SUPERCROSS: Phoenix post-race quotes

Press Conference quotes from Phoenix: Danny Smith:  "Things have been going well for me in the last few weeks. I just got off to a couple of slow starts so far.  It's killing me if these guys get out front because get out front and they have a...

Press Conference quotes from Phoenix:

Danny Smith:  "Things have been going well for me in the last few weeks. I just got off to a couple of slow starts so far.  It's killing me if these guys get out front because get out front and they have a really good pace.  I need to be out there in the first lap a little quicker.  I have been sticking to the same program.  I had a pretty good off season with no injuries and I am in pretty good shape."

Travis Preston: "If you don't get up front fast someone is going to pull away some I had to make something happen quick. I was looking for a place to get by Matt Walker.  He was going good in the whoops, he was taking all the fast lines and protecting his inside.  Actually in the section I got by him I made a mistake and then he jumped so high on the triple I doubled and kept it low and jumped to the inside and it worked out pretty good.  He went down, and that's racing.  I hope we can leave everything on the track."

James Stewart: "The first couple laps were crazy out there. I didn't get that great a start.  It sucks because I have been working on my starts all week.  In the first lap I almost looped it out.  I just tried to keep it up in the beginning and once I got around Matt I just rode my own race and pulled away.  On this track you had to bump somebody to pass them.  I made a couple of mistakes when Travis was behind me and I had to worry about trying to pass Matt and having him behind me.  A couple times I was running the inside and jumping high on the triples and coming up short just so he wouldn't put a block pass on me.  I didn't get excited there are 15 laps.  This year I am a little bit smarter." 

"That was just something different.  I tried to motivate myself so I could go out there and break dance.  I planned it out last week I was practicing before the race, and I didn't get to do it.  It was just fun for the crowd, for everyone to laugh at me.  I have been watching a lot of Michael Jackson videos." 

Tim Ferry:  "I spent two days in the hospital here last year, with a bruised lung.  The year before I messed my neck up and spent the night in the hospital so I am really happy to be on the podium.   

It was a good race for me, I felt really strong the whole time.  Last week I was a little bit weak about halfway on.  This was definitely a good race for me. 

Since I ride the 4-stroke people have labeled me as an outdoor rider. I am trying to change that.  My goal for this off season was to become a better supercross rider.  To be the best I think you have to be the best at supercross.  Outdoors is secondary almost. I felt a lot better in practice here.  This track is a lot like my track in Florida.  I think I have the speed to win.  Each week I am getting better and better. I almost won one last year, but I tipped over at Pontiac."

Chad Reed:  "During the heat race Ezra was riding really good. He got me a couple of times.  When you are is second you find some lines. He rode a great race. I got a little bit of a gap and kind of ran right into the back of Ryan Clark. It was a good race. It's a long championship.  I would rather be first but you have to take second when you have to.  There are a lot of guys that have stepped it up.  It seemed like every week someone steps it up again.  It's getting crazy out there.  Everyone is crashing just because there are at their limit. Our bikes are getting better and better. Everyone wants to win and everyone feels like there are in a position to win.  I got the holeshot, normally I am a terrible starter and have to charge up.

When you want to win and everyone is running the same kind of speed, you need to pass.  Ezra put two aggressive passes on me this weekend.  I know what to expect from him now.  It's going to be great.  It's going to be a long season.

There was a lot of talk last week.  Everyone said he (RC) crashed and I had an easy race.  In practice he was following me and I thought we might as well do some training while we were here. We pretty much went at it both practices.  It was a lot of fun. It's a bummer he crashed tonight.  He got a good start, he was in third."

Ezra Lusk:  "I don't know if it has sunk in yet. It was fun. This whole weekend has been a lot of fun.  I just kind of jumped into it right off the bat and tried to run with Ricky and Chad.  It's hard to say what made it click.  Being in the truck and hanging out with Bubba, a young kid just 17 years old, being around him was positive too, him winning a 125 outdoor championship last year.  I knew I wanted to come and do good." 

"I guess my thoughts of my wife having a baby got my thoughts off everything else.  Bubba has bet me that my baby is black. He won't be at the next race if that is true."

"This whole aggressive racing deal everyone has been talking about, I have been doing this a long time, and aggressive racing has been for years.  Everyone is just making a big deal about it.  Now the leaders are doing it.  Chad and I got into it at the US Open and its no big deal.  Tim and I have gotten into it and we are best buddies.  This is the level we are at right now, everyone is just going to have to enjoy it." 

"I never thought that I couldn't when a race, I just kept trying." 


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