Pontiac: Silverdome hosts round thirteen

Rider Quotes From St. Louis Greg Schnell: When my season started I was hurt and it started out horrible actually. I have been working my butt off and finally got it put together tonight. I got a bad start but everyone was going everywhere. To...

Rider Quotes From St. Louis

Greg Schnell: When my season started I was hurt and it started out horrible actually. I have been working my butt off and finally got it put together tonight. I got a bad start but everyone was going everywhere. To win one of these you definitely have to get a good start. Chad is going so fast if I am in the back there is no way I am going to win.

Eric Sorby: I am really happy about second place. I have been riding a lot because I just got the bike. I would really like to thank Pro Circuit and Kawasaki for giving me a chance to come here. I am a little surprised (with these results) because I am not 100% used to the bike.

Chad Reed: Tonight was fairly easy. I just got a pretty good start and played it smart and just tried to get around those guys and run and hide I guess. The track was really fun I liked it. I was planning on winning a championship. That is what I came here to do. So far I really like America.

It's a lot of fun and the tracks are really cool. I really enjoy riding a 250, its where the best riders in the world are and I just want to race those guys. This championship means a lot but I really want to race with the best. I am not quite sure (on riding a 250 next week and Pontiac) I will ride one during the week and see how it goes.

Ernesto Fonseca: I was second on the start ride behind Ricky. I tried to stay as close as I could to him and then Jeremy came up on me and passed me. I didn't really have too much to do I was just following him and waiting for him to make a mistake. I think maybe three or 4 laps after me he made a mistake and I got by him. After that I just tried to ride strong and not make any mistakes. It's a bummer David passed me with one and a half laps to go but that's racing. I will take third I am real happy. It was tough to pass at this track. It was a fun track I liked it a lot, it had a good rhythm. It was tough (to pass) everyone was doing the same stuff.

David Vuillemin: I felt pretty good this weekend. It seems like my shoulder is getting better and I have been working these past two weeks. I got my speed back and my confidence back after that bad period. I am kind of bummed out about my starts. It has been good the last two races because I could stay inside (the first turn) and this weekend I was like 8th or 9th so it was difficult. I am real happy with my bike and I feel confident. Racing with Ricky is always fun. I look forward to it but I need to at least start with him.

Ricky Carmichael: It was a good finish. It feels good to win. I had a bad week I was sick. I just think I went too hard on my weekend off. I didn't know what to expect going into this weekend. I wasn't too comfortable until the main event. I think if David would have started next to me he would have been right on my tail just like he is every weekend. I don't know what happened but I know I rocketed out of that gate and it makes life a lot easier when you get a good start.

I am looking forward to going to Pontiac. I won my first 125 title there so it has always been someplace special to me. We only have 4 more races. It seems like an eternity. When you are on a roll and you have a weekend off it gives everyone a chance to creep back up on you.

125cc East Region Laps Led
1. #103 Chad Reed 50
2. #3 Mike Brown 17
3. #111 Grant Langston 15
4. #34 Kelly Smith 8

125cc West Region Laps Led
1. #259 James Stewart 28
2. #18 Brock Sellards 16
3. #68 Matt Walker 13
4. #39 David Pingree 12
5. #90 Chris Gosselaar 9
6. #59 Casey Lytle 6
7 #917 Eric Sorby 2
#27 Rodrig Thain 2
8. #50 Casey Johnson 1 #29 Travis Preston 1

250cc Laps Led
1. #4 Ricky Carmichael 131
2. #12 David Vuillemin 40
3. #2 Jeremy McGrath 20
4. #199 Travis Pastrana 18
5. #25 Nathan Ramsey 9
7. #5 Mike LaRocco 6
#15 Tim Ferry 5
#14 Kevin Windham 5
8. #13 Sebastien Tortelli 4
9. #24 Ernesto Fonseca 1
#35 Michael Byrne 1

Privateer Bonus Awards Presented by Clear Channel Entertainment
Kyle Lewis: $9,225
Heath Voss: $9,831
Nick Wey: $9,831
Michael Craig: $2,666
Jean Sebastian-Roy: $8,273
Ryan Terlecki: $833
Ted Campbell: $2,045
Ryan Clark: $2,939
James Polvolny Jr.: $3,606
Tyler Evans: $1,333
Daniel Blair: $833
Isaiah Johnson: $3,378
Kevin Crine: $2,000
Jeff Gibson: $3,498
Brian Mason: $1,878
Robbie Reynard: $2,225
Keith Johnson: $3,558
Jimmy Wilson: $1,619
Jason Thomas: $2,545
Joe Oehlhof: $606
Kris Papworth $606

125cc $1,000 POWERade Holeshot Award
David Pingree (Anaheim, Round 1): $1,000
Rodrig Thain (San Diego): $1,000
James Stewart (Anaheim, Round 3): $1,000
Casey Lytle (Phoenix): $1,000
Brock Sellards (Anaheim, Round 5): $1,000
Kelly Smith (Indianapolis, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis): $4,000
Chad Reed (Minneapolis): $1,000
Eric Sorby (Houston): $1,000

250cc $1,500 POWERade Holeshot Award
Michael Byrne (Anaheim, Round 1): $1,500
Kevin Windham (San Diego and Anaheim, Round 2): $3,000
Jeremy McGrath (Phoenix and Anaheim, Round 5): $3,000
Ricky Carmichael (Indianapolis, Atlanta, St. Louis): $4,500
Sebastien Tortelli (Minneapolis): $1,500
Tim Ferry (New Orleans and Houston): $3,000

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company Adult Pro Privateer Challenge Awards
1. Heath Voss, 126 pts
2. Nick Wey, 126 pts
3. Kyle Lewis, 78 pts
4. Jean-Sebastian Roy, 71 pts

Rumor's Out: Doug Henry, the former 250cc motocross champion, will return to action this weekend in Pontiac. Henry, a winner of four 250cc supercross races, went into semi-retirement 1999. In 1993, Henry won the 125cc Eastern Regional Supercross championship. Look for Henry to be a front-runner

Clear Channel Entertainment's motor sports division will host the fourth-annual industry barbecue at Round 13 of EA SPORTS Supercross Presented by Speed Stick at Texas Stadium and Dallas. "This is a time for the entire industry to get together," said Todd Jendro, director of supercross, Clear Channel Entertainment - Motor Sports. "This is to give back to the industry for all of their hard work this season."


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