SUPERCROSS: San Diego post-race quotes

Carmichael: "It the second set of whoops I went by David, and went too fast actually and missed a whoop. My front end went over and I was in third gear and I usually do second gear through the whoops. I got third this time. I made a mistake. ...

Carmichael: "It the second set of whoops I went by David, and went too fast actually and missed a whoop. My front end went over and I was in third gear and I usually do second gear through the whoops. I got third this time. I made a mistake. It's pretty embarrassing for me, to be quite honest with you guys. To be doing stupid stuff like that for three races, three out of three times when I crashed, I lost. It's really frustrating. I know I have what it takes to win at this. I can't make mistakes like that. I will go home and regroup. It wasn't the best of my weekends for sure. I need to thank Dr Murphy for checking me out. I made the mistake and lost the race because of it. I just need to race the track. You can win when you are on the ground.

My bike was good, no problems. (Crashing) takes a little steam out of you. I felt good in my heat race and even in the main event. I was a little sore for sure.

I am pissed off at myself really, for making a stupid mistake. I have been racing too long to be doing that kind of stuff, taking chances like that. I learned, I will go back home next week and try my best during the week to capitalize on what I did wrong. There was no pressure. The only thing that is beating me is the track. I have crashed 3 out of 6 races and those three races I didn't win. I think I was trying a little too hard. I will just back it down and I will be fine. (When I crashed) my clutch lever was bent down a little.

2001 was harder than this for sure. I didn't know what to expect. That was my first year winning 250. I was racing the greatest supercross racer ever in the history of the sport. To try it beat that guy was the hardest task ever. Last year was pretty tough but I came through, 2001 was the toughest.

On viewing the whoops carefully on the parade lap: "I knew that was going to be a key point. I knew that was the only place where I was not on par. I was just trying to look for a good line. It's frustrating. I don't come to a race to make a mistake like that. I don't like to do that."

Vuillemin: "I got a second place start and I passed Byrne in the first set of whoops. It was really good to start in the front. This past week I had to catch up from the back. Chad was really fast and passed me. I was a little uncomfortable. Ricky just crashed a second after he passed me and I almost crashed too. I couldn't catch Chad so I just rode my own race and had to take second.

On the points chase: "I kind of helped Chad tonight.
I will try to pick it up. I struggled the first two rounds. I am trying to get back in this season.

On the trip to France after A3:
Last week I crashed pretty hard with Ezra in the heat race and hit my head pretty hard. I just stayed in France 12 hours. I went to France to see my osteopath and he checked me out. I went there because he knows me. He checked me out and its fine right now.

Ricky was a little faster than me tonight and he made a mistake and I capitalized on it. I just need to pick it up. My confidence is getting better. I the last two weeks I did not get starts and caught up to third both times.

Reed: "I knew tonight was going to come down to a good start. I was pretty happy to see David in second. I just tried to ride aggressive.

On the extra long start straight:
For the Yamaha guys our bikes are really fast so it's good. It gives everyone a chance to sort themselves our before going into the first corner. It seems like I really had the whoops down this weekend. I don't know what it was. I was really motivated. I wanted to get some logs off the fire before they started burning. When Ricky gets going he is kind of dangerous, so I am trying to stop that.

I had a slow week, like David.  He went to France and I was sick and
stayed on the couch. I took the week off.  Last year I didn't
really know what to expect in the east.  I was on an unfamiliar bike.
Now going back there will be fun. I bought a house in Florida.  It is
more like back home in Australia.  I am going to be riding every day with
Timmy (Ferry).  Its going to be fun.

On staying calm:
There is no pressure. This is my first year in the 250s and there has been a lot of talk about if I can or can't do it. For me it is just fun to be here racing with these guys."

Smith: "Actually I really liked the track tonight. It's was a lot of fun. The dirt is different here than Anaheim for sure. I do better on this kind of dirt. The whoops were tough for me. Preston and Bubba go really fast in the whoops. I need to go a little faster in order to keep up. I had a lot of fun out there this weekend. I got a great start tonight, which really helped me out. I have been totally inconsistent on my starts. Tonight both of mine were good.

We went to Loma Linda on Thursday and spent a few hours over there. A few were more excited to see us than any fan I have ever met. For me it kind of keeps you in check to see something like that.

I passed Hamblin about the 5th lap or so. I passed him in the rhythm section where there was a quad before a triple. I just had a little more speed. We battled the whole main until he made a mistake by the start I am not sure what happened to him.

On working with Ricky Johnson:
Ricky Johnson has been around all year. He helps us with our lines. He is out there at the practice track giving us al the advice he can, whatever works for a particular rider. He has been working with Sebastien a whole lot.

Next week I am going to do a little testing and see how it goes. I want to get some time on the bike first and take it from there. We will have some weekends off and I want to keep riding, that's what I like to do. We have a long break like 6 weekends off. I want to try it out and maybe use it to help when we come back to try and win one."

Preston: "I just got a good start. I can't wait to get out there and try a 450. It's a 4-stroke and I haven't ridden it that much. I am going to ride it all week, and I am going to miss next weekend.

On the videotapes I watch just myself and James, but sometimes the guy tapes me wrong riders. I don't watch them that much. If I have a problem I sit down and watch them.

Stewart: "I am not really hungry to ride a 250. I am just trying to finish off this west series. I am going to go home do some outdoor testing for the upcoming season. I really want to ride one but Kawasaki and my mom and dad don't think I am ready yet so we will see. .

Hopefully next year will be my first time on a 250, we will just have to see what Kawasaki says. I know I am ready we just have to see what Kawasaki says.

The challenge was just getting a good start and getting through that first set of whoops. The lapped riders were pretty bad tonight. Going through the whoops they were taking the main lines and a lot of people were crashing in them. I just rode my own race and had fun. This race was just like the rest of them. It seems like we are never going to race again. When is our next race like April or something? It's a bummer being off so long. It this wasn't the easiest one; I just basically rode my own race.

RC: Ride the 250 if you don't want to take the time off.

Bubba: I have to race now; he's challenging me now.  What's
the next race?  Minneapolis?

When its time to move up I will be ready. I am actually going to have to back down from challenging Ricky. We haven't had any 250 testing but when its time to come up I will be ready. I'm not scared at all."


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