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Post-race press conference quotes from Dallas ERNESTO FONSECA On the Whoops: "Oh they were tough I tried to stay consistent and not make any mistakes I made a few mistakes and stayed up and my bike was working good this weekend every lap I...

Post-race press conference quotes from Dallas


On the Whoops:
"Oh they were tough I tried to stay consistent and not make any mistakes I made a few mistakes and stayed up and my bike was working good this weekend every lap I tried to focus on the whoops and not make any mistakes."


On the Championship and Riding with Reed:
"Definitely not, I wanted to win. I wanted to hang in there, hang in there and hang in there and hope for a mistake on his part. We both were making our fair shares of mistakes; he was better in some areas and I was better in some areas. There were times I had to back it down and think about the championship but I definitely was not going to throw it away. I am not going to give it to him for sure."

Turning point:
"I made one big mistake in the whoops cannot remember what lap I got back two bike lengths Brock got in my way and it opened it up a lot running the same speed comes down to who's bike is working good. He was using less energy than I was; in a 20 lap main that goes a long ways. I feel I can be a little better in those ways. I think that will help me."

Advice to give 125:
"Its funny you ask I hear so many guys that want to move to the 250 class and they cannot win 125 SX so how the hell you expect to come into the 250 class and be competitive when you cannot win a 125. Basically they are ripping off the factory guys. The only real good thing would be if you won a 125 class. 250 is a totally different machine many guys do not realize that. 125 is a lot different. 250 you have to respect the motorcycle."

"I tried to ride the 250 like a 125 and I was all over the place I took my fair share of falls. It got to the point that I was scared I was going to hurt myself took 2 steps back to take a step forward."

"Honda got us a new engine for the weekend it was unreal as far as power we been searching for something for awhile. It was unbelievable."

Change Approach:
"I want to win the title and come out with a couple wins. That's my goal."

"I wouldn't say under estimate I did say that on the podium but now I had some time to think about it. I got that 25 point lead and figured I could cruise on in and I slacked but you need to give it 110 and I was only giving 100%."

"No, my fitness was good everything was well."

Race strategy:
"Not really I was trying to ride calm the whole night I was fighting a bit. I couldn't get to anxious. It's hard for me to make something happen. The dirt was a little slippery. I kept telling myself to stay calm thinking he would make a mistake if I would have been a little closer something may have happened."


"The race tonight was great. It started off in practice it was a lot of fun seemed like we would go out sometimes and it would be dusty or muddy. My start was terrible but I was lucky enough to make what was best of that lap and from there on it was race Ricky have a good race and keep it on 2 wheels."

See what RC was doing:
"Yeah there was times when I didn't think there was right time to go and made it a good race having fun with it the whoops were really tough once the guys knocked them down we were going really fast and getting a little out of control once I saw the lap board I put my head down and just put 5 good laps in."

"Yeah I was always searching for something I would go really fast down the right and towards the end I would hit a big bump and it would mess me up so I alternated and found a great line and for then on I kept to that line it was by far the best race in my life. Tonight the crowd got to see the race and what they paid for."

Outside shot:
"The championship is somewhat a long way away and I take full responsibility after I had two bad results which put me there. I am happy the way it is going now. I have been riding outdoors a little bit and looking forward to it."

Difference between 125 and 250 in SX:
"For me in the 125 class it's like a one guy thing. Last year I won 6 in a row came easier than I thought. The 250 class is just more fun. There are a lot more guys. Definitely Ricky is on his game and the other guys if there will ever be a season where everyone can be there best in the 250 class is more fun and more challenging."

Confidence for championship next year:
"I have not even thought about next year. I am just trying to build my confidence up and been testing and seem to be as good as last year. The team has a lot of experience. Outdoors will be fun."

Training Program:
"Training is training you take it how you want to take it."

"It's one of those things that every year we all sit down and add the names. By looking at the names now, it looks like it's going to be good. The names are more exciting than anything but we will see when it comes."



"The race was alright I guess Bubba got a good start and I was out in second by myself its kind of weird I guess it seems like how it has been the past few races."

"I am fine I hurt it in Michigan I wanted to check it and didn't want to race and have something be wrong with it and have it be worse."

"I really like my team all the mechanics and riders get along really good. There is not one person that I don't get along with we have really good team spirit."

Riding the 450 outdoors:
"I just hope that Kehoe was listening to Ricky and move me up to the big truck so I can ride the 450."

Kevin Windham:

"I know nothing about Kevin, seen him twice but I have had a few words with him and seems like a nice guy. We are going to be testing together he can help me out."

Adjustments between classes:
"I think I should get some sort of trophy because I rode 2 different bikes. They are completely different bikes. The 4 stroke is faster than the 125. 125 had to be wide open everywhere. It was a tough challenge switching back and forth."


"It started out pretty good I passed Travis and I was in 3rd and was riding pretty good and I picked my line and it was real mellow. I thought I was going to save the line to pass Short but Travis passed me there and we went together for a bit which is racing I kept him on until lap 10. I haven't ridden SX since San Diego. I am a SX rider but more of an outdoor rider. I am looking forward to outdoor/Glen Helen."

Change in the Main:
"I wish I would have breathed a little bit more in the heat of battle. I didn't breathe. I locked up and couldn't pull my clutch in. I should have looked at the stadium and relaxed but I didn't. This track wasn't my style. I like to jam into the corners and let it go. For me I am just happy to be up and represent my sponsors."

Learn this year:
"For the most part I learned to ride a little bit more settle. I had some run-ins and I was a little too anxious. This is my 3rd year riding SX and I should be more experienced but I'm not. I am trying to be healthy and take one race at a time."


Chance for 250SX class for 2004:
"With me there is a pretty good chance, so we will see. I am ready for these guys and its going to be good and hopefully have a 3 way battle."

To run pace need to be stronger:
"Back at the house in off season I rode 250 a lot. I was way faster on that then the 125. Next year I am going to be jumping a lot. I don't want to be responsible for anybody else getting hurt. I am actually looking forward to the next season and it is definitely going to be good. I will be jumping a lot out there."

Learn form other riders:
"I think I had enough of the first year crashing. I go watch the guys like RC and them and they struggled in their first years. I learned a lot from last year and it scares me. I want to go out there and have fun and not get hurt."

"Thought to ride 125 east and 250 west I am actually really looking forward to racing with the big guys. With the #1 the #259 means a lot more to me than the #1. So I am not going to throw it away yet."

Most satisfying championship:
"Championship is a championship they all feel good to me and they pay the same."

Tougher Competition in Vegas:
"Honestly I think the west coast riders can back it up and it's going to be tough but if I ride anything like I have been I should just pretty much get it. We will see when we get there."

Tiger Woods:
"Watching him play golf is like watching us jump a triple. He will sit there and talk to me and hit a whole-in-one like every time. I was so nervous talking to him but talking to him is like talking to anyone else. He is a real great guy."

250 world rounds:
"Yeah we haven't got that far but if you are going to be a champ might as well be one everywhere."


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