SUPERCROSS: Rider quotes post Anaheim round two

Tim Ferry: "I was off to a bad start and I was trying to make up as much ground as I could. I was going over a triple and I looked over to my right and I think it was Pastrana and LaRocco wadded up. I made a couple of spots right there. If you...

Tim Ferry:
"I was off to a bad start and I was trying to make up as much ground as I could. I was going over a triple and I looked over to my right and I think it was Pastrana and LaRocco wadded up. I made a couple of spots right there. If you try and go inside on this track it is really slippery. It's not like the east coast tracks, its Anaheim. It's kind of its own breed. I have a hard time here. I am totally happy to come out of here with a podium and some good points going into the second race. I don't know if racing in Europe last month hurt me or helped me. I made one podium over there and had a pretty decent ride at the US Open. I don't think it's a bad thing to stay racing. Overall I got a little tight. About three-quarters of the way through my arms got a little tight. When Ricky caught me I didn't have much for him. I could have put up more of a fight be he was going a good bit faster, a couple of seconds a lap faster. So I just rode my own race. When it's not your day you have to realize that and take the points and move on to the next race.

Chad and David schooled me on the heat race and I made some changes with the tires and I totally nailed it. I changed front and rear tires and got the best combo I had all weekend. I wasn't sure where David was. I don't know if he went down in that crash or what. He was there for a while and David always rides good here so I was expecting him to come up a little bit more. I am not surprised than Chad was up there. I spent a lot of time riding with him. After the first practice I felt good. After the second practice I was like 8th fastest so at that point I wasn't feeling that good. After the heat race I was questionable about finishing on the podium. The main event is the thing that counts and it is where I seem to pull through and I make something happen."

Ricky Carmichael:
"A lot of stuff always happens to me here. There is not much I can say about the heat race. Pastrana did the same thing to me but I waited for him to get in front of me until I went. When I passed him I felt that when I was in front of him that he just tried to go and he ran into me. I saw him last year feet off the pegs and took out Ramsey when he should have had a podium and also he landed on Mike LaRocco's wrist and ended his supercross season last year. That is no way to look at it from a fans standpoint. Things were good. It just wasn't my night. I have won a lot of supercrosses. I know how to win them. I thought I was the best guy tonight I just couldn't put it together. I am confident in my speed and in my fitness. It was amazing at the end of the race how many people I was passing other than the guys that fell. It seemed like I was putting a lot of time on them and I thought they would be a little better than they were. It was a good job for Chad it's awesome to see someone do good like that.

(When they boo) it does get to me a little bit, but when they do that it just makes me want to win even more. That's the best retaliation you could ever have. I feel that I am pretty strong mentally, and it does bother me but I can block it out. I just try and look at every negative and turn it into a positive. Until tonight my best season start was third and that was in 2001. I think I got the holeshot that night and faded back to third. I feel good. I got a bad start and fell 2 times and went off the track one time so there is not much to say. I think LaRocco actually got a better start than I did. I don't use that starting device so I think at some tracks its good, some tracks it isn't. I think maybe next weekend I better think about using it. I have gotten good starts with it and good starts without it. It's no big deal. I know where I want to be in Las Vegas and I know I have what it takes to win. This was just a tough night for me."

"When a crowd reacts like that it definitely bums you out. Some people on the other side of the fence don't see my side or another racers side. I never seem to have problems with any other riders except him (Pastrana). I don't want to go out and try to take us both out or anything. That is just going to make it harder on me. Why would I want to do that? I was kind of fed up after it. Indy I don't think was my fault and tonight I don't think it was my fault. (When he made the pass) He came in on me and I hit the brakes and waited for him to get in front of me. When I passed him its not like I went in there and hit the crap out of him like I hit Windham in Vegas in 1997. I went in there and slowed down so he wouldn't tuck underneath me and he gassed it and hit my back tire. It made me look like the bad guy. One bad thing about not winning for me is it always makes a long week."

Chad Reed:
"It feels great to win. I wanted to be in this position for a long time and finally I get here. Unfortunately Ricky crashed but as the old saying goes you have to be in it to win it. I am just looking forward to next weekend. There has been so much talk maybe I can be the one that beats Ricky and tonight I beat him and he was on the ground, so maybe it wasn't fair. I really want to beat him fair and square. At the beginning I was running low 57s which is the fastest and that was in the heat race. I felt good. I got to 10 laps and thought 'where is everyone?' It was too easy. I just rode it out and no one was catching me. Then with 5 laps to go I saw Ricky and took it up a little bit and we stayed the same for the last couple laps. The win at Arnhem was good but Ricky was not there. We have a lot of races and it's going to be a long season. I am prepared. Jeremy had a great career. Coming into this race when I heard that Jeremy was retiring I was thinking I would like to win my first race here because he won his first here. I have always looked at Jeremy and the one I really look up to. He really brought me to the US he set such a great example for everyone.

This track was weird. I turned up here last year and had the same problem. I didn't have enough feeling with the bike. This weekend I felt OK but I hated the track. The dirt is terrible. I like the east coast. I am moving back to Florida with Timmy and I have been doing a lot of riding back there and I am looking forward to going east."

Andrew Short:
"Of all places this is the best place (for my first podium). I didn't even know they had these press conferences. It is cool to sit here and listen to these guys talk. Our Motoworld Racing dot com Suzuki team has taken a big step, and hopefully tonight I proved it. Our team works hard and this meant a lot to them. I didn't know how I would do because I was in the LCQ and had to start from the outside. It is good to make a podium in your first race. I achieved one goal and now there is another one. Both of the European races were really good. I got to race at a faster pace with the 250 guys. The pace was so much faster and that was the best thing for me."

James Stewart:
"I felt good out there when I was practicing. Going into the heat race I was really confident with the Kawasaki. I felt really good when I was out there. I think I won by like 24 seconds. Going into the main I felt really confident and just got a horrible start and got caught in a first corner pileup. I just kind of rode around the few couple of laps trying to get things ironed out. When I got in like 10th place I started coming up and I think I got passed a couple time out there. Once I got around Andrew I had a clear track and started catching Travis a little bit. I will try to come back to Phoenix next weekend and try and win that.

I think Travis rode an awesome race.  I am comfortable with where I am.
I think if I had a good start I could have won it.  I haven't lost any
confidence over it if anything it will motivate me to go faster.  It's
going to be a long week and I am staying in California.  We will be ready
for Phoenix.  Last year at this time I think I would have thrown in away
a couple of laps into it.  Now I am a lot smarter.  I am taking my time.
I got three seconds here and a 12th, but I love it here.  This is my
favorite stadium. I haven't won here but the crowd is awesome.  I am
really bummed.  I want to win at this place.  If I can win here I can get
a rhythm.  I have to get this place out of the way."

Travis Preston:
"It was pretty good. I had some problems in the heat and did pretty good. Somehow I got a good start in the main and got out front and rode my own race, so it worked out. I like that #1, it looks good. I am definitely trying a little harder to keep it. I really like that number so I'm working. It is kind of weird with podiums interviews, some are easy, kind of like racing. Its seems easier when I am out front of all the people but when its just you guys (in a press conference) its weird.

This weekend I was so into the race. For some reason no one takes pictures of me or anything. Everybody is focused on Bubba so that is good. I am having a good time and I can't wait for next weekend. I think I made a couple mistakes. Next week I am going to try and do a little bit better. This year I feel really strong. I really like my bike. Going into the main I knew I would be on the box. I just didn't know if it would be first, second or third. I just feel really good out there."


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