying to get a break at the start and just run the race. I lost third gear pretty early on."

Chuck Sorensen , rider of the No. 1 Aprilia

'Rich is always a great competitor to ride with. The bike was working really good and handling very well. We had a great motor. Today I couldn't get the drives off the bank to hold in the draft. I happy we got to the race today. The crew worked long hours this weekend to make this thing as fast as I could."

Rich Oliver , rider of the No. 97 Yamaha

"I knew I wanted to run out front with Chuck. I knew that if we could pull away from the rest of the field it would eliminate a lot of other complications in the race. I knew with the way the weather had been, I wanted to lead a lot of laps if I could. I know there's a point available for that. We didn't get any points for qualifying. First and second place point differential would be very big. Chuck is always so great to race with. He pushes me and pushes me. Chuck knows a lot more about 250 racing than I do now. He's a lot faster at a lot of places. I just have a lot of experience that he's going to get over with in his next few seasons."

BMW Motorrad International BoxerCup

Winner Roberto Panichi

"I try in the first race to lead two or three times because I see in the first part of the super bowl I go very fast. Here it's very difficult because the second and third parts are very fast. It's impossible to lead alone. I wait many times for the last lap. For me in the last lap, the best position was second or third. I arrived with Parriott at the chicane. I closed the gas in the chicane to stay many meters back of Parriott.

"I'm very happy to win and race here at Daytona. This is one of the most important tracks in the world. It was a strange race with the weather and all the rain we've had. I braked very late and the was my best thing."

Second-place finisher Brian Parriott

"I knew the competition would be stiff. I knew I had an advantage of being at my home track, but I knew the competition was world class. They know the motorcycles a little bit better than I do. This is my first event on the motorcycle. I knew that was their advantage. I'm just really happy. The race was super fun. You were never alone out there.


"I didn't think I could break away. I just wanted to plant a seed in their mind that I was serious and that I don't mind going for it right out of the chicane. I planned to lead coming off Turn 6, which I did. Roberto came through and led through the chicane. I didn't want to back off too much. That was my first Daytona lead draft. My experience level was a little low. I've been at the track and I've been in drafts before but never for the win. I figured I could do the double draft on Roberto. Let me pass him and then he pass me and then I could pass him back before the line. I thought I pulled it off but it didn't happen."

Third-place finisher Markus Barth

"The last lap was very crazy. My plan was to on the fifth position for the last lap. I was thinking I would have the slipstream of four guys in front of me so the blend is not coming very well. I'm happy for this third position in Daytona. It's my first visit here. I was always thinking all the time."


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