SUPERCROSS: Anaheim II press conference quotes

Anaheim 2 Press conference quotes Billy Laninovich: On what his main challenge is: "I think it's more mental (at this point). In practice I had some good lap times. When I got the holeshot I was happy. James and I kind of came together on...

Anaheim 2 Press conference quotes

Billy Laninovich:
On what his main challenge is: "I think it's more mental (at this point). In practice I had some good lap times. When I got the holeshot I was happy. James and I kind of came together on the first jump. I was trying to stay with him and then I started making mistakes. I am confident I can go with him 15 laps."

Andrew Short:
On his career-best second place: "Anaheim has been good to me. Tonight was a real good race for me. It helped my confidence and hopefully I can pick up some speed and keep clicking off consistent laps. I was consistent tonight but I think I can do better. It all happened so quickly and all of a sudden I was in second place. I kind of froze up. My confidence hasn't been there but after tonight I think it is. I think it is going to help in the coming weeks. I have taken a big step this year. I have gone from struggling to win a main last year to two podiums. Obviously I am doing something right and my results should keep improving. Our Motoworld team is really good. Our bikes are really fast. The organization, the whole team is really good. Our bikes are getting us good starts. Our team is helping us tremendously. Without them I couldn't do it."

"I started out before I came here riding the two European rounds on a 250. It helped me. I was not near as nervous going into Anaheim 1. I got to ride with a lot of fast people like LaRocco. I grew up watching their guys. Once the series goes back east I will ride the 250 again. It will bring more experience riding a faster pace."

James "Bubba" Stewart:
"It feels good to win here. I just got a great start out there. My Chevy Trucks Kawasaki got me out front. (Since he hadn't won Anaheim yet) For 15 laps I was about to poop in my pants. I was so nervous. I think of someone in front of me. Usually it's a 250 rider like McGrath when he was riding. I just put them in front of me like an imaginary rider and I just have to keep on pushing towards them. There were a couple of races last year where I lost focus and slid out, but tonight was my night."

On why he skipped the podium dance this time: "Jamie Little (the announcer) and I are working on one for next weekend at San Francisco. This week after winning, I forgot everything. I forgot what I was going to say. I forgot what I was going to do. It is just great to win here (for the first time). I won Phoenix both times I raced there. I think I am on a roll now. I have two in a row. I hope San Francisco goes good, we will see.

"I knew once I got out front the race could be won if I stayed up. It was just that first corner. My Kawasaki got me off to a great start. I pulled the holeshot in the main but I didn't get the thousand bucks, but it's better than crashing like I did last year. I was out front after the first 100 feet so it was a good race. I had a good heat race, but for the start of the main I was nervous, I was fidgeting and stuff. Now, next time I come here I will be calm. I treat this like my hometown race I am out in California so much. It's funny, someone asked me where I live and I had to think a little bit, um, Florida. I got used to being out here (in California) so much it feels like home. When I got out front that was the first time I led here at Anaheim, so I got 15 laps out of it."

Sebastien Tortelli:
"I have been working real hard. Rick Johnson helped me out quite a lot. Everything is going well. I am in shape. The bike is awesome. Every weekend step by step, things are moving forward. In the first race of the season I tightened up. It is always very important to get the holeshot, and the Sobe Suzuki got me out there first, and I am looking forward to more of that. You cannot have a good race if you don't get a good start. The first corner is always tricky it is easy to get bumped."

On his training with Ricky Johnson: "We went through a lot of stuff. We have been working together a couple of months. He helped me get down to a rhythm and training went good. I was not used to running a whole race at that pace. I was pushing and pushing every lap and started to make some mistakes. The whoops were getting very tricky and very slick. I almost crashed a couple of times. That is where I was making time. I thought I better hold on and finish the race on two wheels. I was going good in the whoops. One time I went through with no foot on the foot pegs and almost feet on the seat."

Mike LaRocco:
"It definitely feels good to be back up here on the podium. I never felt this well in the first 4 rounds, especially after the first Anaheim. I am glad I feel all right tonight. I made some changes this week to make myself more comfortable. I think most of all I had that crash at the first Anaheim and I have been pretty sore. This week I actually felt decent and didn't have anything holding me back."

On the track: "It wasn't that difficult to pass, but (the tough part) was making the time to do it. It was easy to make mistakes so if you could capitalize on that the passes were easy. I was stuck in fourth for a long time. I didn't have the groove I needed. Once I got into it and I saw that I was catching everybody, they made mistakes and I just capitalized on them."

On the part in the main where Carmichael slowed for the caution flag when Fonseca was down: "I know Ricky rolled the first section a lot more than we did so we made time on him there. The whoops were tough. They were actually good in practice but when the moisture come up the got real slippery and it was difficult to get a drive. You can't stay on top of them if you drop the front end, it gets ugly."

Ricky Carmichael:
"In the first couple of races I was riding good, and made some mistakes so I never really got a fair shot to show everyone what I had. I didn't really feel that comfortable. I made some changes this week. I think it was a lot better. I got the win. In the heat race I was making quite a few mistakes, but I pulled it through. I was not looking forward to the main event. In a time like that is when my experience in winning some titles came through. That is where you have to persevere, times like that. You have to put your head down and do the best you can. Tonight was a good win for me. I am pumped for Mike and I to be up here. It's awesome."

On the switch to a 2002 bike setup: "I know that my bike last year was proven. I still think that our bike is levels ahead of any bike that is out there. I think we just got ahead of ourselves on our 2003 bike. It was a little too powerful and it's cool to have a powerful bike but when you can't control it, it's not that good. I just told Honda I would like to go back to what I had last year. And if I can't get the job done on that, I have some problems."

On hostile fans: "The only bad thing about the sport. I feel bad for Jeremy, everyone just talking so much stuff on him. He has won all those races. I give him utmost respect. I am sure Mike will. Anyone who has raced him they know how hard it is to win. Sport is like that. The only thing I don't like about it is there is so much speculation when someone new comes up and the guy who has won 81 races is no good anymore. Tonight I showed everyone. Not that I needed to, I wanted to show myself. This one was for the people who didn't believe in me, and the people who did believe in me."

On breaking records: "I would like to (break the 89 wins) record before Vegas. My ultimate goal right now is to have 90 wins. That is one better than Jeremy. It's going to be tough but now that I have one race win under my belt I think I can do it. I am 8 away now. That would be incredible. That would mean I have the most wins over anybody in motocross and supercross combined. That is my main goal. After that, I have nothing to prove to anyone. (If it happens, to celebrate) I would have some fun, that's for sure. Everyone thinks that I don't have fun and this and that, but no one is in Tallahassee on a Sunday after a supercross. I have my fun. If I didn't I wouldn't be out there doing what I am doing. I love racing. I just take it really, really seriously. I believe that I work to hard not to win."

On testing after Phoenix: "I went back to my last year's bike. I figured I would have no excuses. That is the bike I won on last year and obviously it is good enough. I just did that and I did a lot of laps this week. As soon as I got back on my '02 I was half a second faster right off the bat. That was it really. The biggest problem I had was I couldn't get comfortable. I went back to that, and made an adjustment with my seat."

On if he raced last year's bike, or this years bike with 2002 settings: "(I used) Last year's settings. I would have like to have ridden last year's bike but it has some time on it, and cobwebs and all that stuff. My bike was excellent tonight."


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