Salt Lake City: Pre-event quotes

McGrath "I felt really good. I got an awesome start. I felt all day yesterday and today I was riding pretty good. I was happy with the result. I really haven't been able to ride much all year. I just started practicing like three weeks ago,...


"I felt really good. I got an awesome start. I felt all day yesterday and today I was riding pretty good. I was happy with the result. I really haven't been able to ride much all year. I just started practicing like three weeks ago, a couple times a week. I think that has helped a lot. I can come out and really ride hard right when I get here because before I was just having trouble timing all the stuff and just getting used to riding. So now on Fridays I can come out and ride pretty hard and get a little moto in or something. My arms were pumping up pretty bad. I think my back was hurt and pinching me, especially on the right side. I was just getting a bunch of deep tissue massage and trying to fix myself and I thought not riding and not pumping up was helping a lot so I just waited. I had a couple of good races and I felt good so I started practicing again. I have been taking it slow from there. "


"I had a great heat race and it seems like this weekend my speed was back. I worked on my starts this week. I changed my technique because everyone has a hook now I guess it has changed the technique of the start. I started to pass who was in front of me and got up to second pretty quick. I was behind Ricky and I was kind of comfortable and I was strong and really fast. I waited for an opportunity to pass him and I had one at the mechanics area and I did not go for it, I just waited. It was midway and I thought maybe 10 laps in front of Ricky would be really tough. So I waited to see if I could stay behind him for 5 more laps and try to battle with him but I made few mistakes and got a lapper and a little gap between us and I could not catch up. The track wasn't that bad. It was a little slippery at the end. It rained a little bit before the main event and it was a little slippery in the shiny spots.


"It was a good race. I knew when I was behind Jeremy and was able to get by him and I saw Cobra (Vuillemin) behind me and get on my tail and follow me again and I didn't want the same thing to happen that happened at Indy. I lost tracks of laps and I started to slow down before half way and I saw that he wasn't going to pass me because I know he didn't want to be in front of me. It's a lot of pressure when you are out front. I kept thinking he doesn't want to pass me he wants to follow me until the last lap. I had a hell of a race last weekend so I said I am just going to go until I can't go anymore and try to pull away. He rode good. He is very good technically and with picking lines and I don't think I was that good this weekend. I think he had better lines that Jeremy and I. Tonight was definitely a fitness race. I think I rode pretty patient this weekend. I learned a lot last weekend. You never like someone to be right on your tail but I knew if I could hold him off for the whole 20 laps with him on my tail like that it would be a big mental thing for me. I slowed down about halfway and I was going to let him go and I saw he didn't want to pass be so I said to myself I am just going to put it down and ride my hardest and if he beats me I got beat. As soon as I did that I just made up my mind that I was going to win.


"It's really good to do this at home for Team Shark/Plano Honda. I got a good start tonight finally. I have been struggling with starts. I rode a good race. I was a little tight, a little nervous on my first time up there. It was a breakthrough for me, a good stepping stone. I will try and work on a win now.

As far as the home town crowd: I have had a lot of pressure on me, I am the one guy on there, not from the team or anything but just on myself. The whole team has had a bunch of bad luck this year and it was good to go and do this for Team Shark/Plano Honda and get a podium finally. The track was a little slick tonight and I got a little nervous at the end but I just kept my head on straight and got third. I can win one. I need to work on my conditioning a little more. I just got a new trainer. I am willing to work really hard. Its just that I really don't know how to train really, really well and I needed someone to teach me, when to work hard and when to rest.


"I got a so-so start and was working my way up and kind of high-sided off of Travis on the third lap. After that I put my head down and started charging and felt good towards the end of the race. My bike ran really great. My whole team this year, I am really happy with them. With Travis winning he has the points lead and hopefully my team will win the championship. I know I can win one now. I have been there almost every race. I have had a couple of bad breaks but definitely with these next two I am going to try my hardest to win."


Note: previous to this night Preston had only led one lap this season, when he won Anaheim 1 after taking the lead on the last lap. "Yea I knew I just had one lap so I decided to go out there tonight and lead a few and it went good. I guess I am winning but I feel good. I can't wait for Salt Lake City. I am just going to keep riding like I have been riding and I think I will do all right. I saw Stewart crash twice so I knew what was going on.

On the points lead: It's just a point lead I think. I am just going to keep on riding the way I am. That is the only thing I can do. I am going to go out to Salt Lake and get a good start and ride the best I can and what happens.


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