SUPERCROSS: Atlanta post-race quotes

Jesseman: "It's a lot different (working through traffic). You have to choose lines that you wouldn't normally take and aren't the fastest way around the track. You have to try to wig it out a little and make thinks happen. I tried a few ...

"It's a lot different (working through traffic). You have to choose lines that you wouldn't normally take and aren't the fastest way around the track. You have to try to wig it out a little and make thinks happen. I tried a few different lines and some of them paid off and some of them didn't.

"I got a good start and showed my best. I got a little back behind Brock and tried my best to catch up. I got a little tight again. It's been a nice week so hopefully next weekend I can improve again.

"I try not to worry too much. My wife (Missy) is pretty good about it. I have been staying at Ricky (Carmichael's) for a while. I went home for about an hour or so when she had the baby and left again. Racing comes first so I do the best I can."

Carmichael on Brown and Sellards practicing at his house all week:
"They have been staying at my house so I probably watched the main event 20 times this week. They were battling it out at my house."

"Phil (Alderton) was making some comments before the race and everybody was laughing and putting pressure on me. They have always won a championship since they have been Yamaha of Troy and they definitely want another one. I guess I'm the guy that's supposed to do it. It's a great team. I have a great bike and it gets off to great starts, which these other guys complain about. That is a key in supercross. Chad (Reed) probably wishes he had a better start in his race. If you get off to a good start the track is a lot easier. Everybody knows that and I think the bike really helps me out there.

"Last season when I was on the KTM I was sick with Epstein Barr. Pretty much I missed most of the supercrosses. Somehow I won one being sick. I don't know how that happened. I missed a lot of the outdoors and everybody said 'ah he ended his career and he is never racing again.' I got Bobby Moore on my side. He went after them (YOT) and said this guy is over his sickness. I had all the tests done. I was always getting blood work done. I missed a lot of outdoors. It came down to I had to have results in the last couple outdoors before anyone would even considering hiring me. I didn't know if I was going to be sick my whole life or what. I did my best. I rode pretty decent and got some good results. I started out and got the bike that I wanted and got Jeff Spencer on my team. He and I worked real good and he has kept me from getting sick and from being hurt. That has been my biggest achievement I think I have made in my career, is actually to start out a supercross season not hurt or sick.

"I have been spending too much time out in California. There are a lot of things to get you sidetracked out there. I finally got to go back into no man's land in Georgia. We don't have a neighbor around so its kind of just hang out, work on the track, work on your bike, and wait to ride, go for a jog, -that's the excitement of the day. He has been one of my best friends since I was 16. I went to school with him. He lets me come and stay with him. I appreciate that. Brown comes and stays. We don't have any problems riding with each other. One of us is going to beat the other every weekend. We don't have any hard feelings. The track is great at Ricky's and its just like this one so we just did what we did all week.

"There were some yellow flags out there. There were flaggers running in front of me. I just knew I was going to peg somebody. I had to do some 1-1-1 a couple of times. 'Gosh dangit Brown is catching me,' that's all I could think of. Luckily I got through it all. I figured out where the wreck was. Even when the wreck was over I about hit a guy running across the track. It was like a never ending process. After the finish line, I didn't know it was Elliott but it was a bad wreck. I about crashed when he did that. I jumped the finish line and had to shoot to the left to miss him. I had to seat bounce that double and barely made the turn so that was a sketchy moment. I just did all the jumps and got through all the sections ever lap. I guess it all paid off for tonight's win."

"It was pretty good. I got a good start. I did not jump that tricky triple by the finish line and that's why they made time on me. I didn't have the guts to do it in the race. Chad did it in practice a couple of times and Ricky did it in the heat race. I didn't do it. I am happy with a podium and just need to be a little faster and more fit to ride with those guys. I was in third and they were getting away from me because they were going a little faster. My lap times have been pretty good for a couple of weeks. They were good until we got to that triple. I was good for me to show some speed after some injuries. The bike is good and I don't need to touch it.

"Yea I think I am 100% (over the injuries). I am not fitness 100%. I could be stronger. It will come in the next few weeks. My shoulder has been better. I think the track was good. If it would have been hard dirt it would have been really easy. But the way it was made it a little technical. Everyone is doing everything and it has been like that since the first race. In the past Jeremy was jumping a triple nobody else was but right it comes down to speed and fitness."

"Last week I had my speed back, and during the week I worked on turning that speed into good laps. I didn't really focus on my starts last week. I guess it showed in the main. This week I have to go back and practice my starts.

"The track was pretty fun. I did that triple in practice and was thinking about doing it in the heat race. Then Carmichael did it in his heat race and I thought 'well there goes my secret.'

"I definitely was trying to catch Ricky. There is no harm in trying. That is what I was doing, I was just trying to put my laps together. I wasn't looking at how far ahead he was. There were parts of the track where I could see him. I was just trying to keep the bike on two wheels and pass the lappers. It seemed like everyone wanted to race me. LaRocco in the last couple of laps definitely wanted to. I think he was wanting to go for the win.

"In the first couple of laps I really had to be cautious and just be smart, and trying to move forward without crashing. I need to work on my starts. When you get a good start you stay out of trouble.

"It would be fun.  Everyone speaks about it every week.  I am sure
he wants to race and I want to race.  It's unfortunate that we haven't
went bar to bar yet.  I think its going to happen.  It's going to be
fun.  I am looking forward to it."

"I was coming from behind Ernesto and I stuffed him in the turn before the finish which wasn't right, I didn't feel like getting stuck behind him. Once I got by Larry actually Larry Ward was a long ways away. I did the turn before the mechanics area and he was already clear across the start straight. I felt really good all night long. My bike was really good especially through the big whoops. I had good starts and really no problems. I felt on par tonight. I am just going out there and worrying about myself.

"The fans definitely made me feel welcome for sure.  I look forward
to coming to the east coast.  There are a lot of races coming up that I
really enjoy, Indy being one and of course Daytona.  That is one of my
favorites.  It's nice to come to Atlanta.  It's just like David Vuillemin
racing Bercy.  It is so loud, and it's a good feeling.

"I probably will just tell him I was trying to get out front. I didn't clean him out, but we did touch but what the hell, if everyone is going to ride like that I guess I will too. I like clean racing. It is fun to race like that. You don't have to look over your shoulder. It is not fun to do that. It becomes a game after a while.

"Obviously the goal is to get out front as quick as you can and tried to reel out some good laps. I was confident in my speed all night. I felt that even with a mediocre start I had what it took to win. It always is nice to get out front real quick. As you can see with Larry Ward, the guy was gone. That guy is unbelievable. I watched his LCQ from the truck. The guy is a one of a kind that is for sure.

"I struggled a couple of times through the baby whoops and got a little sideways there and made an adjustment. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I just felt strong all night. The big whoops were my strong point tonight. I have been practicing on them a little bit. Still I would like to get the holeshot. That makes life a lot easier."


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