SUPERCROSS: Salt Lake City post-race press conference

THQ World Supercross GP/AMA Supercross Series Salt Lake City Post-Race Press Conference Quotes 250s Ernesto Fonseca How His Career has Changed Since Winning in Salt Lake City in 2001: Really hasn't changed much; I'm riding a Honda now and a...

THQ World Supercross GP/AMA Supercross Series
Salt Lake City Post-Race Press Conference Quotes


Ernesto Fonseca

How His Career has Changed Since Winning in Salt Lake City in 2001: Really hasn't changed much; I'm riding a Honda now and a 250 and I have had better results now and I am trying to concentrate getting closer to these guys. I practice everyday.

I had a really bad start and had to work my way up. My bike was working good. The whoops were the toughest part of the track. I got caught with Sean (Hamblin) and finally got by him. Ricky and Chad had a pretty big gap, and I was behind.

Being on Carmichael's Team:
No Ricky is faster than me right now. We both get the same treatment. There is not a preferred guy, and I am happy to be in the spot that I am. I learn from one of the best guys.

Team Strategies:
I'm not out there to help anyone except myself. I'm not out there to block anyone. I go out there and race the best I can not out there to hurt anyone else. It doesn't matter what color of bike it is. I'm out there to race myself.

Yeah I knew how close he was and I made a mistake by the triple section and he got close to me there and it was the last lap. I stayed in front of him long race for me and I stayed up front."

Ricky Carmichael

The Pass by Reed:
We came together and I fell. I'm not going to go on about it. Not going to dwell on it. I am definitely not going to forget about it. I am in a tough position. There are things that I think about and things that I have to protect. Chad is going to have to do that and hope for something on my side to go wrong. He is not just going to come in there and pass me fair and square and blow me away. He is going to have to come in there and try to take me out, and hope for me to fall down and smash my pipe or something so I can't finish but there is nothing for me to say I fell down.

Situation with Tim Ferry:
He kind of let Chad by there on the triple side, when he looked back he seen me and he was going to cut in front of me but luckily I got in front of him and was able to make a move on Chad at the time I looked over to my left and seen Timmy do the double and I heard him grab a hand full and he was going for me in the turn. Find it funny how he is here this weekend. They have to make something happen either way you look at it. I think we would do the same thing if we had to. There is a lot of jealousy and bitterness. He has had a hard time with my success because he was always better than me as an amateur, older and I came up and doing really well. It all adds up and you won't see me going in next weekend going in and trying to take someone out. There will be a time and place for that but its not next weekend or this weekend.

Racing with Reed:
Definitely, I said it once I will say it again something has to happen and if he takes me out then that is one good thing for him I look at it at that angle and I have a lot of thought about it and things I would love to do.

Protecting his Title:
Yeah, if I need to settle for something other than second then I will but the perfect world would be to pull holeshot and stay away from all that stuff. Timmy goes good for about 10 laps and that's about it. Ernie is riding well and I got to make sure I can beet him I want to go out and win. The championship is the main thing I need to stay out of trouble.

Johnny's been with me since 1997 he knows me really well and he helps me out he is like a coach. I haven't had one this year been doing it on my own I asked him to come this weekend to check out things to help me improve.

Bike Changes
I changed my bike; I had new suspension this weekend running the right way my way doesn't work anymore something I am going to adapt to if I can be the same in the whoops it will be a piece of cake my timing and cardio is really good, try to get thru next weekend and stay out of the chaos and get ready for 04.

Chad Reed

Changing his Approach for the Final Race:
Everyone is blowing it out of proportion a little bit. It's the heat of the moment. Ricky's seems to be a little pissed right now but that's his deal. Everyone seems to think that Timmy's out here helping me. The real truth to it my relationship right now isn't that great either with him and whatever him and Ricky got going is up to them I did my job tonight and I won the race.

Reed/Ferry Relationship:
Nothing really its just Timmy is in a difficult situation got sick, and being his contract time is up. We will work things out. I will go back to Florida and ride his track. We will be professional and work things out.

Pass on Carmichael:
When all three of us were together on the triple, I saw a red bike going across and blue going in the air. Then I saw a red bike on the ground. Basically it messed Ricky up and I had a good run down the whoops and I made an aggressive pass and he went down.

Plans for Vegas:
Get a holeshot and just do 20 good laps like my plans were tonight. Like I said, it's at the point where the championship is 10 points apart. I said before I made the mistake of getting two 6th place finishes, and that's the reason why we are so far behind. After Daytona I was somewhat embarrassed. I went home and worked hard I made a goal to win the last 6 races and I have got 5 down and that is all that matters racing is aggressive the US open we have a tight track and it gets tough. It comes down to this it is all about racing.


Eric Sorby

Practice w/ Stewart:
Sometimes it's scary because we are doing some big stuff I know it's a good motivation to train with him..

Billy Laninovich

Development through the season:
I did a lot better this year than I did last year. I was expecting a lot more podiums this year but this year I will take it but next year I will hopefully be getting a lot more. I will just work harder this year.

Las Vegas Race:
James (Stewart) is going pretty fast right now and I am not able to beat him this year and all I can do is hopefully get another holeshot and get another podium.

Motocross expectations
I haven't really ridden with anyone besides are team but hopefully top 5.

James Stewart

On doing the Jimmy Show
It was cool, He was asking me weird questions, but it was especially cool because it was live on TV. Hopefully I get another chance to do it.

Riding the 250
My plan is to ride 250 west and 125 east next year and see how that goes. I plan on winning a couple 250. I have been riding and felt comfortable on it.

Riding in Vegas on a 250
I haven't ridden a 250 on a Kawasaki track. I need to break the record and hopefully we can show them the real deal.

Scenario on a 250 with Carmichael and REED
I am not going to say I am going to lose I believe in my heart and I think I would win. I think half the tracks I can win on a 125.

250 now
More training and I feel really comfortable on a 250 and I am not in a rush I'm only 17 and I will be ready when I step up.


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