SUPERCROSS: Anaheim III post-race quotes

Sorby: It was a good race for me tonight. It was my first podium this year. I am going to train hard this week and make the podium again in San Diego if I can. I am sorry for the taking out Travis at the last Anaheim. The second block pass I...

Sorby: It was a good race for me tonight. It was my first podium this year. I am going to train hard this week and make the podium again in San Diego if I can. I am sorry for the taking out Travis at the last Anaheim. The second block pass I made on him was wrong. This race was more pressure than last year. I have been training hard and the bike is better.

Preston: I have just been having some bad luck and Bubba's is having good luck. But, it's all over. No one took me out tonight. The split start was giving me headaches all night. I couldn't figure out if I wanted to start on the left, or the right. That thing really confused me. I didn't even see James so I had no idea how he was doing.

On the controversy over last week and takeouts:
I am over it. Now I know that when I ride with Walker I have to look over my shoulder. The way Sorby has been riding, he cleaned up his act a little bit, but I am still watching for Walker. This sucks I wish I could get a start and run with Bubba. That would be a good time. I am really happy with the way I rode this weekend.

Stewart: My Kawasaki got me off to a great start, I just went out there and rode my own race. Here lately I have just been getting off to a lot of good starts. Last year I couldn't get one out here. It feels good to come back. I have 4 in a row now. The track builder, all those guys from Clear Channel, they did a really good job on track maintenance tonight. There was a lot happening out there. The lappers were taking one line through the whoop section. It was pretty hard.

When I come back next year, you probably won't see me on a 125 next year. I think I am going to ride Anaheim on a 250. I am looking forward to moving up and we will see what happens then.

Yogi helped me out (in choosing which side to start), he said the right side was faster. It was good. It definitely worked out to my advantage. I was afraid if I went to the outside someone would pass me.

Vuillemin: (The first US rounds) were tough. Since San Francisco I have been feeling much better. I just needed to get a good start and run with these two guys (Carmichael and Reed). I was a little scared working through the pack because I had a crash with Yogi and crashed really hard. I tried to charge the whole race and I did pretty good.

The passes I made were pretty easy, the whoops were good (for that). Byrne was riding really good, he was pretty smooth and he was doing everything perfect. I passed him on the outside after the finish line. He rode a great race.

Reed: The gap (between Carmichael and I) is getting closer. I am working hard and so are the guys at Yamaha. Next week is going to be a fun race. I am just taking each race at is comes. It's such long series. I don't think this was my best race. Anaheim 1 was because I won so easily. I would like to thank LaRocco for almost taking my toe off. It really wasn't necessary. I watched it on the reply in the truck. I did a front flip and he did a back flip. Before the main event he kind of eyeballed me and I just shook my head. I think he felt bad he went back and watched it on tape. We talked about it. I guess we both learned a lesson and we can move on.

Both of us were far from perfect. He was making a lot of mistakes and so was I. It was a good race. One time I messed up in the rhythm section and Carmichael was gone. Then he missed jumping the triple and I came right back on him.

Carmichael: Anaheim has been really good to me this year. I won twice and got a second place and got my first win of the year here. It's pretty good. I really don't like it this place. I pulled through and won. My goal every ever time I come to the west coast is I want to come out of here with the points lead. Now I have a nine-point lead and I won three races, so I feel really good. The right side was faster. It is a little tricky in the first turn when you are trying to brake and turn at the same time.

The first couple of laps Chad got by me and a couple of people got by me but they were flying all over the place. I just let them go ahead and tried to settle in a groove. About lap 4 or 5 I started putting in some good laps and did my own thing. I am still working on trying to put in 20 perfect laps and if I can do that the race will be easier. It was a good night.

It definitely had some flat stuff and it was really slick. You had to have a lot of throttle control, which a lot of people think I don't have, especially on my team. They think I just go wide open. Tonight I had a lot of throttle control. I felt that that was my strong point. I am ready to get out of here and get to some tacky dirt where you can make things happen. There are so many places out there where I want to go faster but I can't. My bike is still fast but it just sits there and spins. This track was definitely flatter and much harder than any other tracks we have raced on this year.

On getting through the flat tight sections fast:
It's a combination of tire and motor, and twisting the throttle just right. You definitely you have to be calm. I am pretty decent at that.

(The fans) definitely came around. I have been on both sides of the fence. I have been the underdog trying to beat Jeremy and they loved me, and when you are on top a lot of people don't like you. I am not going to dwell on it. I am going to do what I always do and be nice to the fans, especially the little kids.


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