SUPERCROSS: Pontiac 125cc press conference

Rider quotes from Pontiac post-race press conference. Brown: I came here to do my best. The only thing I could do is try and win the race and hopefully everything would work out. I got a good start and worked my way up to third. Brock's bike...

Rider quotes from Pontiac post-race press conference.

I came here to do my best. The only thing I could do is try and win the race and hopefully everything would work out. I got a good start and worked my way up to third. Brock's bike tore up and I ended up running into him and going down in the whoops. That's racing, it is going to happen. I was looking down in front of me and when I looked up Brock's bike was smoking and he was turning over. I was trying to move out of the way and not hit him as hard as I did because I was right behind him. I ended up running into him and going down.

Q: On pointing out of the 125 class:
I have talked to a few 250 teams, and Europe, they want me to come back there and race Honda 4-strokes. I hope to stay here but its not problem going over there and racing. I have been there a few years. It's easy racing, I am getting to be like an old man now. I can go there and race and make the same amount of money I can here. I will just wait and see. It's fun over there. It's outdoor racing and it's fast.

Q: On the Vegas Shootout:
It's going to be good. Jesseman, Tedesco, Brock and I to race against the west coast guys will be good. Bubba will be hard to beat but anything can happen and the way we are riding we can be up there with him.

Q: On the 125 east Championship:
This year to win I should have been more consistent. Three weeks ago I blew the championship in St. Louis. If I would have finished the way I wanted to I would have been able to finish up there with Jesseman. Consistency in anything you do is going to win something.

Q: On riding a 250 in the remaining supercross rounds:
No I wanted to but I guess now I am going to look forward to the outdoors and go to California and get ready for the outdoors.

Q: On finding a 250 team for 2004 since he pointed out of 125s: Yeah I have for sure talked to them. I would like to do that. I think I can do good outdoors on a 250 and ride with the top riders. I have been practicing and staying with Ricky and riding with him and that allows me to stay up to speed.

Kelly Smith:

Q: On the Sellards/Brown crash:
Yeah I kinda saw a little bit of the Brown and Sellards carnage. Metcalfe was in front of me. I was thinking points, I want to beat him. Then I saw the big mist go flying in the air when I looked down I laughed and thought to myself I had the exact same thing going on and gas was going everywhere.

Q: On racing in front of a hometown crowd:
Yeah I think I was a little nervous at first but getting a good start in the heat and getting second it made me think about positive thoughts.

Q: Plans:
I am going to stick around home until Easter and be with the family for a little bit, then go to California to do some testing. I am feeling confident and having a good SX season and am going to try to carry that with me to the nationals.


Q: On riding hurt earlier in the season:
Yeah my sternum was sore and the night didn't start out very great. In my heat race I did not qualify so I had to go to the last chance. In the main I had to start out on the outside.

Q: On his plans after this: I will go back to California get ready for the outdoors. I may possibly ride a 250 in Dallas.

Q: On Passing Sellards:
He wasn't holding me up. I wanted to get Brock in between Mike and I. Once I got around Brock and got a little past him I ran a smooth race.


Q: On being the champion:
I think I have matured a little bit as a rider and last year got a lot of confidence from last year. From experience I learned what it takes to win a series. I am very excited about what I did.

Q: On riding a 250 in Dallas:
No I won't be riding a 250 but will be going back home for my birthday and then going back to California to train like everyone else

Q: On the tough times in his career:
Yeah, I mean there are a lot of things that go through your mind when you are at the beginning of your career. There is always fear that you won't make it, but there is something inside you that knows you can do which it, is what pushes you to do it.

Q: On Brock's crash:
I just saw Brock in the whoops with something wrong with his bike. I was thinking Mike was in the lead. I saw my pit board and took it easy, slow and careful and didn't want to do anything stupid.

Q: On Vegas:
I am looking forward to the race considering the pressure is off.

Q: On his Pontiac crash:
I was coming around a corner seat bouncing a triple and cased it a little and hit the ground. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. There are so many thoughts going through your mind, you try to stay calm and do the best you can do.

Q: On coming back so strong within 7 months of a major knee surgery:
Wonderful people at University of P the doctors did a great surgery Physical Therapy was fairly hard on me doing therapy all the time. My knee is just as strong as the other.


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