SUPERCROSS: World/AMA pre-Las Vegas quotes

Amp'd Mobile Supercross Pre-Race Press Conference Quotes From Las Vegas AURORA, Ill. (May 5, 2006) -- Amp'd Mobile World Supercross GP/Amp'd Mobile AMA Supercross Series quotes from the pre-race press conference at Las Vegas' Sam Boyd ...

Amp'd Mobile Supercross Pre-Race Press Conference Quotes From Las Vegas

AURORA, Ill. (May 5, 2006) -- Amp'd Mobile World Supercross GP/Amp'd Mobile AMA Supercross Series quotes from the pre-race press conference at Las Vegas' Sam Boyd Stadium.

Ricky Carmichael:

"I'm here to race. I'm leaving nothing on the table. I am super pumped to be out there; I can't wait for 9:45pm tomorrow night. I am excited and there is no reason for me to be nervous."

"Hopefully James and I can put on a good show for everyone like we did earlier in the season."

"I am confident in my program and training that I have what it takes to win and that's all that matters."

"I think we have a great opportunity TV-wise for the sport, and I feel new doors will open because of it."

"I feel really good. I am here to race this weekend. I am going to get out there and ride the wheels off the bike. I'm not nervous. I am anxious to get out there and do my best."

"If I can get on top of the box everything will be worth it."

"It's definitely exciting. I have been involved with so many races and been fortunate that it's hard to pick the most important race, but this Vegas race is just different. It's just a different situation."

"I would like to be able to say that whoever wins, wins the title. I have done a lot to prepare and I'm going to put it to work this weekend."

"You have to put things in the past behind you and move on. Whatever happens Saturday happens. I know I put in the work and hopefully it will pay off this weekend. "

"Suzuki and I have come to a multi-year deal and this will be my last full season and I will participate in a selective season next year."

"Suzuki has always stuck behind me."

"I am super excited for my future and this has no effect on how I will ride the rest of the year."

"My sponsors knew my plans, I told them what I was thinking and they backed me 100%."

"When I do race next year, I am going to come to win."

"I don't want to get greedy. I'm being realistic because there is going to come a point in time when I'm not going to win anymore. I feel now is the time to take a step back, but I will be 110 percent ready for every race I race in."

"I love Supercross. This sport has given me an amazing lifestyle, and this sport is number one to me."

"I will be involved in the sport for a long time. One more thing on Saturday will make it that much better its just time for me to do something else I am here to support the sport for as long as I can."

"I treat everyone with respect; there is a lot more to racing then just racing. So, I don't think I have any enemies when it comes to lappers."


Chad Reed:

"When you think of Vegas, you want to have a shot at winning. For me, I am really excited to be in this position and have a shot at the title."

"I started off in the beginning of the season at Anaheim not too bad, but after that I never was on my game and that is just how it is. But I'm happy to be in this position to win a title this weekend."

"The last two years have been really tough and it has been showing at the races. I have grown since last year. I think I'm going through some changes and its starting to come around for me."

"As a kid I was always told to go for it and to not give up. That's what I will take away from this year's race."

"To a certain degree I have been on the lower end of the stick. This weekend is important and because of that we all are going to do what we have to do."

"In 2003, I came into Vegas nine points behind Ricky and left with only seven. I had a possibility of winning the title then. In 2004, I had the fuel loss points and could have been a champ then if things had changed. The racing has never been this close and I am excited about it."

"I think the two of us want to win it really bad, and we know what we need to do to win. For me being dirty doesn't cross my mind. To win fair and square is a definitely more rewarding but we will see what happens."

"All of riders can say a lot of 'ifs and buts.' I think it's been a weird season for all of us. You just have to go out there and make the best of it."

"At the end of the day is when you add up your chips, but it doesn't matter because we all just want to win the title. It's the one that lasts the longest; money is what comes if you get the job done."


James Stewart:

"This weekend, I hope I can go out there and have fun and do what I have done all year."

"I definitely want to win the World GP Series it will mean a lot to me."

"If it's the last lap and I have an opportunity I will make the move."

"I'm not a dirty rider, but with a championship on the line; if the opportunity is given, I will make the move."

"I think its going to be good. I have raced Ricky for two years, and it's going to be fun to race him in the finals for the last time."

"The track looks good and technical. Vegas has brought me ups and downs and hopefully I will be more focused this year."

"To be in the position where I am at I am really happy. Going into this weekend's race I am strong mentally and physically."

"It means a lot to have this weekend's race broadcast live on television. The sport continues to get bigger and bigger every year and I am happy to be a part of it."

"Ricky and Chad are both a threat for me. I just have to worry about myself not them."

"I have to help myself before I can ask for anybody else's help."

"Ricky is a great competitor. For me, it has been an honor this whole season to race against him. I am going to tell him great job and shake his hand."

"If I get the title it would mean a lot after all the hard work I put in to prepare for this season."


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